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Hugh Grant By Kurt Kulac

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor. His accolades include a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award and an Honorary César. As of 2018, his films have grossed a total of nearly US$3 billion worldwide from 29 theatrical releases.

He first received attention for his performance in the Merchant-Ivory films Maurice (1987), for which he received the Volpi Cup, and The Remains of the Day (1993) as well as the period films Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Restoration (1995). Grant achieved international success after appearing in Mike Newell’s romantic comedy film Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). Whereupon he received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and the British Academy Film Award for Best Actor. Grant became one of the best known figures in cinema, as he was seen as a charming, vulnerable, witty romantic lead. Following the success of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Grant had established himself as a leading man, skilled with a satirical comic talent. Grant starred in such notable romantic comedies as Notting Hill (1999), Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), About a Boy (2002), Two Weeks Notice (2002), Love Actually (2003) and Music and Lyrics (2007).

Grant began to take against-type parts, starting with multiple roles in The Wachowskis’ epic science fiction drama film, Cloud Atlas (2012). He garnered critical acclaim for his portrayals of St. Clair Bayfield in Stephen Frears’ Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) alongside Meryl Streep. For his performance Grant received a British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. The following year he starred in the family comedy Paddington 2 (2017) as the antagonist, Phoenix Buchanan for which he received a British Academy Film Award for Best Supporting Actor nomination. In 2018, he portrayed Jeremy Thorpe in the BBC miniseries A Very English Scandal earning a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Limited Series nomination. Grant also starred in the action films, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) and The Gentlemen (2019). Most recently Grant starred in the HBO psychological thriller miniseries The Undoing (2020) opposite Nicole Kidman.

Maurice is a 1987 British romantic drama film directed by James Ivory, based on the novel Maurice by E. M. Forster. The film stars James Wilby as Maurice, Hugh Grant as Clive and Rupert Graves as Alec.

The first film l saw Hugh Grant in was 1987’s Maurice and l have been a fan since then. I am also dedicating this episode to Paula of Light Motifs II who only yesterday remarked upon a film l too have watched and that it was soooo bad that not EVEN Hugh Grant could save it and that was Did You Hear About the Morgans? 2009 Now l don’t completely disagree with Paula, it was bad, but you know l enjoyed certain parts of it … l am not the biggest fan of Sarah Jessica Parker but then, not everyone loves Hugh Grant either although Parker and Grant have appeared together before.

Upon witnessing a murder, Paul and Meryl are sent from New York to a small town as a part of a witness protection programme. However, their strained relationship gets a second chance in the town.

However, all that aside – l suddenly had to quench my Hugh Grant fix and so last night watched Two Weeks Notice 2002, which was excellent as it had the lovely Sandra Bullock in, so a real win, win for me.

Lucy, a lawyer, works for the handsome and rich George Wade. However, she grows tired and decides to quit as he treats her like a nanny instead of using her professional skills.

Anyway …. l have to say that Hugh Grant is an actor l do enjoy and not just because he dated Elizabeth Hurley and she wore THAT dress – although that was some dress …. but no, because l like him. So without further ado, here are 15 of my personal favourites – l would be surprised if you don’t know of some of them. But, what about you? Are you a fan or …. not?

