The Teddy Bear Stories – Mini Clan Membears!

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The Teddy Bear Stories

Pinksy T, Tigget, Poppyblu, Gwaffa and Ranny

The Teddy Bear Stories
Season 3

The truth is that these five ‘Membears’ from the Mini Clan were my last official rescue. We can’t include Gerty Gertie The Soul Bear, Foxy, Spotty & Bee! because they were Scrappy’s companions, Scrappy was my companion, so it was only natural for me to adopt Gertie and Foxy and of course Suze who adopted Bee and kept Spotty – that was a natural thing to do. But these five assorted ‘bears’ were my fathers. So, the most natural thing for me to do was to rescue and adopt them into my own Bear Clan.

I would have saved/rescued and adopted more … but l was forbade to do so by Suze on account of already having enough bears and then felt wronged when my sister had the remaining bears binned – l could have found homes for them and two of the biggest tigers had homes but still my sister insisted on not honouring that request of my father or my pleas for her to not be so cruel.

You see, the thing is this ……. you are either a bear person or you are not – l am, my father was, my mother isn’t and neither is my sister. I was and am a rescuer of bears as well as a collector of bears. My father wasn’t either of those initially but it changed as he became older and he started to collect – he just had a passion for tigers and ‘deer’ – the latter on account of his long lost love being called ‘biche’ in French for ‘deer’, also a double for ‘dear deer”. My father’s nickname or pet name was ‘Tigger’ …. and when my father’s relationship with Jeanne ended – he had thought of disposing of all of his soft toys, but opted to keep them so as to remember Jeanne or ‘Chère Biche’.

I can’t give you much in the way of backstory for these five and so the small amount of information l do have on them is just that ‘small’.

From left to right they are as follows ….. Ranny the Reindeer, Tigget, Poppyblu Bear, Gwaffa the Giraffe and Pinksy T…

Four of them are Beanie styled soft toys – these being everyone except Gwaffa. Tigget l do know was my father’s first adopted Tiger via the WWF, but was his second Tiger as l got him his first and hence that is how Tiggery came into being. [WWF send adopters a Soft Toy Tiger as a Gift]

Ranny the Reindeer was a gift from Jeanne to my father in 1995 and Gwaffa the Giraffe was a gift from my father to Jeanne in the same year, they were Christmas exchange gifts. Poppyblu Bear was given to my father by a friend of his in 1997 and lastly Pinksy T was another gift given to him by a neighbour’s daughter in 2002.

When my father and Jeanne broke up, she left the house and wasn’t bothered with any of the soft toys calling them a stupid past time’ they shared and as far as she was concerned they should all be burned! It was a very French departure according to my father!

Now my father wasn’t the ideal father – growing up in the same household as him as a youngster and as a teenager, was seriously hard work, he constantly said the same. He wasn’t bothered about soft toys back then, but he did become very attached to these and more so the Tigers and he had a lot of Tigers, l think l counted near on 100 Tigers of assorted shapes and sizes when l was clearing his estate. But he loved them, they were loved and cared for and so it seemed only right that l should ‘rescue and adopt’ who l could and so l did.

Now they live in the Original Bear Clan with everyone else l mentioned in Seasons 1 and 2, these being … Henry and Mickey , Quiet ‘But Not Shy’ Arnad Fuzz Bear , Gerty Gertie The Soul Bear, Foxy, Spotty & Bee! , Nayonli , Benny the Bear! , JB aka Juinor Bear , Bruno Bear aka Big Red Nose Bruno Bear! , Pussyfluff The Dirty Nosed CatBear , Pebbles The Flatsy Dawgbear , Bramble – Chokolatty Bowed Bear , Rosie Bear and Wild Thing Gorilla Bear and Tiggery.

Thanks for reading, and following the series so far. The bears say thank you too.

Anyway, that is the only episode for Season 3 and l am sorry l can’t give you any more information – but you see, they have fresh adventures here now and maybe one day, l’ll write about them … with their permission of course. But next year, the final season – 4 will start and l’ll introduce to you all the Willow Bear Gang and l’ll also tell you about Rosie and Basil’s Bear Clan .. see below

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13 thoughts on “The Teddy Bear Stories – Mini Clan Membears!

  1. I lost my bears a long time ago. I still miss them. Ben is a collector of Hello Kittys and I have my 2 Eeyores.

    I love your clan! I was able to put the names with your father’s group… yay me!💃🏼🤣🤣

    Rosie & Basil have a lovely clan too!💕🧸💕


    1. Thanks Grandma, Eeyores are good, my sister used to have one many years ago – well done and also well done to Ben for the Hello Kitty collection.

      Basil and Rose’s clan is great and Rose is responsible for the Willow Bear clan, what can l say … l no longer live with Suze … there are never too many bears 🙂

      By the way tomorrow you are one of the Guest Stars alongside Suzanne 🙂

      1. Yay! I like sharing with Suzanne! She has great taste in music too💃🏼🎶 and I love her blog. She wrote about Pooh Bear today… huh, there’s that synchronicity again. Love it!💃🏼🎶💕


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