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Season 1 โ€“ Autumn 2020
Sunday 20th December 2020
60 Minutes
Act like you already have the virus ….

The Health Secretary for the UK, Matt Hancock tells us all that the new strain of coronavirus is out of control and that we are to behave as if we already have the virus and that is why a lot of the UK is in the new Tier 4 Lockdown hopefully preparing to act sensibly …..

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister cancelled Christmas for millions at the last minute. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer demands that Boris Johnson apologises for cancelling Christmas at the last minute despite him saying it would be inhuman to do so …. it’s just all blah blah blurb bleh to me. Don’t get me wrong, l treat all of this with the seriousness it deserves – not the political bull crap, l don’t care what Labour says about the Conservatives because if we had a Labour government instead of the Tory one, they too would be in the exact same boat as the current government. Those in power are doing what they can ….

…. people may not like the way it’s being handled, l don’t like the way it’s being handled either – personally, l think the Tory have been trying to keep too many people happy – we should have just gone for a sharp stab and cancelled Christmas full stop. Instead we have buggered about , lockdown, no lockdown, rising R number, deaths, Lockdown, no Lockdown ………. just STOP all this bull and slap us with the heavy stuff properly. Whether people like that or not – we have to get this under control, and opening the doors and then letting people in, then shuttng them and then wondering why we have R issues ………. surely, some one with an ounce on nonce can see this is NOT the way to do it?

But then, as l have said before … l am not in charge and l don’t pretend to know how to run a country and yet so many people do – it’s astonishing really! As l walk around the town l hear several times during my walks from at least a half dozen people who could run the country better than BoJo ……….. and l do often say to myself why don’t l recognise these people? I mean if they are so capable of running the United Kingdom, why were they not running for election?

But then, usually this type of person has a beer in their hands and is standing in a pub enshrouded by people – complaining about the government and is not normally seen outside kicking off about how they need a beer in their hands to get through all this madness. I do understand how these lockdowns are damning for many social people – l do sympathise with them … but they have two options – Lockdown and behave sensibly and keep the virus off or alternatively break Lockdown act like a knob and run the risk of infecting themselves or if really unlucky they turn out to be carriers and therefore infect others behaving sensibly and kill them in the process of being a social knob!

Yes, golly, such a hard choice! What to do, what to do?

We have had rain on and off this week, although l have managed to walk and have got some solid walks in and have in seven days walked well over 100K steps and yet still l have issues with the Furry Football – bloody thing! I want to see a Flat Furry and yet everything around the Furry is getting bigger and more powered and yet the stomach is dragging its heels! All my main muscle groups are building more mass, l am burning off thousands of calories a week through exercise, l am not eating thousands of calories and yet, the belly remains! Somewhat frustrating to say the least …. l mean at what point do l say “Houston we have a problem?”

How is it that from August to December l am walking, lifting weights, step ups, weighted steps, indoor cycling for frigging miles, work with braces and you name it and l am performing it – from next month yoga steps on board. My body is getting stronger BUT the stomach doesn’t seem to be moving? Having said that my pecs are starting to change shape, so maybe it literally is a case of the furry football will be the very last to go. Who knows, time will tell … it always does.

Since the second lockdown lifted on the 4th December or whatever it was, l hadn’t once gone into a shop to browse, but yesterday l did – l popped in Rose’s and Basils – you’ll have seen me write about them before – lovely shop on Strand Street. I bought myself a few little goodies for Willow, which l will write about soon enough. But l picked up an awesome wooden chest and a beautiful Moroccan rug and a couple of other bits too.

I managed to get the courage up to book an appointment to get my haircut at one of the barbers here – l say courage because despite all the precautions they take, cutting hair is very much in your face and l was a little hestitant about that closeness. But l managed to book next Tuesday at midday in a barbers that was only one chair and a large room, so no one else present except for me and the barber ………… but we are now Tier 4 for two weeks! Oh well, it’ll keep.

At least the walking is still here – the world is falling apart, but l can still walk, unless l break a leg, or snap a hamstring ……..! Have l said how frustrated l am with Sunday walkers they so remind me of Sunday drivers, except they are on two legs … bloody Sunday strollers more like – hogging up all the pathway and bleating on about how they could run the country if they just had a beer …….. goodness gracious me, just five more days till Christmas .. woot woot, yay, tay … oh no, wait a moment, it’s just another day isn’t it?

Although having said that – it’s not often you see baby Jesus in the telephone box with some robed dude! Many of the phone boxes have been taken over by Christmas spirits ….

… what’s that? You want to know how l feel when l am behaving like someone who has the virus already … l feel pretty good, a bit rough around the edges, but otherwise pretty healthy!

So there we go folks, an afternoon pootling and an update to boot.

Catch you next time. Thanks for reading.

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11 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. Just be super careful and donโ€™t give the imaginary virus to anyone else. ๐Ÿ˜‡
    The photos are great. At least the weather is good. Enjoy your walks.

  2. Yep, the idjits are making things harder for the rest of us. I guess when people are trusting the info from the government they can’t be held 100% to blame. I’ll knock off 2%. But then trusting the government is just dumb, so the 2% goes back… yep, they’re idjits!

    We went back on full lockdown a couple weeks ago. We were very very close for a month before that, but people still wanna party and mingle in crowds without a mask. Ugh! Stopping๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿค

    Lovely photos! Your village looks like a really awesome place to walk and explore. Lots of little hidden places, I’d imagine.

    If your pecs get bigger than the football, then the football will technically be smaller, yes?๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚ perspective, JB… perspective ๐Ÿ˜˜

    Sending Hugs!!


    1. Effing Idjits is my terms, with a way large capital EF ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, muscle burns fat, keep building muscles, muscles keep burning fat – the football must go ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I laughed at your description of everyone’s having opinions. It’s too true! They’re driving me crazy with how much they all know better than whoever is in charge!

    You have excellent photographs as well.

    1. Hey Chel, l know they do, they drive me absolutely stonkers bonkers with their ‘oh yes, well if l was in charge, let me tell you!!”

      Thanks for the compliment and comment hope you are keeping well ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hahaha…I completely agree! If theyโ€™re so good why theyโ€™re not up there to find the perfect way of dealing with this situation?
    It may not be pleasant for many but if โ€œcancellingโ€ Christmas is the solution to avoid more deaths then everyone should accept it…can celebrate Christmas very well at home too!
    Well at least the weather is nice โ˜บ๏ธ
    Unfortunately the belly is the last one to disappear ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ™ˆ

  5. I agree with you Rory, I’d love to hear how other people would run the country and how they would have handled this year. Then we would see the ones who are all talk and no show. I, too, don’t like howthe government have handled the pandemic, but it is simply impossible to please everyone.

    1. Hey Ami, very much so, l would challenge any government to make sense of this year. On top of that there is also Brexit and a derelict NHS that is struggling due to cuts over the last twenty years and exceedingly poor account management on their behalf – it would be a logistical nightmare for anyone.

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