The Hello

The Hello
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Have A Great Day Folks – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Sunday 20th December 2020 – Season 14 – Series 10
05 Days Before Christmas Day!!
Here’s wishing my Guest Stars a totally awesome Sunday!!!

Hope you enjoy your music.

If you are not familiar with the blogs of Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line or Tazzie of Echidna Home please do take the time to pop over and say Hello – they’ll even say Hello back, l know right, how weird is that??.
The ClashAC/DC
Sex PistolsCold Chisel

A Jolly Good Morning – Sunday Choice

Last Game Season 1 – Season 2 of Epic Captions Begins next year and will be known as ….

….. My Eric Clapton Epic Caption – brought to you by popular demand no less!!

S1 – G20Happy Points CounterEpic Captions Directory
Epic Captions as a game could not be simpler …. in fact it is astonishingly easy to take part and play and it is easy and quick!

Everyone loves a quickie right??

Each game l will provide an image and all you have to do is produce a caption for it!

[As in what do YOU think it should read or say?]

I TOLD you it was easy!!

So here’s your image – [Above]

Epic Caption This!

It’s yours to play with!

Game 19’s Image above was this and this is what our readers said about it! …

Happy Points 5 PNG
Sadje of Keep it Alive

“ Cheeeeeeese! Are you happy with this smile? Now where is my treat?”
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

“Right K9 – We get to play in the water! Play in the Water! PLAY! WATER!”
Left K9 – I think he’s been drinking your beer again”
Ribana of Popsicle Society

“Look at my smile – See how happy you made me by taking me with you in vacation.”
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

“That’s better. Best not go swimming here for a few minutes.”
Eugenia of Eugi’s Causerie I

“Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift
Just some more silly stuff with Christmas bits attached!!
Brought to you by A Guy Called Bloke – not at all bothered or affected by the new Tier 4 Lockdown …… much
Welcome to Season 14 – Series 10 of The Hello
Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

21 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. “Don’t draw attention to yourself, Buzz, but there’s the kid’s father. I think he’s after batteries for the tv remote control.”

  2. Are you in Tier 4, Rory? We have to self-isolate now as my wife’s tested positive. I tested negative, which must be a false negative, but in any case I’m having to self-isolate too under the rules for cohabitation.
    Stay safe!

    1. Gees Ian, that’s bad news. Yes, l am also Tier 4, thankfully l don’t live with anyone. But that’s got to be tough for your wife and yourself – keep safe also.

  3. Howdy JB! Running late again… got an extra K9 since last night… my “granddog”😂😂😂 sweet pit mix girl but it has added to the chaos. Bodacious tunes!🎶💃🏼

    Eric Clapton… “Look, an intergalactic menace… Haha, it’s a mirror!”

    We’re on lockdown too. I could tell you stories that Daughter brings home from hospital, but I don’t wanna freak anyone out. Your readers are smart & safe!!


      1. They are running each other ragged… playing. They did the humpy dominance thing but no one “won”😂😂😂 They’re taking turns laying with me on the couch🙄 they tried to both fit but I couldn’t breathe😂😂😂

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