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Season 5 – Winter 2020
Series 5– Starting Anew
Friday 01st January 2021 – Walk Time 120 Mins
The Time To Start Stomping Is Now!
Quite a bleak horison in comparison to yesterday .. the sharp eyes amongst you might see St Peter’s Church tower bottom right.

An uneventful New Years Eve – although people being people and more so typical selfish people being typical selfish people the fireworks to celebrate the ‘New Year’ started at 11.30pm and didn’t finish until 2.30am – mm, yeah, of course that makes sense – never mind people trying to sleep, never mind animals already nervous about all the damn bangs – let’s just celebrate 2021 for 90 minutes more than we need to and why not? What else had people got to do?

It’s not like they could get ‘shit faced through drink at the local pub’ as one fellow decided to scream out at the top of his lungs for the neigbourhood to hear at 1.33am and his female accomplice decided to chuckle at this mirth and both of them … sounded drunk anyway … if not, then they were natural speech draaawlers and sluuurrers! The fact that they were drunk to me sort of defeated the objective to shouting in the first place … what the hell is your problem? You’re drunk anyway??

To the left Prince’s Golf Club and to the right Sandwich Bay … sort of looks the same

So, at midnight 30, l decided that l would retire for the night myself although l ended up watching a movie till 1.25am and due to the noise outside was still half awake at 2.30. No problem, l was up and at ’em by 8am and shaving, showering and ready to go for my morning walk.

I am trying to get out of the door before 9am, and l am slowly getting there – this morning, l was out the front door at 9.11am …. it was easier in the summer and autumn months, harder in the winter months. It’s darker and colder for starters in the winter, and doesn’t start to get lightish until around 8.15.

Sandwich Bay is a small private estate comprising of perhaps 40 well heeled houses. I half expected to see signs that read ‘Tresspassers will be SHOT and then SHOT again, but all l saw were signs that read Tresspassers will be prosecuted!! The latter were just on the streets not on properties. I am anti-pomposity and anti-ostentatious arseholes and Sandwich Bay was filled with both on first viewing.

The houses were obviously for discerning families and were grandeur to say the least. Every brick spelled money and lots of it. As l was walking down Guilford road and leaving the estate, l noticed there was a toll booth which charged non-resident motorists and motorcyclists – £7 per car and £4 per motorbike…. need l say more?

Thankfully cyclists and pedestrians can pass through freely as long as they are not shot for lookng at the ridiculously large houses!

It was much greyer at 8.15am than yesterday morning which was stunning blue skies whereas today although promised blue skies at 11, was that dank ‘stay in bed’ greyness and even as l type now, it’s still grey, dank and damp and somewhat chilly – a great start to the New Year and by the way – Happy New Year to you all to.

Today’s walk was a long walk, l was determined to make that happen, and it didn’t disappoint, it was 13,000 steps, l guess roughly between 8 – 9 miles in Fitbit terms as a round trip, front door to front door.

0 & 12 Starting and Ending Points 1 – Footbridge on Haven
2 – Black Sluice Pumping Station3 – The Royal St George’s Golf Club
4 – Sandwich Bay Beach Front5 – Sandwich Bay
6 – Kings Avenue7 – Gilford Road
8 – Sandown Road9 – Millwall Walk
10 – Ropewalk11 – The Butts
St George’s Golf Course complete with golfers.

It started in Strand Street and l was to walk to the footbridge across the river Stour into The Haven, then walk past the pumping station to the golf club, through the dunes to the pebbled beach, turn right and walk towards Sandwich Bay, walk up Kings Avenue and turn right again and join Guilford Road and keep walking till the road became Sandown Road and continue to walk till l reached the start/end however you look at the approach – the Millwall Walk. Then walk around to the start/end of The Butts, back down Strand Street to home.….

………… and that’s exactly what l did in brisk time.

Not much to see on the return route along Guilford road … although there were a lot of sheep and a bird centre…

But today was greyer, and plainer .. it was a great walk, a real push yourself on walk. A great time to think about this being the first day of the new year as well as the first day of the rest of your life. Today was 2021 and what was l going to do with this year? A couple of days ago, l was thinking about my mental wellbeing, yesterday l was thinking about my physicality and health and today l was determined to try and establish what l was going to do professionally with 21?

