Dear Blog – 14.55 – 15/12/20

Image used from The Heart and Soul of LivenDen November 2nd 2020

Last week l was having a comment conversation with Sadje about a problematic issue l was experiening here with my computer screens. For those who didn’t know l used to work with three screens which provided an overall length of 60″ or 5 foot thereabouts and yes it was, before anyone asks – needed. I work with a lot of screens on a regular and daily basis and have anywhere around 20 asorted pages constantly active on my screens – from websites, blogs, Word documents, Excel sheets, images, email, social media panes and reference sites – a lot of pages.

… But it came at a physical cost and that was it was causing both sprain and strain to my neck, shoulders and eyes combined. Something had to give before any of those gave out in a major way. So l started analysing my actual use of the screens and did l use them all effectively and more importantly …. efficiently and proactiovely?

The answer that came back after 6 weeks study was YES! So, l needed to somehow compact my screens into a more efficient screen. I have a 48″ Television screen here, but that is also 24″ high and l didn’t need something like that sitting on this desk with my bad luck. My computer guy came along on some regular repair work and he suggested looking into super ultra wide 4K curved gaming monitors – that didn’t have to be used exclusively for gaming ….

The 4K Beast set up and functioning.

So after much deliberation and hard core intensive research and looking at a screen as an investment l finally caved in and purchased this beast. 49″ length 14.5″ tall. It arrived yesterday and was set up this morning. It has many benefits, but of those many, it instantly got rid of 6 wires poking from the back and now it only has two wires – so it looks less messy.

One of the instant benefits is increased field of view – which obviously from a gamer’s perspective is a bonus, but it makes multitasking more efficient and for someone like me – hyperefficiency is optimum. an ultra wide is gifted with a third more screen space over just that of a normal widescreen monitor.

I can now work with two normal screen planes side by side or a lot more once reduced and this beats the normal 2 screen or in my case 3 screen set up. I’ll not deny the advantages to gaming and l am also a gamer be this Fallout 4 or World of Warcraft – but in truth – it’s really only the latter that the game looks great in widescreen mode as the former is an old 2015 game – pre widescreen ability.

Not that l do, but if l wanted to watch a movie on the screen l could, it’s certainly an idea if l wanted to watch a film at the same time as writing, instead of leaving the screens to do so. However, all entertainment topics aside, in the main l tend to use my screen for multitasking writing and business research, so on that level alone – it’s a true investment.

What’s a real clincher is that l am no longer having to lean to my far left or far right to read screens and this in turn saves my neck, shoulders and eyes – which ultimately is what this was all about – saving my physical properties.

Of course one of the downsides to something this big is disposing of the rubbish! The cardboard is easy … but as to the poly not so easy admittedly!! Oh well, a bit by bit through the rubbish days l feel. The strangeness of this is that the rubbish guys don’t wish to see sheets of poly in the rubbish, and yet if you break it down and ‘hide’ the pieces in black rubbish bags that’s ok? One day this country will have a facility for recycling poly. Just a pity it’s not today!!

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

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15 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.55 – 15/12/20

  1. You’ve reminded me of this Swedish film, Videoman, I watched a couple of months ago. The videoman kept complaining his friends’ widescreen tellies were far too wide for the rooms they were in; and their sofa couldn’t go back far enough. “You have to keep moving your head left and right to follow the action and that’s not right! Your head should remain still!” lol.

  2. This screen looks very impressive. You made the right decision and I think it’ll reduce the strain on your eyes and neck muscles! Enjoy your new hi-tech setup. The disposal is a big headache, no doubt.

  3. Mr Techno!😂 It looks cool, and definitely neater! And the ergonomics alone are worth the expense. I worked on 3 screens at different levels on an L shaped desk… now I’m 100% disabled with nerve damage. DEFINITELY worth it!


    1. Hey Grandma, precisely right, even though l had my three screens level, they still awarded me a straining that was becoming worse, so l had to change it.

      Yes it is an expense, but if something had of given and l couldn’t work or write or see ……… enough said, points proven.

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