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What is it then?
Simply put it’s all about creating lists of things – they can be lists of normal, bizarre, strange, unusual, wacky things you get the idea, right?

Okay, but everything has to be themed otherwise we would have either a non-stop list or no list at all and we don’t want that – so let’s create a list on the subject of ….

……. 20 Trends of the 70’s!
So the 70’s were totally groovy … right?

Well perhaps not everyone thinks that way – maybe YOU are the only one?

I mean in the 70’s we saw and were introduced to the start of an eclectic diversity of fashion, trends, fads, music, films, television, great authors, celebrity passions and astonishing sports moments, the arrival of the Muppets and reality television, Arcades, space travel, but equally like all previous decades there was also the darker side to the period – think serial killers, wars, protests, oil crisis, government scandals and …. shh breakins and massive inflation and rationing too!

But not all the days were bad …. l mean we did have Happy Days too!

Below in the comments section please list me your top 7 trends from the 1970’s that you loved or hated matters not – just that you participate.

Thanks Rory

21 thoughts on “The List Tinkerers

  1. The clothes were awful! Polyester, wide collars, bizarro patterns.😱

    Gold chains on hairy chest🤢

    Mutton chop side burns… gross!

    There was some great music. Led Zeppelin, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Rush, Kiss…etc

    And the “Storytellers” Jim Croce, James Taylor, Carole King, Billy Joel

    A lot of good “easy listening” songs too…

    Another gross thing was home decor… avocado green appliances, orange & red shag carpet, fake wood paneling everywhere.

    Waterbed were fun.. until they got a leak or the heater broke

    I remember the gasoline rationing, the hostages in Iran, and talk of Vietnam. But I was born in 68 so I was very young in the early 70s. Most of my memories start around 73 or 74.


    1. Some good memories there 68er! Better than being a 69er although hahaha!! I am a 63er doesn’t have the same ring to it though!

      The clothes were not just awful they were sinful and not in a good way either.

      Totally great music though .. decor was astonishingly terrible and worse than some serial killers tastes and yet – legal – how??

  2. Mood rings, pet rocks, Watergate, disco, Farrah Fawcett, gas lines, microwaves, granola, Grease, All in the Family, the Brady Bunch, clogs (shoes), Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, the Stranger by Billy Joel, and Hotel California by the Eagles!

  3. I don’t remember much from the 70’s. The bell bottoms, large side burns, ……. nothing more. Remember I was too young! Lol😛

  4. The drought…

    Top music that you felt short changed if a track was less than 20 minutes long

    Asterix Comic Books

    Thinking a 90ft Jaws creature would attack the freezing cold North Sea beaches so better keep a respectful 90 ft away from the water line

    Suet Puddings…

    Knickerbocker Glories….

    Baggy was cool

    3 day school weeks….

  5. I didn’t like – big sideburns, the song “You Light Up My Life”, leisure suits, the Pinto (I owned one), polyester
    I loved disco – the glitz and the clothes – tie-dye, boots and platforms, etc. The seventies were a turning point in my life so I enjoyed every minute of it! Also, loved hard rock, punk rock, heavy metal, R&B, and most all of the groups in those genres. My fave group is Led Zeppelin.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Rory!

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