Dear Blog – 15.00 – 05/12/20

No Fun Pun For Pain The Sequel

I stupidly thought last week l had battled the abscess and won, and yet l still failed to manage to get hold of my dentists all week. I tried the emergency number this morning for the NHS – but they only operate from Monday to Friday and if a problem arises over the weekend you are to go to casuality where you will probably spend anything upwards of 8 hours in Canterbury hospital waiting to be seen on a Saturday! I have no tolerance for that and am currently like a bear with a sore head.

The pain is incredibly intense, thrice what is was last week and l now have a major swelling on the inside of my upper front gum – the abscess itself is stretching from the top right of my mouth to just below my nose and is in the nasal cavity which induces a secondary pain with my nostril on the right side and is making its way up to the my right eye via the nasal duct, but is also fast spreading across the top of my gum on the left side.

The tablets l am taking are not even cutting close to shaving some of the pain down. Ibuprofen is a tablet that is supposed to calm down inflammation and can’t cope, solpadeine is for intense pain and is not helping and paracetamol is also failing to tackle the issue. I am hoping l can get to Monday and am now desperate to get hold of a bloody dentist who will prescribe me anti-biotics – because l can no longer cope without them.

If l am even luckier, they might suggest l come in for an emergency appointment and then they see that my mouth is really in serious trouble and so am l. This whole tooth thing is knocking me for six physically and mentally, never mind emotionally and motivationally. I just want to curl up and go to bed and hibernate till Monday morning, but that doesn’t solve anything – but l’ll not deny it is really slowing me down.

Making matters worse is l am having a fairly shitty week – from aggressive tooth pain to my shower taking its bloody time to get fixed and all going well, it will be fixed by this Friday coming, 2 effing months after it broke!! But l miss so terribly being able to seek some comfort from just standing under a hot shower because that does wonders for a person.

This country has got to start sorting out things properly – many complain about the pandemic and yet equally as many use the pandemic to their own advantage and all the pandemic is really doing is displaying how utterly damaged all the systems are in this country through budget cuts over the years – the United Kingdom is totally broken!!

I have managed to do most of my exercise – well walking wise, yesterday was the first time l had no zest for indoor cycling and l am not sure if l can today or even tonight. I exercise to try and get my focus off the pain, but the pain is way worse that it was this time last week.

Finishing off my week, is l had to make a really important social and moral decision this week with regards something l have been involved with for 6 years of my life. I ‘ll not bore readers with details, because it could be quite boring to many … but l came across an issue that my Aspgerian code of conduct couldn’t accept because it was technically wrong. It is so inconsequental to so many people – but l can be a pedant when l know l am right … but it also means that those many others will not see me as being right but as being petty It isn’t petty but it was in my eyes important.

In order to show my views of opposition, l stepped away from an organisation l have been with since 2014 – l am not missed – already it means nothing – but as l stepped away l saw how much the organisation had changed since 2014 – how the caring people had changed, how socialness has changed and how so very disposable people have become..

Stepping away was the right thing to do, l wasn’t wrong, l was correct even if others don’t view it that way – but it still saddened me – that l wasn’t even missed – and yet NOT, because this simply proved my point about the socialness of the organisation.

I am getting very, very tired of and with people.

So, in all it’s not really been the best week.

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

28 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.00 – 05/12/20

  1. Thought I’d check in to see how you’re doing, and find you are suffering from an awful tooth problem. So sorry – I know how painful those can be. Hope you can get an appointment soon for some relief. In the mean time if you haven’t tried this … hold very warm salt water in your mouth every so often. It may help draw out some infection and pain.

    1. Hey Barbara, thank you – l am using apple cider vinegar which has the same properties regarding inflammation and pain. It helps to reduce the swelling down, l am thankful l don’t speak to a lot of people, becuause every time l open my mouth, it hurts.

  2. Your abscess has definitely reached emergency levels – at this point it requires immediate medical intervention. Even if you could manage the pain yourself you cannot manage the infection yourself. Sorry to be so serious here but I am now seriously worried.

    1. I am also seriously worried which is why l rang the emergency dental number but to be told that l could be waiting for anywhere between 8 – 12 hours to be seen for ‘ just an abscess’, was a bit of downfall. I am now swilling mouth, will retire to bed early tonight like last night and try and ride through till Monday when l will create merry hell with the receptionists.

