Dear Blog – 11.55 – 09/12/20

My Ever Demanding Fitbit Says Feed Me!!

Despite retiring for both Monday and Tuesday night at the ridiculously early time of 10pm, l cannot at this present time wake up and feel like l have had a good night’s sleep….

It’s been a long week, or a hard few days – l am not sure how l count this out – maybe just to say l am tired, sore, grumpy, uncomfortable, and restless? Who cares, it doesn’t really matter – but what l figured last week as simply the return of the weekly abscess starting and buggering about with me for a couple of days then going, became something much bigger, more frustrating, and incredibly draining … literally.

Last Thursday morning when l felt the twinges back again, l didn’t think, that a week later l would be feeling this washed out. Last Friday was the last time l walked in the morning and did my additional two hours of exercise throughout the day. Last Saturday was the last time l had just the energy to walk ….. now here l am on Wednesday and l have just enough energy to stay awake … like what the hell is that all about l must ask myself and do several times a day!!

I did manage to do some step ups and weighted step ups yesterday which was good, but that small feat exhausted me, but l also refilled all the bird feeders and mixed and blended the new bird feed which had been arriving over the course of the last week.

Despite ordering from the same company, all three distinct ingredients meal worms, peanuts and wild bird mix all arrived on different days. The suet balls and cakes – again same place – different days again … go figure the logics on that? I also managed to do a small amount of housework … l figured l would have to start baby stepping everything because my body was acting like l had experienced food poisoning …………

…. which is basically not far from the truth. Melanie had it sussed the other day when she said that my body was working against me because it was .. in its attempt to try and defend from the attacking infection, it had to shut down and activate all kinds of defence mechanisms and those in turn shut down further mechanisms to cope with the loss of this, that and the other. Making matters worse was that despite swilling my mouth out to raise the head of the abscess and battle the infection itself, l inadvertently convinced myself l was drinking but wasn’t. The acidicness in the vinegar was parching my body as well as naturally dehydrating me. it was a nasty catch 22.

Later on during the Sunday evening, after the first lancing l would start to have hallucinations that convinced me that drinking would kill me……..

It’s been a really tough week!

But it ‘s set to get even tougher yet … l lanced my abscess Sunday evening and was awarded some much needed respite. When l lance, l don’t pin prick it, l gash it – which is what the dentists would advise .. they do so suggest because a gash takes longer to heal and therefore stops the abscess from reforming and refilling quickly. So l gashed the abscess to stop that … but this wasn’t an ordinary infection and you may recall when l wrote that the actual infection was below the bridge of the nose and had spread its wings to both the left and right side of my top gum?

Hold that thought for a moment …

I try not to ever take any kind of pain medication ever. From Thursday to Sunday early evening, l was taking paracetamol, solpadeine and ibuprofen to tackle pain and infection and inflammation and they weren’t working. I made a cardinal error, l started mixing tablets up to try and eliminate the pain which was intense and getting worse by the hour, bad move. I hate taking medication. The last time l had to go through a huge increase of taking tablets was during the shoulder injury a couple of years ago and it took me months to get them out of the system and as they left they really did a number on my already long suffering gastro digestive systems.

Taking too many painkillers and antibiotics have a very adverse effect on my internal system, they damage me like acid and start to strip my intestinal walls apart causing me to experience a lot of pain and we will leave it there. I am currently battling the pain caused by the antibiotics whilst yesterday l finally managed to ‘flush’ the painkillers out. So these are causing secondary problems now and draining me further.

Today my mouth is extremely sore – it is still suffering from the frontal gash, although l don’t have pain and l have not taken any actual painkillers since Sunday 6pm – l don’t miss them! But l only experienced relief from the slicing of the abscess from around 7am Monday morning to Tuesday morning. By midday yesterday, l had to call the dentist back and say, l now have two different abscesses growing in different locations – should l or what?

Here l sit Wednesday just before Midday typing this post, l have no abscesses in my mouth, because l had to severely gash them last night and my mouth is very, very sore, not painful but l feel like my mouth is a giant flat marshmellow it’s a strange feeling. I am now having to salt rinse my mouth 3/4 times an hour and continue to do that till l can feel my mouth again and or less pressure or at the very least the antibiotics properly kick in.

Finally my shower is starting to be fixed, the old one was taken out today, the new pipes attached for the new one. Jeremy is to come along and make good the missing tiles – which then need a day to set and come Friday the new shower will be fitted, ready for use Saturday morning … which will be two months exactly to the day it broke, ironically! This is something to look forwards to … because l need things to look forward to currently, you know?

So, today or rather from this point on, l have more baby stepping to perform, more housework, will mop the floor, will try and do some weighted step ups, was thinking of a walk this afternoon, but my stomach and bottom say forget that … l think exercise like cycling and walking and l are off the books for most of this week, whether my Fitbit likes it or not – the pesky thing can be especially cruel and intimidating and cares not if you are poorly!! It reminds me of Audrey!!

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

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12 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 11.55 – 09/12/20

  1. Thank goodness they’re FINALLY fixing the shower! Yep. Baby steps… your poor body was pushed beyond its limits. It’s a good thing you are so healthy and working on your fitness or that mouth infection might’ve killed you.

    I will be so happy for you when it’s finally fixed! I remember how awful those mouth infections are.

    Don’t push yourself too hard. If your body wants rest, then rest!!!


    1. I am listening to my body, but you are quite right, the exercise was keeping me healthy, so l have to try and find the balance between resting and exrcising safely.

      As to the shower, well ……… blimey, let’s all jump for joy, because anger doesn’t achieve anything eh 🙂

    1. Hey Sadje, once the full cycle of AB’s has finished, the dentist will see me then … as you know, they can’t do anything until the medication course has completed its job.

      Will be glad, and whilst l am eager for the dental journey to begin, l am also fearful of the medication path to follow.

      1. You’re right, they need the infection to be gone before they do anything. I do hope you find relief from this torture.

  2. Antibiotics and pain medication do a real number on the stomach (which is why with my GI bleed I can’t have any pain medication) Sometimes doctors will recommend an antacid at the same time they prescribe antibiotics – especially if it will be something like a 10 day course of the antibiotics…and especially if you already have stomach issues. This has been a total muck-up for you.

    But – at least – Finally! – medical attention and the shower finally fixed – you’re on a roll.

    1. Hey Grace, l totally agree – this is a real mucker – normally l would have got some antacid however due to the course being what they class as a minimal period of five days, they didn’t prescribe.

      But yes, currently we are 2/3 which isn’t bad …. and yet, Jeremy is here trying to fix the tiling, but the plumber has made it very difficult so now there still be no shower by Friday, so 2/3 hopefully.

  3. This was really a tough one 😖
    And unfortunately is not over! Taking it step by step and finding some other things to do helps! Stay strong Rory! I hope the dentist will see you soon!

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