The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Foxy … meet everyone and everyone ….. meet Foxy!

This lovely looking beastie is a present l received from Suze today for Christmas, she spoiled me with this beauty … l am sure l don’t need to explain it further – but if l do, this is a fox … perhaps the name Foxy gave you a hint … ?

Anyway, my dry wit aside, why am l writing about Foxy? Why am l introducing you to Madam Foxy? Well, because l am quite unsure where Foxy is to live in the house and l thought …. l know, let me pose this question to all of you as a fun challenge. You know my digs and if you have forgotten, here are the links that might help you remember …

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The Heart and Soul of LivenDen

… so where should she reside? Currently she stands next Rabbitina in the LivenDen on the bookshelf scrutinising Mr Hound with some bemusement and wryness! Mr Hound is not amused, but is tolerating her side glances!

Madam Foxy is a painted rustic orange fox, classed as contemporary sculture that can live in both the garden and or the conservatory. However, l have Missy Frogette in the garden and she tells me, that a fox even as lovely as Foxy might scare off all the winged wildlife – which is a good point indeed. Madam Foxy herself said she would like a few home comforts and would prefer to stay indoors where it is dry. She is 40cm high as well as long and 18cm wide – just in case the geeky’s amongst you were interested . Her head and tail sits upon a spring and she when moved, nods and wags at you.

Sooooooo, there we go folks … now both Madam Foxy and myself await your views on where you think she should live within Willow?

Thanks for reading, let me know below.

12 thoughts on “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  1. In my opinion where you have her now is an excellent choice. Perhaps if you’re feeling whimsical, she could come to ‘live’ on the bookshelf with the plucky cockerel? But foxes and chickens don’t always mix well….. O_o Keep us informed about where Foxy ends up!

  2. Oh, she needs to stay in that room. It’s the room you spend the most time in… I’m sure she’d appreciate at pat as you walk by. Plus as a gift from Suze, she should be near to you. Near to you and your K9s.

    She may enjoy a different view of the room from time to time, but definitely that room.


  3. you should take her out in the garden in Spring and Summer when it’s not raining so she can scare the birds away if you have trees like cherry trees

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