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Top 20 Naughty List Christmas Films!! – 13/12/2020

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Todays Topical Genre is – …

Top 20 Naughty List Christmas Films

My thanks to the following readers for casting their votes and selections …

Paula of Light Motifs IIAngie of King Ben’s Grandma
Eugenia of Eugi’s Causerie IGary of Bereaved Single Dad
Tazzie of Echidna HomeA Guy Called Bloke
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Miracle of 34th St
Santa with Muscles
Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever
Deck the Halls
The Nutcracker in 3D
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Santa Girl
The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
National Lampoon’s Vacation
I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Home Alone 3
Christmas with the Kranks
An American Carol
Black Christmas
Santa Claus : The Movie
Fred Claus

This was a hard list to pull together despite the sheer volume of appallingly bad Christmas movies that are on the screens during this time of the year and so l reduced it down to 20 over 35 …. l find it interesting what some people dislike with regards Christmas film … l mean there are many reasons people do dislike them … what would your reason be?

l guess maybe, that people either don’t watch the television as they once did , or only watch repeats of the same films every year or maybe people don’t watch Christmas films anymore full stop, maybe it’s a tradition dying out with the arrival of Netflix and Amazon Prime and so on … or maybe people are too drunk to notice what is good or bad anymore … anyway enough of my banter, without further ado, here’s 20 of the worst in our readers eyes and mine too!

IMDB – 7.9Miracle of 34th St1994

Six-year-old Susan Walker (Mara Wilson) is skeptical of the Christmas myth surrounding Santa Claus, a trait she perhaps learned from her mother, Dorey (Elizabeth Perkins). When tasked with hiring the Santa who will pose with kids at Macy’s, Dorey enlists a man with the curious name of Kris Kringle (Richard Attenborough) who claims to be Santa himself. His assertions are met with scoffs and threats of institutionalization, but a young lawyer, along with Susan and Dorey, comes to his defense.

IMDB – 2.6Santa with Muscles1996

It’s Christmas time and an evil multi-millionaire accidentally hits his head, only to be convinced by a fiendish elf that he is Santa Claus. Stars Hulk Hogan.

IMDB – 5.0Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever2014

A curmudgeonly kitty (Aubrey Plaza) helps a little girl find the spirit and charm of Christmas, in a holiday adventure.

IMDB – 5.0Deck the Halls2006

Steve and his new neighbour, Buddy, try to outdo each other in decorating their houses for Christmas. However, Buddy’s extravagantly-decorated house overshadows Steve’s, causing a conflict.

IMDB – 4.2The Nutcracker in 3D2009

Mary, her brother Max and her new toy-friends must do whatever it takes to save her nutcracker NC from the clutches of the evil rat king who paralyses NC and wants to take over the world.

IMDB – 6.2How the Grinch Stole Christmas2000

Grinch lives in solitude just outside Whoville. He hates the townsfolk and despises Christmas. Cindy Lou, a six-year-old girl who believes in the spirit of the festival, sets out to reform him.

IMDB – 5.2Alvin and the Chipmunks 2007

Dave Seville teams up with three musically-inclined chipmunks in order to make a mark in the industry. However, Ian Hawk, a greedy record producer, tries to split the group and exploit the chipmunks.

IMDB – 5.0Santa Girl2019

Santa Claus’ only daughter sets off to college before she is forced to marry the son of Jack Frost and take over the family business.

IMDB – 7.0Scrooged1988

A cynically selfish TV executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve. With the help of the ghosts of the past, present and future, he realises that he must reform himself.

IMDB – 7.4The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper2005

The penguins of the Central Park Zoo have an adventure in the city on Christmas eve.

IMDB – 7.0Elf2003

Buddy, a human, is raised amongst elves at the North Pole. When he discovers that he is not an elf, he travels to New York to search for his biological father.

IMDB – 7.4National Lampoon’s Vacation1983

Clark Griswold decides to embark on a cross-country expedition from Chicago to an LA amusement park with his family. Their vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter several hurdles.

IMDB – 6.2Noel2004

It’s nearly Christmas in New York City. Rose (Susan Sarandon) is in the hospital with her elderly mother, who’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Nina (Penélope Cruz) is ready to call off her upcoming marriage because of fiancé Mike’s (Paul Walker) jealous rages, and Mike is being followed by Artie (Alan Arkin), a waiter who believes Mike is the reincarnation of his late wife. Meanwhile, a young man named Jules (Marcus Thomas) wants to re-create his happiest Christmas memory.

IMDB – 5.5I’ll Be Home For Christmas1998

Estranged from his father (Gary Cole), college student Jake (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is lured home to New York for Christmas with the promise of receiving a classic Porsche as a gift. When the bullying football team dumps him in the desert in a Santa suit, Jake is left without identification or money to help him make the journey. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Allie (Jessica Biel), does not know where he is, and accepts a cross-country ride from Jake’s rival, Eddie (Adam LaVorgna).

IMDB – 4.5Home Alone 31997

Eight-year-old Alex fends off thieves who are trying to acquire a top-secret computer chip that they have hidden in his toy car, with which they intend to help a terrorist group.

IMDB – 5.4Christmas with the Kranks2004

The Kranks scandalise everyone when they declare that they won’t be celebrating Christmas. But, when their daughter decides to visit home, they get off on a mad rush to organise a spanking Christmas.

IMDB – 5.4An American Carol2008

Documentary filmmaker Michael Malone (Kevin Farley) makes movies about America’s shortcomings and is now embarking on a campaign to abolish July 4th. However, he meets John F. Kennedy (Chriss Anglin) on the eve of the holiday, who tells Malone that he will soon be visited by three ghosts. The spirits of a country singer (Trace Adkins), Gen. George S. Patton (Kelsey Grammer) and George Washington (Jon Voight) visit Malone and try to instill a sense of patriotism and love for his country.

IMDB – 4.6Black Christmas2006

The holiday season turns deadly for a group of sorority sisters (Katie Cassidy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lacey Chabert, Michelle Trachtenberg) who are stranded at their campus house during a snowstorm. These coeds better watch out, for a vicious killer is on the loose, and he will not care if they are naughty or nice.

IMDB – 4.6Santa Claus : The Movie1985

Set in 14th century, the film tells the story of an old man and how he becomes Santa Claus. Jump to 20th century where Santa Claus is tired with the increased workload and the ever-growing population.

IMDB – 5.6Fred Claus2007

Fred, Santa Claus’s older brother, has landed in jail for stealing. However, Santa agrees to bail him out on the condition that Fred comes to the North Pole and makes toys for Christmas.

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So there we go folks – the Top 20 of the worst Christmas films in our readers eyes and mine too! – were yours mentioned and if not, what are they?

6 thoughts on “Top 20 Naughty List Christmas Films

  1. What I dislike about Christmas films is the same as what I dislike about any film: poor acting combined with lazy, cliched writing.

    I tried to watch Have You Heard About the Morgans! yesterday and even Hugh Grant couldn’t save it 😞

    1. I know what you mean, although l detest Elf with a passion and l wasn’t the only one, l liked Penguins and l love Scrooged, you can never tell what turns people’s noses up. Although l agree with Paula, bad acting, bad lines and overall cringy’ness creeps me out and off 🙂

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