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Well try and imagine that as a 13 year old boy struggling with odd parents, a bizarre mother and dreams that had escalated into horrific nightmares immediately after leaving the Canal and then you might start to appreciate my overall discomfort with life!

Who Let The Geist In? Part 7

I received an email last night concerning this ‘mini-series’ and asking what this had to do with me becoming a Ghost Hunter? Fair question – l emailed back and said it is covered in Part 1 however, with regards ghostly phenomena, strange practices, the occults, dark and black magics and generally things that screech and go bump in the night – l hold a very different view to what some come to expect from stereotypical ghost hunters. There’s more to things than meets the eye in most cases.

There are many sceptics and cynics and so on, who will quickly pooh pooh ‘ghosts and or poltergeists or activity or such’, because they choose to not believe in such things because ‘science’ says it’s rubbish and therefore it must be. As l always say there is usually no smoke without fire and yet on occasion sometimes things can just combust including people … but there’s always a reason behind mysteriousness – even the most mysterious has a reason to be so.

The worst thing about sceptics is that they completely close their minds to external possibilities denying any chance that something or some things simply can’t be explained away with science.

Do l believe in ghosts? Yes, but not the normal way as others might believe.

Do l believe in poltergeist activities …………. oh yes l do, having experienced it … but what this particular series is highlighting is that manifestations can occur for a number of different reasons and not just ‘spooky oooh creepy‘, but many environmental factors need to be addressed, sanctuary and state of mind, mental health, expectations and beliefs, incidentals, backstories, introductions, weather conditions, physical health, troubles in relationships, coming of age, puberty, the genuine love to be scared, playing with the unknown unknowingly and knowingly, the power of suggestion, toxic moulds, low frequency sounds and so on.

All the above are critical in an investigation of the paranormal – but above everything is common sense and logic are your first go to …. but so too is to keep an open mind to all possibilities. If you have convinced yourself – ghosts do not exist in any way shape or form – then ghosts do not exist to you in any way, shape or form and your mind will always find ways to explain the unexplained away. That’s not a bad way of looking at things …. but it’s not the only way. There are simply things that science cannot explain … science cannot say with hand on heart that X, Y, and Z don’t exist … because the biggest question of all would be a counter strike of verify what is real in the first place?

I have a passion also for cryptozoology and the beasties within and whilst many again will pooh pooh this notion, the strangest irony is that roughly 49% of the global population believe in ghost like apparitions and incidence and yet, oddly enough many more people are willing to believe in monsters over ghosts and poltergeist activity.

Do you know why?

Because most people want to believe in something other than nothing and in most cases logic aside, they can’t stop their brains from performing in the belief function! People who don’t believe in monsters, or ghosts, or occult phenomena or aliens will believe in God – and there is no evidence to support that either and or any more than things l have mentioned here already and yet … people believe. Why?

I don’t believe in God, but and yet l believe in other things … why, well simply put .. because l have seen things l can’t explain away easily. No, l don’t believe and yet others do passionately, l can’t deny the power of belief in people and what they are willing to believe in … a message to the closed mind is open it up and even if you don’t believe yourself – ask why and what is it that people are believing in so willingly and unreservedly and why?

I have become involved in things l should not have both accidentally and intentionally and or like this miniseries introducing my readership to my years as a ghost hunter – l was introduced to this with a deliberation by another party and without my actual consent.

I had to clear a mess up that someone else made, that began in 1976 and ended … ish in 1993 horribly.

However, soon you’ll see that mess which started in Australia by my mother and what l consider a crazy Italian lady in 1976 was soon to take a different direction in early February 1977 when the Australis berthed in Curacao and my mother sought out Caribbean magic with deadly purpose?

But you know, you don’t have to believe what l write, you weren’t there, and l was – treat it just as a story and believe whatever you wish to …. it matters not, l know the truth.

Thanks for reading … Part 9 – Soon after Christmas 20.

10 thoughts on “Who Let The Geist In?

    1. Hey Lisa, that’ll be soon – but you have an open inquisitive mind and you have walked 539 days in the dark and the light and will have seen and discovered much also and already in addition to what you believed before 🙂

  1. I think I was born more “sensitive” and I’ve exercised those potentials in my brain. I dont play around like your mother did. I don’t go beyond my own personal energy and passively the energy of all of Nature… Life.


    1. Mum, shouldn’t have but did but really shouldn’t have. You couldn’t get her to admit to these things these days, but there was a deadly side to good ol’ mum…

  2. The occult exists. Though trifling with it is never a good idea. I am waiting eagerly to know what happened next.

  3. I believe you Rory. I do believe in a lot things, I’m not religious but I do believe there is a God. I have way too many questions that nobody can answer.

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