Now – How Are Your Reading Habits Today?

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Now – How Are Your Reading Habits Today?

Regular readers to this particular series may recall, how at the start of the pandemic – back in March – l asked this question Have your reading habits changed since the arrival of Lockdown? Back then quite a few of were struggling with reading as a whole. Back in March l was reading more personally, and yet from April to end November, l have struggled to read as l once was. All l was reading was ‘Blog Posts’ and we all know how behind l am with that past time alone anyway – but of all the books l have to read l put them all down to concentrate on other areas in my life and then suddenly, well my life just continued to change anyway.

Start of this month was the first time l began to read again and had a passion for reading anything other than blog posts. I still have a long way to go to catch up to what l was reading 9 months ago, which was roughly 2 – 3 books a month or as time permitted. I have 70 books alone in my Kindle and countless articles bookmarked on the PC in my ‘To Sort’ file and numerous magazine articles to study, pore over and research.

The last new Kindle books l bought were Ghosted by Paula Light and prior to that
Elastic Attitude: Expanding Your Potential by Craig White and l am still to find the time to read them, start them. I used to be a remarkably smooth reader and now l seem to have a kind of Reader’s Block. I think this is down to the speed of my mind at present, l go through these phases whenere my mind is just going too fast thinking of all sorts of ideas and by the time l get to bed at night, l am just crashing.

I read a fascinating article last month published by The Guardian where it wrote about increased sales of both ebooks and audiobooks for UK publishers due to the pandemic which is excellent news for writers, authors and readers alike in many respects. It was fascinating to me more also given the career l wish to pursue next year with KDP Marketing and so on. Although of course, increased ebook sales meant more nails in the coffins of conventional and traditional publishers of printed books as less people visited the already dying high streets and shopping malls due to social distancing…….and the dreaded lockdowns.

I can’t even remember the last time l bought a brand new printed book, be that hardback or paperback although at the start of the year in January/February time l had bought a handful of secondhand books from the charity bookstore in Deal. I personally prefer secondhand printed books – they have more of a lived in feel to them.

Ebook sales had been previous to 2020 in the declining sales figures market as opposed to the printed book market share which in the UK alone accounted for a staggering 80%. But let’s be honest, even before 2020, high street sellers were struggling with sales, because online consumer buying is more affordable, easier, convenient, for the better part, more efficient. Online purchasing from homes means dealing with less staff and people full stop.

So we come back to the question for today …

Since March, when l first asked you the question – how have your reading habits changed in the last 9 months with regards ebooks and audiobooks too if you use those as well? Have they changed considerably? Do you find that you are reading more or reading less?

Recently l asked readers in The Weekend Quickie what their % was out of 100% with regards Reading for Entertainment and quite a few responses came back with a high figure for reading. Now if you can seperate Blog Posts from your Book Reading is there a significant difference between the two ? Or, do you find you read more of one and less of the other?

Have you found that you have purchased in the last 9 months more ebooks/printed/audio books than normal? How many are reading on average a month?

Finally, what were your last 3 ebook/book purchases?

19 thoughts on “Now – How Are Your Reading Habits Today?

  1. I only read posts and occasional news articles. I bought Paula’s ebook, and the last two Stephen King hardcovers (I always buy King books from an indy bookstore Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego… they ship😉) oh, and I bought both ebook & paperback copies of Jane Lindskold’s newest “Firekeeper” books. (She has become a Blogging Buddy. I read her books before I “met” her… isn’t the internet cool sometimes?)

    Reader’s Block!! Yes! My mind wanders it I fall asleep. Totally sucks! I used to read a couple books a WEEK. I miss it!☹


  2. How funny you should ask – I did a blog post about my reading habits just last week ( I take out e-books from the library and I also have Kindle Unlimited which is where I’ve been getting most of my reading material. Mostly I read detective/murder mysteries. I did just treat myself to 2 Elizabeth Strout books, in paperback, even tho I have read them before I will read them again, as I have done with her other books – There is Elizabeth Strout and then there is everyone else (just my opinion of course LOL)

  3. I have read well over 300 books on kindle this year alone. I don’t count blog reading as me it is social and mental interaction. lol Just finished the newest Obama book, a promised land. Incredible book.

