Is Common Courtesy Now A Thing Of Our Past?

Is Common Courtesy Now A Thing Of Our Past?

You know the other day l was taking a taxi to Deal so that l could collect my prescription for my antibiotics and the driver of the taxi, a guy maybe a good ten years my senior and l were talking about the behaviour on British roads today and how seemingly there was a distinct lack of common courtesy from other drivers. That whereas maybe 20 years 7/10 drivers would wave a thankyou or perform the bum wiggle with their rear lights to say thank you or flash their heads and yet, now 20 years later and the number of polite drivers now looks like 2 out of 10, and that’s lucky!

I have had conversations with Suze on a number of occasions in the last two years alone, where we would be, at say a busy T junction outside Kingsdown waiting for a break in traffic and hoping a driver might let us out ? But this hardly ever happens anymore. Now a driver must edge out of the T and force their way across the road.

Mind you, l am writing on just traffic alone – there is a distinct lack of politeness and respect to other people these days across all platforms, industries, topics and peoples alike. Things like, people not closing their mouth when eating in a public location, or not flushing toilets after themselves, holding the door open for people and not being acknowledged or even saying thank you …. and the list is endless.

I remember raising this question with someone about 5 years ago, their response was to throw political correctness and equality into my face with the bland statement of …. “courteousness is dead in the water and people need to stop it!”

I am always polite and courteous to others and if on the the rarest of occasions people witness me being disrespectful l usually have a watertight reason for my poor behavior, but it is rare indeed that l am blatantly rude to people.

There are many forms of discourteous behaviour …

What are your Top 5 bugbears?

Do you believe that 1] common courtesy is dead and 2] that political correctness and equality may have a stake in the problem itself or do you believe it is purely and simply a lack of concern for people?

Finally, should we all just join the ‘F##k You Squad!’ and become less respectful to people?

Let me know below – thanks.

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  1. You’re bang on the mark Rory. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve allowed cars the right of way and haven’t even received a nod or shake of the hand as a thank you!! My worst bug bare is when the person in front of me lets the door close in my face when I’m obviously going through the same bloody door!
    I will never allow myself to stoop to their levels of ignorance.

  2. I don’t care if other drivers give me a wiggle wave for letting them go first. I try to do a wiggle wave, but sometimes there are more pressing matters. My issues are with the following:

    1. Servers/cashiers who say “no problem” instead of “you’re welcome.” Wtf is up with that?

    2. Drivers who cut me off, go through red lights, cruise past stop signs, etc. Not just rude but DANGEROUS!

    3. Delivery drivers who think it’s fine to block my parking space instead of parking farther away and walking back. Lazy!

    4. Spammers, including garbage in the actual mail. What’s ruder than making me waste my time sorting through their stupid ads to get to my real mail?

    5. Phone solicitation. JUST EFF OFF!

  3. Rudeness in general is rampant, you’re right about that.

    Rude drivers have been a problem forever and I don’t know if it’s worse or not. I tend to stay in my own little bubble when I’m out in public. I’m paying attention but in a detached way, if that makes sense.

    I have low expectations, honestly. I guess I’ve become accustomed to people being rude. My job, before I had to stop working, dealt with customer complaints so I was used to people being horrible.

    I am still very courteous. Please and Thank You are automatic. Waves to other drivers to thank them, or letting other drivers in, is also automatic.

    The thing that bugs me the worst is people tailgating me. Riding my back bumper. I drive slower on purpose. If I’m in the “slow lane” then they can go around me if they’re in such a damn hurry.

  4. I think what’s considered polite and impolite are socially defined, and those definitions change over time and across cultures. Changes don’t necessarily mean that people are less polite; the changes could just be in what’s considered meaningful when it comes to politeness. As for rules of the road, at least in Western countries they’re seen as rules to be followed at least part of the time. In some other countries, rules of the road seem to be treated as mild suggestions at best.

  5. The speed of change is so rapid, it’s easy to find ourselves on the wrong side of current etiquette. Probably better not to expect a positive reaction to our action but still do the right thing – what else can you do?

    I was shopping in Wickes the other week and the lad at the till kept calling me “mate”. There’s probably forty years between our ages. It used to be that shop assistants called customers, “Sir” and “Madam”. But Sir and Madam was too much in itself, I always thought. As long as he was helpful and friendly, which he was, I didn’t mind after the initial shock.

    1. Hi Ian, yes l agree, Sir and Madam is too formal and yet l find ‘mate’ too informal and l can’t stand being called it under any circumstances. Personally l would prefer a simple Hello and a Thank you or something.

  6. Ignorance, stupidity, bad manners. Are pet hates of mine non, of which, I am pleased to say have experienced from our acquaintance. Thank you. 😊

    1. Haha well Amanda in my eyes the world has just gotten stupider in the last five years and bad manners have become absolutely appalling and as for ignorance, l never think there is an excuse for it.

    1. Hey Lisa, totally …………………………… unless really vexed and pushed then a quick sharp snap and then walk away in absolute disgust and telling the offenders ‘We are DONE!!”

      1. My “pushed to the edge of the abyss” response is not nearly as kind as yours… it typically consists of my favorite swear word followed by “off and die”… just saying…

        1. Oh ok, well l was being diplomatic in my response …………….. l swear like a trooper in real life and my favourited swear word is the one everyone detests with a passion. It’s my favourited word, because even l don’t use it that often, it is reserved for absolute scumballs or when l do something seriously stupid myself.

          When l use it to express my distaste and disgust people who have witnessed or observed these rarities always say ‘Oh my, the venom in your voice, l think l may have just wet myself in panic!!”


  7. I find common courtesy is is not as common as it used to be or should be. My two biggest pet peeves are rude drivers and when I walk into a place of business and am ignored by an employee who is near by.

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