The Brisker 25 Round Up 3#

Episode 317/12/2020Brisker 25 Directory

Well , l am fully back into my walking mode and this week l have really clocked up some serious step counts. I am on 9000 steps now as a regular route count and tomorrow l’ll aim for the 10K walk, and by the end of this year 15K walks so all is good, and well. I now carve out of the day nearly 150 minutes of combined exercise and by the end l am truly knackered and when l retire for the night and l hit the sack, it’s not long before l am dead to the world.

We have had some decent walking weather this week also, this makes outdoor activity much better, much nicer and obviously much drier. So the images below are from my regular haunt, The Ramparts and at 9000 steps that is three full circuits … it never gets boring, there is always something to see, maybe some things are the the same as before … but not quite – you know? They change with the environment, the season takes a little more away from it daily … so some views although you can see three times in 90 minutes … each time is different.

Anyway, my thanks for joining me and l will see you next time.

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18 thoughts on “The Brisker 25 Round Up 3#

  1. That first picture is awesome! And the squizzles and quackers too. The water is so much nicer looking without the algae! Healthier for the fish too!

    I’m looking forward to Christmas just so I can have my camera. I had the daughters order the same one you have.

    That endorphin rush from exercise gets addicting. I remember going walking on cold, raining winter nights just because I *HAD* to get my walk in.🤪😂


    1. What do you mean my walking is addictive, whaddya mean, eh, eh, addictive, what? Hahaha Yes, it’s like a drug … the more you push, the more you want to push 🙂

  2. Such a nice area Rory. We try to walk a lot at weekends. I am working from home so I sometimes go out for a quick walk at lunch to get away from my “office”. I don’t like walking in the dark on my own, so lunch feels safer.

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