The Brisker 25 Round Up 1#

Episode 103/12/2020Brisker 25 Directory

Although the last season of Morning Musings has finished for the time being, and the new season doesn’t commence till January, l thought l would share with you all some of the best images from the last week of walking.

Every day l walk in the morning, currently l am aiming for the target of the 10,000 step walk which l think l will achieve this by Wednesday of next week. Currently l am on 7000 steps per walk and each new day l increase that by 500 so come the 9/10th December l will have smashed my own target date. My ultimate target is to be on 15,000 steps per morning walk by end of this month, which roughly equates to about 110 minutes of walking time but once the route is established the speed will increase.

Every day l ‘walk’ although it was until recently halted with regards rain – now however, provided the rain isn’t hammering it down in bucket sized Speedy Gonzales droplets, l will walk. I get up earlier now and set off pre-shower time. Presently l am walking for around 58 minutes but my walk time is improving daily.

I do have the cybershot with me everyday also, but sometimes l might take 80 photos other days l might only take a dozen or so, this is both weather and environmentally reflective and selective. I walk The Ramparts as it is the most effective less hassled walk there is after much configuration. From the bottom of my street to a full circuit around the town back to the bottom of my street is approx 3000 steps. When increasing the steps, l simply walk the main circuit X times and then add on ‘streets’.

With the gallery above you can see 1] The Town of Sandwich and The Ramparts Walk around the edges, 2] The 3000 step circuit as a basic – so a 7000 is basically two complete circuits and 3] All the streets that can be used to add additional steps to the walk. By the time l am walking the 10K walk, it will be three main circuits and one third of the main walk whereas the 15k Stepped walk will simply involve walking the circuit five times.

These Brisker Walks are paced much faster than the Brisker walks of the Morning Musings. This means that photography wise, you will see mostly the same images, with only small minor alterations. Come the return of the Spring and Summer months, the walking routes can change as the ground will be drier and the daylight longer.

So without further ado, l present to you some of the better images since the last MM on the 25th November 2020.

These 15 images sum up the true beauty in my eyes of The Rampart’s Walk – the nature, the wildlife, the church and graveyard, the streets, the willows and really the Town of Sandwich as she fast approaches winter. Hope you enjoyed them – see you next week.
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