    1. That’s a lot of books Suze. What’s the average page count as Kindle can range from 5 pages to 600? Have you basically just read and read through lockdown? Were all the books qualitable reads or just brain candy fillers?

      However something you have said is very interesting and has sparked a fascination with me which l will investigate deeper this week. Social reading versus reader’s block is where l shall be looking.

      1. I think a Venn Diagram of reading is needed, Rory. 😁

        I’ve just remembered, as a kid I would avidly consume every printed word on an album cover. I would even know who provided the sandwiches during the recording session. Even today, over breakfast I might idly read all the words on a cereal packet. All words mean something and someone put them there for a reason simply as it’s cost them money. But whether it enriches us is another matter. 🙂

      2. about half were deep thinking know political writes or memoirs/auto-biographies. the rest were just brain candy. absolutely no worth at all except taking one away from the daily grind. several were in the thousands of pages. I was most impressed with Michelle Obama’s book.

  4. I’ll be doing a round up of this years reading soon. My last 3 purchases were: ‘What if Snowflakes don’t fall in Winter’ – a poetry collection by Michelle A Navajas (Kobo), The Devil You Don’t – a spy thriller by Charles Heath (Kindle giveaway) and A Long Way from Home by Peter Carey (paperback, bought online). The first two are authors I ‘know’ on WP and the third was recommended to me by a Goodreads/WP friend.

    I really miss browsing real books. My last visit to a book shop was to the wonderful beach front ‘Bikini Books’, a huge place, stacked to the rafters with second hand books, back in July. Our local library is still closed unfortunately, which is also something I miss a lot *sigh*. However, there are still a number of unread books about the house, which I ought to read before buying any more.

    But the good news is that more lovely people than ever before have bought my books this year! I believe you were one, Rory 🙂

  5. My habits haven’t changed in the last 9 months but I don’t read as much as I used to since the distraction of the internet. I always think of “reading” as enriching the mind through literature. I couldn’t say how much other reading I do, it’s just too varied so I don’t count it.

    These days, I never read more than thirty minutes at a time (in my youth, it would be about an hour at a time, probably twice a day). I need and want time and space to reflect on the writing. Also, I do too many other things with my time, there needs to be a balance. In youth, I had less responsibilities and more free time (and less distractions).

    I rarely buy printed editions now since ebooks are so much cheaper; most of my ebooks over the past ten years, I’ve picked up for 99p just by following “Bookbub”. I tried an audiobook for the first time early this year, on someone’s recommendation, but couldn’t concentrate, the actor’s voice was distracting, and then soporific.

    I’m halfway through reading “The Man In The High Castle” (Philip K. Dick). Previous to this I read “Hag-seed” (Margaret Atwood); “Machines Like Us” (Ian McEwan); The Hidden Life of Trees (Peter Wohlleben).

    1. “Also, I do too many other things with my time, there needs to be a balance. In youth, I had less responsibilities and more free time (and less distractions).”

      That’s me these days Ian, l was thinking about it last night when l cycled, this morning when l showered and further still when l was in the middle of 90 minutes walking .. Rory, why don’t you read like you used to. Because l now use all the time available to me for other things aside from reading'”

      Good answers Ian, l shall look at your books when l come to make up the reader’s list 🙂

    1. Gee whiz seriously dude? There are easier books to start with to ease yourself back into reading my friend – like some of the Noddy ‘s don’t they do a Tai Chi of their own, how about a Famous Five Do Tai Chi ? 🙂

  6. I am reading Chris’s new book, the song of sea goddess. Before that I finished a new book by JK Rowling, Ickabog!

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