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Game #8 – December 2020

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We live in a questioning world so it’s hardly surprising that there are so many questions that are asked by people every day, week and month is it? This feature will ask you all sorts of questions – but will only ever ask you 12 questions per month. You can answer them in the comments section below or create a post on your own blog should you wish to – that’s your choice.

In many ways this feature will be a no holds barred styled questions arena – covering many topical areas, controversial, opinionated – taboo orientated and just general and light hearted – just questions about people and things from all walks of life!

My answers to these questions shall be in The Roundup Episode.

Additionally should any of the readership wish to pose a question to be featured within 12 Bloggerz in the future episodes – please drop me an email to 

Cheers Rory
When not specifically following ‘set’ directions everyone has a favourited direction they prefer to walk in – which is yours left or right and why do you think you always want to go that direction first?
What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you – irrelevant to your personal beliefs – just something that creeped you out – and yet you simply couldn’t explain it?
Who are your top five actors/actresses and what is special about them to you?
Which prompts do you participate in weekly with your blog – please list?
Have you taken the 16 Personalities Test and if so – what Personality Type are you and how accurate is it to you?
Free Personality Test
Are you easily embarrassed – when was the last time for you?
Has anything shocked you in the last 6 weeks to the point where you have gasped out aloud – if so what was it and if not, then when was the last time you were terribly shocked by something?
If you have one what is your signature dish and if you don’t have one what would you love to be able to cook wonderfully well?
Strangest or wildest place you ever had the most amazing sex in or on maybe, even around …….?
Why is it healthy to flirt with people you have no intention of doing the naughty with and how often do you flirt with people you know or even don’t know?
Can you list 9 things that you can ride in, on or with?
Are you on Santa’s Naughty or Good list and if you are – what have you asked for from either?
So there we go folks – you are on your own with regards your answering it can be below or in your own blog – looking forward to seeing your answers either way!

Make sure to keep a look out for The Round Up Episode.

Thanks for reading

See you next month! – January 2021
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25th December 2020
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34 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz! December 2020

  1. I’ll answer a few…

    I am “INFP” big surprise there… NOT!😂

    I’ve had sex in some strange places… the 50 yard line of my High School Football field, on top of a huge boulder with a helicopter circling overhead, light on… in the rafters of a garage…

    So, I’m not easily embarrassed, obviously

    I flirt all the time. It’s all in good fun. I’ve had a few people think I was serious so I try to make sure the other person knows it’s just play… not foreplay.

    Weird stuff happens all the time. I can’t remember the last time it creeped me out. Flying roaches creep me out.

    I was shocked on Monday when Ben tried a new food, but it didn’t make me gasp. I think I gasped with shock when I found out Paula doesnt like mint & chocolate together. No Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies, no York Peppermint Patties… I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

    The only prompts I do are some of your questions and games. I dont write fiction or poetry

    I’m always on Santa’s “Nice” list😇 I’m never naughty, despite what you may have read😉


      1. 1. I simply go in whichever direction my 2heelchair is 0ushed in 😛
        2. Over 6 and a half years ago, I remember walking into my bedroom to be met with a voice which said my name in a way/tone that you would speak as if you were to announce bad news. Instantly I knew something bad was going to happen. The next day, Ewan’s Grandma died.
        3. Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Elizabeth Olson. I love them because they play each of their Marvel characters perfectly and I would be devastated if Marvel recast these roles in the future.
        4. Only your prompts Rory, specifically Epic Captions and now this one 🙂
        5. Not yet, but will take the test at some point.
        6. I used to get embarrassed easily but rarely now, I laugh at myself more. Its been so long that I can’t remember the last time.
        7. I was truly shocked (in a happy way) when I saw that Donald Trump had lost the election.
        8. I can’t cook to save my life! So I stay well away from the kitchen.
        9. Nowhere exciting or strange unfortunately. How about you Rory 😉
        10. Like cooking, I can’t flirt to save my life so can’t really comment on that one.
        11. Personally, 1) a wheelchair 2) a powered wheelchair 3) my WAV 4) a bus (when the wheelchair space is free) 5) a train (when there’s room). Don’t ride on anything else… wait, are we being rude here? 😂
        12. I’m on the good list obviously. I’m never naughty 😛 simple Christmas wish really, for there to not to be any arguments or upset just for one Christmas day. Sadly, it seems to be a tradition in my family.

  2. 1.) Left – because my right is bad. ✌️

    2.) I am not sure yet on creepiest thing?

    3.) I don’t really do celebrities? They are just people with a job. So meh woo hoo … I like comedians ❤️ ALOT!! Lol ✌️ cause they make me laugh ❤️ I like to laugh … is my energy, my survival

    And I like musicians …
    So comedians and musician celebrities lol – you can go ahead and also add Bill Nye the science guy cause he was the bomb!’

    4.) prompts? I don’t really? I just say stuff lol

    5.) I am an Advocate … I think I did this before and got the same thing lol … INFJ-T? The mind – this trait determines how we interact with our environment (you will have to explain to me cause I do not understand what this is all about) do I have a good personality? Lol

    6.) I get embarrassed .. I get embarrassed with attention if I haven’t asked for it or expected it. Or when I do something stupid lol ✌️… I’m sure the last time was recently? But I can not recall an exact example

    7.) I always think I can not be shocked anymore – but you know “people” lol ✌️😘
    They find a way lol … same thing with this one… I’m sure the last time was recently? But I can not recall an exact example

    8.) American chop Suey ❤️ reminds me of my mom ❤️

    9.) 😮 I don’t really have any crazy stories – I was married forever ✌️

    10.) I am a HUGE flirt… my personality is flirty. I don’t know how not to be? But I am flirty with everyone. Doesn’t matter who they are – I am flirty. Just how is.

    11.) HA! Lol yeah … I’m not gonna answer this one lol ✌️that’s too many things for me to ride lol

    12.) I am on the good list – always 😘✌️ what did I ask for? I don’t really ask for things ? If you know me you already know what I would love. I love perfumes, and lotions and pretty things – I am girly… anything girly ✌️ or lights for your car which I got early ❤️💙❤️lol

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