Dear Blog – 15.11 – 07/12/20

That Creepy Feeling That You Are Alone On The Planet!

An update for you …

Well after a hell of a palaver, l finally have my antibiotics, and l have started the course. I had to get a taxi to travel to Deal, to park up and wait whilst l stood outside calling the receptionist to notify them l was there to collect my prescription, to take the taxi back to Sandwich to get it made up in a pharmacy here.

Then l nearly didn’t get it, because l couldn’t remember the last three letters and numbers of my postcode here. Thankfully, l did remember my birthdate. I am not surprised l couldn’t remember it, l haven’t had the need to award it to anyone and this is the first time l have actually used the pharmacy in Sandwich.

I feel rough today, l can’t remember clearly the last time l had an abscess go totally rogue on me to the extent that this one did this weekend. YES, l have had annoying abscesses in the last few weeks – BUT, not to this level. I normally have managed to avoid a lancing on such a ginormous issue as this. This abscess was the motherloade abscess and it was determed to make me as ill as it could and it succeeded.

I don’t think l have ever felt as isolated from the world as l did yesterday and l genuinely believed yesterday was my last day on the planet – yes l can imagine how dramatic that reads – but l was very, very VERY concerned to my health. I don’t think l had sepsis or early signs sepsis, but l can’t be sure .. and who knows what would have happened if l hadn’t of lanced the damn thing and it had simply erupted?

But l had a serious infection and whatever l was doing to combat that was only marginally working, although the dentist told me this morning when they finally called back three hours after l called them as a state of emergency that l handled the situation very well considering the graphic photographs l taken and emailed them yesterday.

I emailed them yesterday morning before my ability to open my mouth was lost which happened around midday. I had been using apple cider vinegar to bring the head up of the abscess and it did work. But by around 5pm, l couldn’t open my mouth and was struggling to breathe and swallow, my right eye was starting to close and the headaches were super intense. I was dehydrated because l hadn’t actually been drinking and l hadn’t realised. I had been swilling, but not drinking to swallow and so the last time l had anything to properly drink had been after my walk Saturday morning with breakfast, which was the last time l had eaten anything either.

The worst time had been directly after the lancing – l had gone back to bed with the shakes, l had stopped taking tablets and apart from the AntiB’s l still haven’t had any painkiller tablets because they stopped working on me … but l was so utterly cold and was shaking uncontrollably, and all my muscles and bones ached and then the hallucinations started. So yes, last night l was not in a good place at all sadly.

My first drink was around 10pm, but it took me almost 20 minutes to get the energy to get out of bed to get downstairs…

… thankfully now, l’ll not lie and say l am 100% because l am not … l still feel terribly ill and very weak. But l am rehydrating and l have eaten, and as said l have taken my first AB tablet, so l should now be on the road to recovery.

Making things marginally easier, is that the dentists have now said that l can have an appointment next week at the surgery to see if we can finally start the repair journey again. I do hope so, because feeling like you are the last person on the planet is no fun at all. That aside, my genuine thanks to you all for your encouragement and well wishes over the last couple of days – it helped enormously.

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

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27 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.11 – 07/12/20

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. You felt so ill because you were being poisoned, by your own system; added to which you inadvertently dehydrated yourself (which makes one feel a whole lot worse, whatever the malady). I’m glad you were able to lance the danged thing, it sounds absolutely horrible! Here’s hoping you feel 100% soon, but I suspect it will take several days to reach that. Just remember to keep drinking a LOT of water. Take care! And you’re NEVER ‘alone on the planet’, your ‘blog family’ is ‘with’ you in spirit!

  2. Finally some help. But they make it so difficult for you. I hope the meds work speedily and you get better soon. 👍

    1. I have had them before, thankfully, they’ll start their magic properly by tomorrow sometime. Sooner the better really. I can’t remember feeling this drained for a long time.

    1. Hey Lisa, l know, l have been rehydrating all day, but am not far out of going to bed, am absolutely shattered, it’s only 8ish and l am bushwhacked.

  3. So glad the infection will be knocked out. I know that feeling… all those feelings, unfortunately. You might order up some probiotics so your gut isn’t more trashed after the ABs. I’d hate for you to trade one ailment for another. Rest & rehydrate!!
    Sending hugs!!

      1. It’s definitely always something. My Fibromyalgia pain had been well managed but the cold weather is flaring it. And it’s not just cold, humidity has been down at 9% or 10%, so that’s got my plaque psoriasis flared up too. Stress aggravates both… guess it’s good I don’t have any stress in my life… oh wait😂😂😂😂

        Glad the stupid 🤬🤬🤬🤬 dentist is finally going to see you. Now if your shower was fixed you might be headed in the right direction.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


        1. Indeedy, well the first repairs are supposed to start tomorrow on the shower, then it’ll be finished on Friday ready for use Saturday. I am so angry about it taking 8 weeks.

  4. 😮😮😮 whoa!! That’s nuts!! So glad you are ok!!

    Hope you feel better and back to normal quickly – take it easy until then 🙏

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