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1 – Four Weddings and a Funeral – 1994
Charles, a good-natured young introvert, tries to discover his true love for Carrie as he attends the wedding of four of his friends and a funeral.
2 – Bitter Moon – 1992
A classy couple, Nigel and Fiona, encounters another couple, Oscar and Mimi, during a cruise. Nigel is captivated by Oscar’s erotic and sadistic past with Mimi. This impacts his marriage with Fiona.
3 – An Awfully Big Adventure – 1995
Stella Bradshaw (Georgina Cates) is a pretty acting enthusiast who aspires to become a thespian, but winds up as a gofer at a theater company in Liverpool, England. Mesmerized by the troupe’s arrogant and callous director, Meredith Potter (Hugh Grant), Stella grows to realize that he isn’t capable of loving her. This leads to her involvement with the much older P.L. O’Hara (Alan Rickman), a talented but troubled actor. As Stella’s relationship with O’Hara continues, shocking revelations arise.
4 – The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came down a Mountain – 1995
During the days of World War I, a small Welsh town relies on its local mountain as a source of pride. When two English cartographers, Reginald Anson (Hugh Grant) and George Garrad (Ian McNeice), arrive to measure the mountain, they discover the landmark is 16 feet short of achieving the official “mountain” classification. Disheartened that their mountain has been deemed a hill, the townsfolk devise a plan to make up those 16 feet. Meanwhile, Anson falls for a local woman (Tara Fitzgerald).
4 – Nine Months – 1995
After his girlfriend announces that she is pregnant, a child psychologist gets the jitters at the impending lifestyle change. He turns into a commitment-phobic person, which leads to troubles galore.
5 – Sense and Sensibility – 1995
After the death of their father, three young girls find themselves in abject poverty. The responsibility to provide for the family lands on the oldest sisters, who are also dealing with heartbreaks.
6 – Extreme Measures – 1996
A British doctor working at a hospital in New York starts investigating when the body of a man who died in his emergency room disappears. The search leads him to eminent surgeon, Dr Lawrence Myrick.
7 – Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death – 1999
Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death is a BBC Doctor Who special, made specifically for the Red Nose Day charity telethon in the United Kingdom, and was originally broadcast in four parts on BBC One on 12 March 1999 under the title Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death
7 – Notting Hill – 1999
William, a British bookseller, meets and falls in love with Anna, a high-profile American actress. However, their relationship goes through many problems due to their different social statuses.
8 – Mickey Blue Eyes – 1999
Michael meets Gina and immediately falls in love, but Gina does not reciprocate. Michael tries to find out the truth behind her refusal but ends up discovering her family’s criminal lifestyle.
9 – Bridget Jones’s Diary – 2001
Bridget, a single woman, writes a diary which focuses on the things she wishes to happen in her life. However, her life changes when two men vie for her affection.
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – 2004
Bridget gets uncomfortable in her relationship with Mark after learning that he is averse to change and holds traditional values when it comes to voting. She also struggles to deal with her new boss.
10 – About a Boy – 2001
A comedy-drama starring Hugh Grant as Will, a rich, child-free and irresponsible Londoner in his thirties who, in search of available women, invents an imaginary son and starts attending single parent meetings. As a result of one of his liaisons, he meets Marcus, an odd 12-year-old boy with problems at school. Gradually, Will and Marcus become friends, and as Will teaches Marcus how to be a cool kid, Marcus helps Will to finally grow up.
11 – Love Actually – 2003
Eight London couples try to deal with their relationships in different ways. Their tryst with love makes them discover how complicated relationships can be.
12 – Music and Lyrics – 2007
An old-time ’80s pop artist asks the lady who waters his plants to help him write lyrics for a duet with a teen pop icon that will help him with his comeback in the music industry.
13 – Florence Foster Jenkins – 2016
In the 1940s, New York socialite Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) dreams of becoming a great opera singer. Unfortunately, her ambition far exceeds her talent. The voice Florence hears in her head is beautiful, but to everyone else it is quite lousy. Her husband St. Clair goes to extreme lengths to make sure his wife never finds out how awful she truly is. When Florence announces her plans for a concert at Carnegie Hall, St. Clair soon realizes that he’s facing his greatest challenge yet.
14 – Paddington 2 – 2017
Paddington takes up a job to accumulate enough money to buy the perfect gift for his aunt on her 100th birthday, but it gets stolen.
15 – The Gentlemen – 2019
Mickey Pearson is an American expatriate who became rich by building a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking to cash out of the business, it soon triggers an array of plots and schemes — including bribery and blackmail — from shady characters who want to steal his domain.

Bonus Too

The Undoing – Drama – 2020
A therapist’s life unravels after she learns that her husband might be responsible for a widespread disaster.

Hugh Grant – Are you a fan or …. not? Let me know below in the comments section.

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  1. Love him! Notting Hills, 4Weddings, Paddington, etc. Except I found Bridget Jones as unbearable as Santa Girl. Love Actually is kinda meh. I’m planning to watch the one with Kidman soon…

    1. Well it’s a formula that works for him, l can think of a few that play in the ‘samey roles’ like Bruce Willis, Milla Jovavich, Jason Statham – but hey Sadje still we watch and enjoy 🙂

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