Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 2 – Winter 2020
Sunday 27th December 2020
70 Minutes
Bella Bella Storm Bella – a storm is still a storm
Storm Bella: high winds add to flooding chaos across UK
Storm Bella: Photos show tree that fell on residential flats in Cheshunt

So, we had Bella visiting last night or l should correct that – Storm Bella visiting Sandwich, it wasn’t just us … Bella was everywhere around the UK. Why they think of naming these storms is quite beyond me … years ago, a storm was called …………. a storm …. now we have appointed fancy names to them .. like that makes a difference.

So if your village is flooded and you lose property you can now say it was not Mother Nature it was that bitch Bella, or Tom or Harry or whatever named storm has flooded the village and so on…

Apparently we name them to avoid confusions in communication “Watch out for Bella, she is planning on giving you a hell of a blow job!!” They are named to stop the demonisation of storms and to … humanise them and make them more understandable to we ‘mere humans’. When looking up or Googling the storm about to hit us, we can now look for X named! This means Jack squat to me … l simply pull up the Met Office website and look at my local weather irrelevant to whether there is a named squall moving in or not!

A storm is still a storm … and what do l want to know? Well, how wet is it going to be for starters – or even how wet my tee shirts might become, is there wind to be had – is it drying weather or knock me over weather? Is Sandwich at risk of flooding? Am l at risk of flooding ……….. but more importantly … will l lose electric, Internet and my ability to walk in the morning?!

She arrived last night l guess at around 7.30pm and she was kicking off a hellovva hullabaloo and she reminded me of the 3 little pigs story, she huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed and she blew down …. my recycle bins! She watered the garden, she filled the water butt which has been filled and overfilled and filled and overfilled and fill…. since October a total of 89 times. My garden couldn’t fit 90 water butts in there … so how they can say that the gardens are not wet enough is quite beyond me .. l guess we must have the wrong type of water falling!

I woke up this morning at 7am and it was bucketting it down, so l did what everyone would do … l rolled over and dozed till 8.30am. Got up and it was still raining cats and dogs and frogs and fish … but by 12 midday, it had eased off and by 12.30, l had showered and was off out for my walk and l got back at 2pm.

Sandwich was lucky, other areas of the UK not so much.

I don’t mind taking an actual afternoon stroll if l am strolling, but when l am walking l hate that .. l prefer to walk in the morning – because when l get up, l don’t drink and l don’t eat anything until after l get back from the walk so, my first drink is normally 11am and my first bite to eat is now at midday. So afternoon strolling is harder, because it means l have to hydrate my body and fuel up otherwise l am holding out for too long and my sugars drop. But walking three circuits of The Ramparts without a toilet break on a bladder that has fluids in it – is hard going! One of the downfalls of being 57 l guess … l am no longer the camel l was at 52. I can hold it in, but it makes walking unpleasant!

But there is a true beauty to walking in the afternoon after very heavy rainfall and then sunshine which hopefully the photos will display. I tried a different route today, well … not really, l tried walking the same circuits differently … don’t get me wrong l love The Ramparts walk at three circuits or 9000 steps but once you start on your 4th and 5th routine … things are starting to become a little mundane. That’s 12 – 15,000 steps of the same route … by that time you are in march mode – an image has to be stunning to make you stop and snap it! I start 12,000 steps tomorrow – but l decided to buy myself this – Sony NWZ-B183B Portable Walkman with Built-in USB and that would make walking the extra steps more productive for me.

It’s kind of easy to set up even for a neathandal like me who actually hates gadgets – l now just need to configure how l get my own music into it – then in truth l could walk 20,000 steps and l wouldn’t mind … worry not, 15K is my tops!

I only managed to walk 8500 steps today, because my stomach was gurgling and asking me what did l expect? I had drunk half a litre of semi skimmed lactose free milk and eaten a bowl of Krispies before the walk … it was time to pay the piper!

This route 4 times = 8000 Steps.

But it was a good walk – l walked the four main walks four times only and didn’t do any inner town walking which is where l lost my steps. From The Butts to the end of The Bulwark is only 2000 steps and l did four of those only, but it looked like rain and l got soaked last week and just didn’t fancy another wet tee shirt again – the look is great when you are 28, but not so great at 57! But now that l know that walk is 2000 steps, then l know l just need to walk in 6 times and that is not so bad as you are always walking in the greenery and pretty side.

The Delf Stream or what you may recognise more as the Moat was exceedingly high and in some places had flooded the banks. There were hardly any squizzles out at this time of the day, but there were ducks and seabirds taking baths.

It was great to get outside, considering the weather forecasts were saying most of today was to be written off … so it’s been a good day! On that note – thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the photographs and catch you next time.

9 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. The ducks are enjoying the instant ponds. A stroll after rain is enjoyable but you need to find public bathrooms.

  2. You don’t want a soggy Sandwich, Rory, that’s for sure! 😀

    The good thing about rural walks is there’s usually a convenient spot to make water if you’re desperate. You have to avoid too close to blind bends though, can’t see who’s coming.

  3. Looks like George or Gracie’s British cousins were visiting with you. Did you know that gulls can drink sea water? They have a “desalinization gland” near their eyes. Pretty cool huh?!

    Beautiful pictures! I’m looking forward to learning how to use my own camera that’s the same as yours. It really IS small.

    I’m glad Bella took a break so you could take a walk. Don’t want you jonezin’ for your “fix”😂😂😂


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