Dear Blog – 15.31 – 12/12/20

Awristed Developments!

Yesterday l had a small accident, well let me rephrase …. yesterday l could have had a small accident had l not been quicker in my reflexes than l knew l was! Do you remember the Blokes New Digs Episode .. Plucky Cockerel Security You may recall these more ….

.… you can see the ‘flyscreen’ across the doors – well it was never a great fit on account of the doorway being different frame wise to the style the screen needed. It stayed there .. but on occasion if the magnetic part didn’t instantly pull together again, it could create an annoying loose flap on the middle of the join.

If you weren’t paying attention to how you walked through the flap or your mind was occupied elsewhere … well you could trip and this exact thing happened yesterday and l fell through the opening over simply walking through. My reflexes prevented me from hitting the ground or having to use my left/right hand as shielding because as l kind of runstumbled out of the door for 15 steps or so [you know that one .. when you stumblerun and if not fast enough to right yourself you will crash into the ground], when l was able to steady myself with my thighs – yay to thigh power!

It’s not the first time it’s happened, but it was the last time … after slowly come back from the week from hell, the last thing l needed to happen was fall flat on my face!! So it came down and as l was looking out into the gardens, l realised the windows could do with another clean … so took the opportunity to perform that and when l finished that … l realised that l wanted a change in that area also.

My ultimate goal was to allow the dining bar diners [no, l don’t have any aside from me at present] to both enjoy the garden at the same time as opposed to only one …. plus the damn mobile board was always in the way. Ava wanted to change her position as well .. and Snappy agreed, a change was in order!

Everything needed to be moved anyway so that the entire wooden floored area could be brushed, hoovered and mopped – so today was the day for a change around …

…. l am pleased with it … it has opened up both the kitchen and the conservatory a lot more – it feels better as well. What? What happened to the mobile board? Well, l remembered it is a mobile board as opposed to a fixed board so l moved it out of this area and placed it into the hallway – it’s cumbersome but it’s more manageable here and if it is needed in the kitchen, l simply wheel it through when working.

The photos make it look tight … it isn’t that tight, nor is it a squeeze – but it works better here than where it was.

The plants are less crowded as well allowing for more freedom and also it awards me some more ‘tray space’. The shelving units are present to support plants and when the time is right, accomodate seedlings. So this is good as well. For those interested in Ava’s progression … well she is doing way better this year, than she was this time last year. Despite wanting to be an outdoor tree l am trying to convince her that being an indoor tree for the winter months is kinder to her and come the spring months she can go outside and join the agapanthus. In fact all indoor plants are doing really well, and are all thriving very well indeed on the bokashi feeder.

Ava still however has issues with the blight, but she is producing new leaves all the time and as long as l keep her maintenance up to the form, she is fine.

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

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22 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.31 – 12/12/20

  1. Lucky that you stopped yourself from falling. I don’t know how many times I’ve done that, both stumbled-run and fallen flat on my knees, hands and face too. It looks way better now.

    1. Hey Sadje, thank you – yes you are right, it looks way better now, l am very pleased with it, it now has more of a natural flow as opposed to a stilted and regimental look. 🙂

        1. That’s exactly spot on, but it takes you living with it and then you know what doesn’t work right. I have a big problem with my workstation – l use three screens and l could use effectively six screens, but l don’t want 6 monitors, so l am now looking at a 49″ screen as opposed to my current line up. It’ll save my neck strain as well. But l needed to work this here to see the difficulties first.

  2. I find it’s invigorating to move things about now and then. Tell me, are those chairs comfy? They look like they would be! I noticed them the first time you shared this area. 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne, they are actually really comfortable. The beauty is you can pound them a few times like you might punch a pillow – you know what l mean? So as to mold it more – but you do that with your bum hahaha – so you sit down and wiggle to reach your comfort zone 🙂

  3. Much much better. I didnt like the cut off feeling the way the bar was before, but didnt say anything cuz I dont live there, you do😉
    I’m glad Ava is doing well. And I’m glad you didn’t fall. Very rarely does the stumblerun work for me. I usually just build momentum for a harder crash. ☹

    1. Well you see, l’ll let you into my secret to not stumblerunning and falling. One of the first obstacles on my gravel path is a birdbath – except it is cast iron. I once bumped into that and knocked it over and if not for powerful thigh muscles that would have genuinely and seriously done some famage to me – but that is my thigh … the way the stumble was taking me was headfirst into that and … l wasn’t going to have that pain 🙂

    1. Mm, well gel matey – l am yet to start .. l am just waiting on a knee cap protector – l know they say you shouldn’t , but it’s the weakest part of my right leg, and l have to use a cap protector in the house when cleaning anyway – so very little choice, then l will be falling over like the rest of the world 🙂

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