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I received an email on Thursday enquiring as to when the new gardening and composting/wormery series were to begin?

As far as the gardening series is concerned, the next episode will be for Season 6 Doin’ The Dirt … Eh – The Dug Out’s Secret Garden and will be late February. I am planning the garden growing schedule at the end of this month and seeds for seedlings and so on will be sown March/April/May time as this garden’s growing season will be significantly different from my last garden.

Currently the courtyard garden is mostly resting. I weed once every 4 weeks or so as general maintenance – and l will be preparing the grounds with a spring mulch in February for the approaching season. The A – Z Gardening Compendium will be the main growing series as opposed to The Secret Garden which will be more of a general series and that will start around the same time.

As to The Compost Bin – that series will be more active once the compost bins start to come back to life. I am currently maintaining one compost bin – which is housing a sad looking cold compost mixture which is turned once every 2 weeks or so and the contents will be mostly used for the spring mulch. This garden currently doesn’t produce a lot of waste. Suze’s garden is currently out of commission due to her cancer and it being winter but there will be more garden wastes to come once l can start in her garden again in Spring. Both of my direct neighbours have promised me their garden wastes again in spring .. so, once l have a good amount of content on a regular basis l can start to properly kick start the process again.

However, you can see below the state of the current Spring Mulch – l turn it once every two weeks, and add in straw, bark bits and shredded paper just to add some bulk for the time being. In a few months time l can finally start to add some greens in … but as far as a spring mulch goes, this will prove to be quite beneficial. Although l will probably buy some bags of compost mix and add it to this compost bin a couple of weeks before preparing the ground for the mulch, just to add some extra body to the soils.

However, the Wormery side or potting soil compost bin with the wormery is performing very well. Even during the winter months as we are now experiencing – they are still breeding. They are fed twice a month with a bokashi bin, and they are in some respects no different to the garden itself – they are ‘wintering’.

I fed the wormery yesterday and the gallery below easily displays how marvellously they are functioning. They have seriously appreciated the shredded paper top bedding and also [regulars may recall, the old groundsheet was leaking] the new groundsheet is a great improvement to keeping them drier – soil wise. So, l now experience way less escapes.

A feeding time basically involves removing all the top layers of bedding, forking both sides open to a depth of around 15″ to check the progress of the last feed, laying the previous top bedding into the feeding trenches and then tipping the feed into the trench on top of the paper. Once a fortnight the feed is placed in one side of the farm only. Once that is done, the trenches are replaced, and fresh beddings are scattered and the farm is covered by cardboard then the groundsheet. I think a feeding once every two weeks is proving to be successful.

Every time a new feed is awarded, l am also checking the previous feed content to see what trace element is left from the previous feed and this is currently around 5% only, meaning the residents of the farm are consuming everything easily.

Anyway, so there we go … a very quiet garden … everything is basically much quieter on account of it being much smaller and this is my first winter with this garden, so it’s all a learning curve. I said when l first moved in here last July, that l wouldn’t specifically plant anything until l got used to the soils and the behaviour of the garden itself … l have watched and learned and am now eager to start … but l have to wait still. Patience is a virtue.

Thanks for reading – see you next month.

3 thoughts on “The Compost Bin

    1. Hey Ian, thank you … it works pretty well. I used to have these boxes or cubes set up purely for hot composting and that was great. Since the move however, the garden doesn’t have the space for three cubes side by side. So now one serves as a cold composter and the other serves well as a potting soil wormery.

      So, it’s good.

      I love composting, but can’t get that here, so have the next best option 🙂

  1. I am not good at gardening at all. None of it 😝 …that is definitely the one Achilles heel for me!!! Ugh

    And then I think ewww … bugs and worms 😝 and dirt in my fingernails!! Ugh

    And I struggle to keep plants alive … I have ONE aloe plant that I have almost kept alive for a year – but that’s because I don’t have to do much or know anything and it lives! I water it on occasion and it’s good 🌵. Lol

    But you are like the king of gardening 😮🙌🧤🤴🪴🌿🌻🌷

    I try and try and just nope … never goes well for me. I do not have a green thumb 😮 you have a skill I do not have

    It’s calming though – not for me… but was for my dad. He loved gardening ❤️

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