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Top 35 Naughty List Christmas Films!! – 13/12/2020

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Everyone does the same every year …………….. l have had enough of the Good list – so let’s compile the Top 35 Naughty List Christmas Films. Currently on Channel 5 over here in the UK, they are playing a different film celebrating Christmas every day ……… they are the worst!!

No, l don’t sit and watch them … but if l am having a spot of brunch, l sit down for five minutes and channel flick.

Every time l see one, l sit with it for 5 minutes and think, “Well that’s another five minutes of my life l have wasted! Who makes these things and for who? They are the worst!!”

Let’s be honest there are some absolute hooters out there in the world of screen film and what l would like from you all is help to create a Top 35 Naughty List Christmas Films – the movies that are the pits, the worst, seriously bad ideas, cringeworthy, low budget crapfests – you get the idea!

Let me see your suggestions below – many thanks – Rory

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26 thoughts on “Top 35 Naughty List Christmas Films

  1. We always watch the same Christmas movies… Grinch, Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas, etc
    I don’t think I’ve seen any horrible onesπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

      1. Ben watched parts of the Jim Carey Grinch movie (I don’t like Jim Carey) over and over til I thought my head would explode. Yeah… you can add that one. Also anything Alvin & The Chipmunks related or Peppa Pig. If they have Christmas movies, I’ve never seen them, but I hate them.πŸ˜‚

  2. I watched Santa Girl the other day and it was incredibly bad. So bad. Sooooooooo bad! I did watch all the way through lol. I’ve been on a weird binge of holiday romcoms 😜

  3. You probably don’t want to go ‘there’ and have me list the ‘Christmas’ movies that I find crappy. Go to a certain schmaltzy channel known for it’s sugary romance movies and pick one and you’ll have a bad movie choice, at least nine times out of ten. There are a few gems hidden in the pile, but how much doesn’t one’s IQ need to be lowered by watching dreck, before one uncovers the gold?

    And I’ll add this: If the Christmas show contains children actors? It’s going to be a bad movie, at least half the time. Some of those child actors are all too aware they’re ‘cute’ and they act up and mug for the camera until I lose my food. One name that pops right into view “The Least of These”. Not a bad story IDEA, but geez. Get rid of that smarmy kid. She ruined the film IMHO.

    Another category of ‘worst’ holiday films (to me, I know some enjoy them) are the ones that have endless ‘physical’ humor and juvenile jokes running throughout…one prat fall might be funny, making your movie based on prat falls and farts or toilet humor is guaranteed to get me changing the channel.

  4. Hi Rory, I actually really dislike miracle on 34th st, and most movies of wonderful family happiness with homes with thousands of dollars of decorations. and food and huge presents…sigh

      1. Ummm can you believe I have never watch the grinch.. I am not totally bah humbug, I play and sing along with Carols, and songs, Have you heard any of our Aussie ones? I mean it is really hard to think of a fur trimmed full length coat bearded hooded big booted man when the temperature is over 35dC and reindeer snow. Mind you my first Christmas here in Tasmania I worked Christmas day, and when I woke on Boxing day my flat had a wonderful view of Mt Wellington and the derwent river, and Mt Wellington was covered with snow. Made me so happy, especially as I could stay in bed nice and warm..

        1. I never knew what snow was till l was 11 Tazzie. I saw snow on a mountain top in NSW at a skiing resort and had to ask my parents why the top was white.

          Most of my early Christmas’s didn’t really involve a traditional Santa anyway.

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