Pockets …

Pockets …

Just another day,
… is something that can just still be said,
At a push, but not the way,
…. It used to be, before Covid!
Now, our world is no longer ‘just another day’,
… and yet it is but for the wrong reasons,
Today, we are mindful of how we say,
…. ‘just another day’ because the meaning …
Is different!
Every day, l see people, l see a society,
…of peoples, that was once colourful and vibrant,
But now, they are bland and lack variety,
Their soulful spices and life seasonings have fallen silent,
People keep their distance and although they smile,
It’s behind masks or vacant eyes!
Fear and anxiety of a world on viral fire,
…. Rules and fuels their day, their way, and their cries!
It’s not just another day, not like it used to be…
…. But it is just another sad day,
It will continue to be just another bad day till we,
Can move on with our lives and can say …
It’s no longer just another bloody awful day!
But for now, we live an unknowing existence…
…. Trapped in in our little pockets,
Our bubbles of clinical sanity and safe distance…
… until the toxic topic can be socketed!
Then, when we begin to believe again,
…. Will we embrace the colour of life and society,
We will leave the safety of our residential domains …
… and venture forth with enthusiastic vitality …

…. Or will we?
Will the damage have run so deep into the very core,
Of who we used to be as social living beings?
… Perhaps we are changed now for ever more …
…. And will remain a pocketed people always unbelieving?

© Rory Matier 2020

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33 thoughts on “Pockets …

  1. I’ve gotta believe that we all still hold onto that spark of crazy fun, happiness & love that will take us through these shittycrappy times. But still: I liked the poem, and I’ve read it twice so far.

    1. Hey Susan, Happy Merry and Merry Happy to you 🙂

      I too, hope that the fear of now, will be ‘not forgotten’, but will be remembered in thought and that people will start to believe in people again. Covid doesn’t care about unity, equality or hostility in the peoples – it is objective in its people eating role – it cares not for race, religion, political belief, gender or age or anything … it just looks for a living social host to eat up. People may try and return to normality not realising that normality as we once knew it to be is long gone, but a new way forward Is available to those who respect what’s happened to our world this last year. But l also fear, that people may no longer trust people in the same light, it will take a lot of years for the trust to be repaired l feel.

  2. I also wonder… in the US especially, we are divided by ideology, and the pandemic. My eternal optimism sees us remembering that at core all humans want to same things… life, love, a chance to be happy.
    But pragmatic, cynical side says that if we are to ever come together again, it will be through blood and tears.

    Or possibly an extra terrestrial threat👽🛸


    1. I think the journey to recovery is going to be a lot longer than the recovery from the disease sadly. This despite its irrelevance to people has divided people terribly so.

  3. Merry Christmas 🎄 Rory 😀, lovely poem as always my friend ❤️, it’s definitely food for thought.
    ❤️ ✌️ BY for now

      1. Hay Rory, I’m doing alright been bisy working part time / full time for little pay so not much time for blogging but I couldn’t go with out saying merry Christmas to everyone, hope you had a merry Christmas 🎄 my friend ❤️ 😁, time to get back to work 😒 TTL my friend.
        ✌️ ❤️ BY for now

      2. Hay Rory, I’m doing alright working a lot so not much time for blogging 😒 but I couldn’t go with out saying merry Christmas to everyone 🎄, hope you had a merry Christmas 🎄 my friend ❤️, TTL time to get back to work 😒 my friend.
        ✌️ ❤️ BY for now

    1. Time will tell Sadje, but l think there is a lot of damage and misplaced trust with this … we have yet to roll out a vaccine that will be administered safely to everyone … time will tell 🙂

  4. Well. Maybe we could have a mix? Because I like safety… and also preplanning

    It will happen again so how we do this ? Realistically? Meh

    It’s still colorful btw… well I suppose it would depend

    I enjoy the homeyness – but I am probably boring

    I am boring in a funny way and I have colorful personality I think? 😄✌️

    I like to love my home ❤️ and just be creative with anything else

    I think at first we be timid until we see how goes and if gets better – if gets better people will relax and we will fall back… because people miss people ✌️ admit it or not … and they miss freedom and everything

    We all have Covid Fatigue bleh

    1. Nope, but the fact is … neither side has what l class as a strong leadership – conservatives are practically people pleasers and labour are whiners – we haven’t got one good leader amongst them.

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