I knew back in 2017 when l started A Guy Called Bloke, l was never going to monetize it … l was going to try and find a way of producing an online digital income indirectly through and with my blog without falling victim to pointless and annoying advertising on my blog space … and l still hold that thought.

2020 has been a real life changer, a career changer, a real sit up and really truly look at the very shape of the markets – with everything that has happened and is still happening and will contine to happen – where do you look for an online digital income? There are many avenues to take .. but you have to cut through all the sales chaff and shit to get to the reality of the situations. We are inundated with fancy schmancy gurus who spout everything bar the kicthen sink from their lips ……….. but if you take a step back and watch them closely – you will have seen that 2020 Covid pandemic has made a huge impact on them and their sales too in a negative fashion hence their over zealous advertising campaigns.

I think if the weather had been stunning today like yesterday there would have been more photo opportunities, but perhaps it was best that there wasn’t, as it allowed me to think hard on my future as opposed to being on a pretty walk.

These gurus as l have written before are very clever at pushing the tin at you about their products, but dig deeper and you’ll see, that their main income has been training or rather manipulating people to part with their monies for motivational training whilst at the same time selling disbelief guised with belief on some products. I have seen a lot a advertised crap these last 18 months.

People do have money to spend, and they are spending it, but equally with many people who have lost jobs, or their savings and cash reserves are taking huge hits, even online spending has cut back. Everyone wants to be an online entrepreneur and so everyone is buying up ‘training packages’, starting business blogs, business pages … you name it and it seems everyone and their grandmothers are starting something.

Many fail too … through impatience at ‘strangely enough, not making millions in a month!!’ People give up too easily, because most of the time, people buy into something but don’t look more deeply into it … all the ins and outs, and ups and downs … l have made mistakes this last 2 years also, not many thankfully, but a few which is how l have learned to take a step back and simply just ‘watch’ the market.

Mm, Sandwich is rather fond of this type of sign. I remember Suze and l discovering one that Sunday when we walked to the Roman Fort to discover it was appointment only due to the first lockdown … this one was at the bottom of the road of St George’s Golf club.

I can’t keep using my inheritance to live – life’s too expensive for that jolly and so after an hour or maybe 90 minutes of today’s walk – l decided to stop procrastinating and get on with things, l have enough training material to start and even write my own books if l wanted to, so the time for dillying and dallying is gone … now it’s time to stomp!

More ducks on the return leg home on the Ropewalk.

I have an idea and l will write about it in blog in due course …. but not today.

This was a strong walk, but not a pretty walk, the weather put pay to that, but it didn’t rain and it showed me other footpath routes, which l shall explore tomorrow. Till then, thanks for reading… catch you next time.

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13 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Grey yucky weather is definitely better for thinking. Maybe not great for your mood, but good for introspection.

    We had idjits setting off fireworks (which are illegal BTW cuz FIRES, Duh🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️) starting at 7pm and ending around 1am. Zeus got benadryl and a beef marrow bone at 10pm but still had a rough time. Thankfully HRH was out, or too tired to fully wake.

    You’ve already been through, and done SO much, JB. I know that whatever you set yourself to will be a success!

    Sending HUGS!!

    1. Hey Grandma, l know people are tossers and that is me being polite. I wish fireworks were illegal over here because they seriously need to be 🙂

  2. It sounds like this walk very much an inner exploration as well as an outer one. I look forward to your writing more about what you discovered. 😊

        1. Hey Suzanne, it is … isn’t it? I thought that too, it just struck me as a typically idyllic spot for a picnic or reading. I should imagine on a beautiful sunny day it would be awesome 🙂

        2. Oh,very awesome indeed! That tree has something special about it. A picnic or reading there would no doubt be a pleasure. Or to just sit and ponder ☺️

        3. Yes Suzanne, totally, eating out, reading a book or simply pondering and philosophising 🙂

          All good .. a bit open perhaps for anything otherwise ontward, but a good place for deep thoughts 🙂

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