      The problem with me Grace, is l am inordinately polite …… except when l am in intense pain .. l have been polite now l am no longer feeling polite – l have played by the rules – now l want them to listen to my rules – l pay towards their bloody wages being a private patient and l want something done now.

      I hate taking that stance, l am quite hardy with pain, but my mouth has been a problem now for 9 months and the dental practice knew that.

  3. Oh so sorry Rory, what a lousy thing to happen. And on the weekend too. It would be a good idea to visit the ER. Abscess going into nasal cavity is serious.

    1. Thanks Sadje, ER would be a good thing, five years ago – but not five years later – it is not a nice place to be. I will get through to Monday.

      1. I hope the pain lessens with medication. You may try warm saline rinses for mouth. It may reduce inflammation.

        1. Rather stuidly and unknowingly l have run out of salt – tomorrow l will pop into the shop and pick up a new one. I normally use sea salt in cooking, but l will just get a basic salt for rinse.

    2. The problem is with the crowds in there l will go into a meltdown – if l become too overwhelmed, l am not doing anyone any good. Aspergers/Autism isn’t really taken notice of in adults in the UK.

  4. What Sadje says. That infection is serious, and the swelling and increased pain is your body’s way of telling you so. If it’s eight hours or more there, it’s eight hours or more. It’s WORTH it to get help. Take something to do, a tablet if you have one and have plenty of books and activities loaded there, take some paper and pencil type crosswords, take a BOOK. Hunker in. Given the severity of what you’re describing, ‘they’ (the angels of mercy – yeah) might bump you up in the line because to me? That’s some SERIOUS sh*t. Don’t fool around and go already. WE’D miss you if you stepped away from here.

    1. I get what you are saying Melanie, but the NHS were pretty straight forwards with me, they said l would be at the back of the waiting list on a Weekend, because it is just an abscess – anti-biotical needs or not – swill mouth with warm water and salt/vinegar, mouthwash, take paracetamols and call my dentists first thing Monday morning.

      The Canterbury unit or worse the QEQM in Margate which is more than likely the hospital l would have to go to is a terrible place. I am in pain and l have survived worse than this in the past … but the biggest problem l have is when l am in serious pain, l am no longer polite and if anyone fucked me off, l would probably cause them a lot of problems. So, knowing my own limits, l need to start working on my physical mental yoga and swilling harder.

      I am not leaving here, l have already left one organisation this week and they weren’t really family, WordPress is more family 🙂

  5. You know your own area best, and if the anxiety and frustration would cause you to lash out, then yeah, you’re right to stay at home. Can you do warm compresses on your face on the area where the swelling is worse? If it bursts (God forbid), you’ll have to call what we call “911” (I think it’s 999 over your way), because that crap is literally poison and will kill you. Just be wary. I can’t believe some turd head told you it wasn’t serious “enough” and that the dentists in your area don’t have an emergency back-up of some kind. I get that the $%#! virus has depleted health care workers all around the world, that they’re tired and discouraged, and that the hospitals are over-flowing (literally) with sick folk and the dying. But Jesus. Did they never hear of TRIAGE over there in your local hospital? That is to take some common sense and weigh the health risks based on the severity of the problem. I’m so sorry. Take care and keep us all posted!

    1. It’s a joke over here in truth … the waiting rooms in hospitals are no longer open to out patients, you have to wait outside and wait your turn .. with no use of toilets that’s too big an expectation, especially if you getting there by taxi.

  6. I don’t blame you for not going to hospital. And the UK isnt the only place that’s broken. All of money worshiping systems are rotten to the core and the sooner they collapse in on themselves, the sooner we can rebuild… hopefully something better. My cynical side says they’ll just keep patching and propping though.

    Hang in there. Hunker down, do what you gotta do to get through each minute. Exercise might help a little… the endorphins might help🤷🏼‍♀️

    Keeping you in my thoughts, as always JB.🌊🦄💫🧸💌

    1. Worse night so far Grandma, it’s been terrible, the abscess is now peaking, l will not have a choice today except to lance especially if l want to get through to tomorrow.

      Considering l went to bed at 8.30pm last l was awake three times and up to take tablets every time tablets that should give you a minimum of 4 hours peace awarded me 2. Not good, my stomach is going to rip itself apart sometime soon. Plus l can’t eat properly.

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