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Season 1 – Autumn 2020
Thursday 10th December 2020
35/35 Minutes
I just had to get outside and kickstart the babystepping …

I just had to get outside — for a walk — as opposed to going outside to go to the dentist on Monday – today was the first time l had been outside ‘walking for pleasure’ since Saturday. Today was the first day that l actually felt that like l could walk.

Yesterday l did some more weighted step ups and for those not in the know, and yes l am sure there is a technical name for it … but for me it simply involves holding a weighted dumbbell in each hand and performing several sets of 12″ step ups using my gymmaster step. Last week l had just progressed to 5kg each hand , but l didn’t want to exert myself too much yesterday and so opted this week to merely use my upper body indoor cycle handweights of 2kg each hand – the last thing l needed on top of everything else was a muscular strain achieved through stupidity! In addition to that, l also squeezed in a 5 minute low gear cycle session which was a fifth of my actual and l didn’t feel too bad, so l was quite pleased.

But the one thing l was really aching for was my walking, the last proper walk l had was last Saturday – for some four days ago is nothing – but for me well l was walking and working towards 10,000 steps daily which ironically was to be achived by the early part of this week – until the awesome abscess had its wicked way with me that is! Last Saturday l had just got to 7,600 steps and l was chuffed as peanuts even with my horrible mouth!

But l needed to kickstart the walks again, irrelevant to a stomach that feels like it has a washing machine rumbling around inside it! It was simply a case of allowing the babystepping to prep the walks, l knew last night with the bike ride that my muscles were still achy but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

The weather has also been problematic – the first few days of this week have been dank, cold, wet, damp and downright nasty and let’s not forget quite foggy too! Not the most welcoming weather – not a problem to someone walking when feeling pretty good health wise, but hardly encouraging to someone not inclined that direction!

So, it was good to get out and the moment l set off l knew within the first few steps that l was on the mend, as well as still quite achy overall, but the muscles were a bit stiff as well and even after a small 3000 step walk, they were still stiff. BUT, tomorrow morning they’ll be better and l will walk again and l do think that come Saturday l can be back on my 7600 steps with ease and maybe this time next week hitting my 10K steps with the same ease. The cycling well, l will have to build that up again from the 5 minutes of yesterday to the 25 minutes of last Friday and l think all going well, that too will be in the bag by the end of this weekend – all this will include babysteps as well.

I am not ill, but the antibiotics certainly make me feel that way, which is an irony when you consider l am taking them to fix another part of my body, and yet for that to recover other parts of my body have to fall ill?

I didn’t take that many photos on today’s walk, l didn’t walk fast, nor too slow, but in Goldilocks, three bears and porridge terms l guess ‘just right’. Of Course The Ramparts hadn’t really changed that much, l mean why should it? It’s only four days, but l had missed it, l had missed seeing the squirrels and the ducks. No visible squirrels on account of the time that l went out, but l did see a few ducks and l noticed that the Delf Stream on the Ropewalk and Millwall connection was much., much clearer – l haven’t seen it this clear ever since moving here in July.

Looking above, don’t you agree that it looks absolutely stunning being so clear? If you look below that photograph was taken last Saturday – the day of my last walk and l remember thinking at the time, that it was wonderful to see the algae and silts clearing nicely at long last.

I was togged up to the nines as it was quite cold, gloves, scarf, heavier coat, hat and internal waistcoat and that is not a regular, so l was still slightly under the weather … but as l say … Rome wasn’t built in a day, l’ll get there too!

Someone asked the other day … how was Suze doing? So here’s the latest …

Suze started her week 7 or final week of Radiotherapy on Monday. Tomorrow is her very last day on treatment for her throat cancer. That’s the physical side to the treatment over or will be with regards to actual radiation and so on. There are still other things that will need to be performed – doctors appointments, scans, check ups. She is attached to a pump now which feeds nutrients into her body through the stomach PEG and despite what many people seemingly and rather surprisingly believe – although the ‘treatment is ‘over’, her journey is not.

The first part of her journey was the identification and acceptance of cancer in her life, the second part was the treatment process, the third part is still to come and that is the mentalness of the cancer. For some this period of time as in ‘after treatment stops’ can be the hardest time of all because what normally happens is that the speed of things is so very fast, that patients do not have the time to come to terms with the cancer itself in their lives – so the next 2 – 3 – 4 weeks could in fact be the most telling for Suze mentally. The fourth part will be the recuperation and the fifth part will be repair and recovery.

During the first few parts of her journey, Suze has battled the conflict as positively as she could – but the physicality of cancer as a trek has taken its toll on her which is understandable – her neuropathy has been horrendous, she has lost sense of taste, she is now deaf in her right ear and sometimes her left as well [it is unknown if any of these aforementioned are permanent features yet]. Suze has lost hair, lost weight, but not lost her spirit, but loses her voice frequently. She has horrendous burns on her throat and her prime ability to swallow has gone – although she can manage water and some medications … just. Also her neck is now swathed in bandages from top to bottom to protect her throat and to assist her. Radiotherapy comes at a distinct cost.

She is still with her friends in Canterbury and will be with them easily into the new year and some. She does miss her own bubble, but is thankful for the support, love and friendship she has received through all parts of her journey so far and always sends warmest greetings back to one and you all.

Below, are the most recent images of Suze.

Image of Suze’s throat – in reality her throat is much more redder than this.Image of Suze’s Nutrient pump which feeds into her stomach PEGImage displaying the bandages which became necessary to protect her throat. These were added after today’s radiotherapy treatment and will now be a permanent feature for quite a few weeks.

So there we go folks, an afternoon pootling and an update to boot.

Catch you next time. Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. Thanks for sharing news about Suze. I was thinking about her for last week or so. She is one brave woman. And she’d need to be braver still. I am glad she is holding up her courage. Love and hugs to her.
    I hope you get better soon too. Antibiotics can be tough on system with unwanted side effects. Take care both of you.

  2. Yeah, Suze still has a tough road ahead. Some of these things she’s had to do during treatment may being permanent parts of her life. That may be difficult for her to mentally adjust to.

    A lot of people are still thinking things will “go back to normal” after the COVID vaccine. We have to create a “new normal”.

    And YOU, JB… first, I’m glad you got out for a walk. But… DON’T PUSH YOURSELF. True, you are not “ill” but your body is still not in a state of homeostasis either. The ABs and loss of good bacteria is putting your body in a fighting mode. Give yourself a little longer to reach your goals. As you say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. “Baby Steps” means HUMAN baby steps, not giraffe baby steps😘

    I’ll stop nagging now🤐

    All my best to you & Suze!

    1. Well hey Grandma, l know the difference between Baby Giraffes and baby humans too – as well as the adult versions, l have to find a compromise between both.

      I am astonished at how some people have thought ‘Well the treatment’s done Suzanne, now everything alright, yes?? Suze says, some of her own family and friends struggle with the concept of it all.

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