The Teddy Bear Stories – Tiggery

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The Teddy Bear Stories – Tiggery

The Teddy Bear Stories
Season 2

The final tale from the Original Bear Clan and ending Season 2.

Tiggery is the very last of my Original Bear Clan and if you look at the top two photos displaying the bears on the shelves you can see everyone including a few on the very bottom left that l haven’t mentioned yet and that’s because they are a very small ‘mini clan’ of bear comprising of a tiger, a reindeer, a pink tiger, a giraffe and a small bear and they will make up the one episode in Season 3 before the end of this year. They are my father’s bears … many of you may recall, that my father had a very large cuddly tiger collection of his own and l would have rescued more but wasn’t allowed really ………….. enough said!

The reason l left Tiggery to last is because she has very strong connections to my father’s collection. Tiggery was in fact living at my father’s house with his own collection of Tigers and Tiggers and only came back to live with me in November of 2018, alongside the aforementioned ‘mini-clan’. Which may make more sense to those readers of this particular series who were not aware of the presence or location of Tiggery because of this photo [below] from 2018 showing my original bear line-up.


My actual Bear Clan back in 2018 numbered 13 bears and it expanded with the arrival of 6 bears from my father’s house in 2018 and 2 bears more in 2020 when Scrappy’s bears [bear and fox] joined due to Scrappy passing. Now this Bear Clan stands at 21 bears.

Season 4, beginning next year will introduce the Willow Bear Gang which is a group of their own who mostly live upstairs as opposed to downstairs where the Bear Clan live and is made up of 8 bears who are not so much rescues but more like friendly acquisition rescues….. l will explain in more detail next year!

But, back to Tiggery. She has been in my life since December 2007 and she is now 13 years of age this year.

So, how did she come to be and why did she live at my father’s … well it’s not a complicated story, just a little complex. I adopted a Tiger for my father for Christmas in December 2007 from WWF as a present for him and in fact it started his whole adoption of Tigers properly. My father had been fascinated with Tigers from the later 90’s and by the turn of the millenium was in fact very dedicated to Tigers, their preservation and conservation and was constantly donating money to the charity itself. So l decided to adopt a Tiger for him that year and gifted it to him. From 2008 to 2018, my father had adopted a total of 10 Tigers or thereabouts and had donated a goodly sum of money in addition.

I was supposed to be sent Tiggery to join my Bear Clan, but a joke between my father and myself began, whereupon Tiggery was under house arrest and had to stay with his other tigers. This joke, ran for a couple of years, and then waned off as one might imagine and although l occasionally saw Tiggery on visits, she looked so settled and at ease with the others – l reckoned she had a better life than if she was with me …. on account that by 2009 my bears had to live in a box for their own saftey.

Tiggery, alongside Pinksy T, Tigget, Poppyblu, Gwaffa and Ranny came back home with me to live full time in November 2018, when l was working on my father’s house not long after he had died and l was preparing the contents for administration. I wanted to bring more back with me, but Suze said no and my sister kicked off … the latter being wholly unfair considering in the end she simply dumped them all!! But, l rescued who l could.

So there we go folks – the story of Tiggery and how she began life as an adopted Tiger – then how she was Tigernapped and placed under house arrest, where she lived happily until she finally came back home with some of her mates … who you will read about before the end of this year.

So there we go another tale for The Teddy Bear Stories – my thanks as always for reading.

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  1. Your sister… 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m happy to see Tiggery and her mates continuing their happy life with their new clan.

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