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12 Bloggerz as a series has been running since May 2020 and including December we have had a total of 8 Games.

The Round Up of each monthly game displays some of the best answers from all of the readers who responded – be these strange, unusual, funny, entertaining or indeed provocative and leading to further discussions if not questions further on in other games.

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So let’s have a look at the Round Up for the December game – Part 1

Part 2 Tomorrow

A Guy Called Bloke
So let’s have a look at the questions posed in the December 2020 episode shall we and some of the answers provided from our 14 responders…..
Angie of King Ben’s GrandmaJennifer of Paperkutz
Sara of Relax, It’s all WriteLisa of The Road Back to Life
Paula of Light Motifs IIAmi of Undercover Superhero
Lauren of ISS Attitude of GratitudeTrisha of Learning Life
Ian Kay of Moon Is RisingDi of Pensitivity 101
Susan Marie of The Abject MuseMelanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
Jim AdamsSadje of Keep it Alive

To the questions :

When not specifically following ‘set’ directions everyone has a favourited direction they prefer to walk in – which is yours left or right and why do you think you always want to go that direction first?

Sara of Relax, It’s all WriteAlthough I aim for right, I tend to veer wrong. 
Paula of Light Motifs IIRight. Because I’m right. Also, I’m right-handed. In Australia, I’d likely go left… and probably be bitten by some nasty venomous creature
Di of Pensitivity 101Depends which way the wind’s blowing, so we’re pretty flexible.

What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you – irrelevant to your personal beliefs – just something that creeped you out – and yet you simply couldn’t explain it?

Susan Marie of The Abject MuseOne time a friend and I decided to mess with the Ouija board. We both knew better but we did it anyway. So, the “mystifying oracle” starts to move. Neither of us was moving it, you have my word as a writer. One of us asked a question and the thing told us to get the f**k out and then started spinning around the board like a wild man. Then, it flew off and hit the wall.
True Story.
That was the last time either of us messed with a Ouija Board.
Jennifer of PaperkutzI was put on medication that caused me to hallucinate. Before I had figured this out I was laying in bed and when I glanced to my right(hubby’s)side, but he was not back yet.
Instead saw my Grandmother who had passed a decade ago at the time in her hospital bed with my Uncle(alive) sitting next to her I could see the clothes they were in and smell their familiar smells.
Unfortunately, as much as I loved her and love him I was TOTALLY freaked out!
Ami of Undercover SuperheroOver 6 and a half years ago, I remember walking into my bedroom to be met with a voice which said my name in a way/tone that you would speak as if you were to announce bad news. Instantly I knew something bad was going to happen. The next day, Ewan’s Grandma died.
Lisa of The Road Back to LifeMy mom hiding things and giving directions after she died…

Who are your top five actors/actresses and what is special about them to you?

Jennifer LawrenceDwayne JohnsonWill Ferrell
Emma ThompsonMelissa McCarthyRobert DeNiro
Meryl StreepAl PacinoTom Hanks
Sandra BullockTom HiddlestonChris Evans
Robert Downey JrChris HemsworthElizabeth Olson
Natalie PortmanEva LongoriaEmma Watson
Mayim BialikBill NighyMichael Caine
Hugh JackmanNorman WisdomLinda Hamilton
Gary OldmanMorgan FreemanHelen Mirren
Judi DenchBruce WillisSamuel Jackson
George ClooneyShirley MacLaineAnthony Hopkins
Glenn CloseSean Conneryxxxx

Which prompts do you participate in weekly with your blog – please list?

Share Your WorldOne Liner Wednesday
FOWC With FandangoWord Of The Day Challenge
12 BloggerzWhat Do You See?
Saturday Six Word StoryMonday Peeve
Song Lyric SundayThursday Inspo
Epic CaptionsThree Things Challenge
Fibbing FridaysThe dVerse Poets Pub
Blogging InsightsMM Music Challenge

Have you taken the 16 Personalities Test and if so – what Personality Type are you and how accurate is it to you?
Free Personality Test

INFPAngie of King Ben’s Grandma
INFP-ALisa of The Road Back to Life
INFJPaula of Light Motifs II
INFJ-A / INFJ-TA Guy Called Bloke
INFJ-TTrisha of Learning Life
ISFJ-A / ISFJ-TDi of Pensitivity 101
INFP-TSusan Marie of The Abject Muse
INTP-AMelanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
INTP-AJim Adams
ISFJ-ASadje of Keep it Alive

Are you easily embarrassed – when was the last time for you?

Angie of King Ben’s GrandmaSo, I’m not easily embarrassed, obviously
Paula of Light Motifs IIYes. Too embarrassed to say…
Lauren of ISS Attitude of GratitudeI am more embarrassed by what others say and do than I am for myself.
Trisha of Learning LifeI get embarrassed .. I get embarrassed with attention if I haven’t asked for it or expected it. Or when I do something stupid lol
Susan Marie of The Abject MuseI used to be, but not so much anymore. The last time was at a convenience store in a small town in VA or somewhere. Anyway, they had a Unisex bathroom. The door was unlocked, so I walked in to find some guy peeing his heart out. He looked happy to see me, but I was mortified to see him. I slammed the door and waited. When he came out I suggested that he lock the door next time.
Jim AdamsNo, but I did get embarrassed when I was body surfing and the waved pulled my bathing suit off while I was riding them to the shore.

So there we go – a mixture of the answers from the last episode Part 1. Part 2 tomorrow same time!

My thanks to all participants as always and special thanks to the readers who took part …..

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