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Have A Great Day Folks – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Thursday 03rd December 2020 – Season 14 – Series 10
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Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
Share Your World 11-30-2020
What would you enjoy if you could do so without someone getting annoyed with you for enjoying it?  It MUST be something you aren’t supposed to enjoy because it is “bad for you”.
I guess the answer really would be reflective upon if that is done privately or publically.
Is it okay for men to wear the color pink?
Yes of course, not all men can wear pink though – so for the ones who shouldn’t wear pink they should stay clear.
Can you curl your tongue? 
Yes, can complete a complete curlover, but l have a very long tongue, can touch the top of my nose and if people are fast enough, l can lick each ear lobe, but l am very fast hahaha!! I very specifically learned to curl my tongue.
What, in your opinion, is the best room to put a fireplace?
In truth fireplaces are quite antiquated and archaic however, bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways – everywhere really except the bathroom.
Welcome to Season 14 – Series 10 of The Hello
Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

38 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. They are more of a fad thing now in truth Lauren. Most bathrooms traditionally didn’t have fireplaces, but ever since the romantics decors got on board it is simply a must have darlink 🙂

    1. Hey John, morning to you too 🙂

      That was a very common practice for many years from the 30’s to 70’s – l remember that in 1970, when visiting family members of my father’s and we stayed at their houses.

  1. Happy Thor’sDay JB… or after your answer to #3, maybe we should chang me your name to Gene, of Kiss fame🤣🤣

    Hope you have great day!🎶💃🏼🌠✨


    1. Morning MaSadje – well it really depends upon the style you are thinking of – modern fireplaces are not traditional fireplaces annd so the fuels are easier to manage.

      Personally l think a fireplace in a traditional build [which by the way doesn’t oft happen here] is just a recipe for disaster 🙂

          1. Admittedly l didn’t know that – because it is a genuine question. I used to have an apartment in Peterborough [Cambridgeshire] that was heated. It was heated flooring. The upstairs bathroom here has a heated towel rail that can warm the bathroom.

            But oh l see haha 🙂

          2. Lol! I’ve stayed in hotels where the bathrooms were heated and enjoyed that stay. At home it has to be the same temperature as the rest of the house. We don’t use central cooling or heating. That is bad not the environment and budget.

  2. Good Morning, Rory! That’s a great selection of music for today. We have a fireplace in our living room and it comes in handy in cold weather. Our temp this morning was 28 F. Have a great Thursday!

  3. A belated happy Thursday to you, Rory! With the right kind of baronial house and several serfs I can see myself enjoying a wallow in a deep roll-top bath in front of a roaring fire with a glass of champagne in one hand and a book in the other. A girl can dream… 😉

  4. Good morning Rory. Our wood burning fireplace is in the living room and we use it regularly throughout the winter to help save on the gas bill. Also if the power goes out we don’t have to sit in the cold. Antiquated or not I wouldn’t want to be without it. (I think gas or electric fire places are waste of money.)

    1. I think you are right with the latter part of the paragraph Ruth gas and electric fires are a waste of money. But are you referring to an actual open and messy fireplace or something similiar to that of an Aga wood burner as there is considerable difference? I wouldn’t hesitate with having an Aga installed as this can also provide heating and hot water, but an open fireplace sadly is not economic and is reliant upon fossil fuels which are bad for the environment.

      I have central heating here. The fireplace behind me where l type is a false heater and doesn’t work, it is for show only. The master bedroom upstairs had at one point a fireplace but that was blocked off when the radiators were installed in the 90’s.

      A few years back l had a property which had fireplaces, so l am used to living in houses with them as opposed to central heating.

      ps – Ruth log fires are very different to coal fires and the majority of fireplaces here in the UK mostly use coal.

      1. Our fireplace is just an open fire place but we only burn logs in it. A wood burning stove would be more efficient but the fireplace is able to heat the main part of the house. Our main heat source is a furnace which uses natural gas so when we cut down dead trees and use them for heat instead I consider it a win-win. I don’t even know if it is legal to burn coal in a fireplace in the U.S.

        1. There’s the difference, l personally prefer to use wood in a fire over coal – it awards the space a much more natural heat, and yet in the UK more people still believe in coal fires despite the controversy.

  5. Pink is a very particular type of color. Lots of people wear it well and plenty don’t, regardless of age or gender. When it comes to pink I think it’s at its best in the garden.

    Have super afternoon, Rory 😊

  6. Thanks so much Rory for Sharing Your World and spot-lighting it on your Daily Hello! That’s so very nice! I’ve never met anyone who could lick their nose (although it prompts one to try if one reads about it, I can’t do it and yes I tried LOL ), and certainly not my earlobes! Your tongue must be quite lengthy and limber to do those things! Great answers to all the questions and again, thanks for participating! Nice to learn a bit about you!

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