The Audacious Addiction of Diction!

The Audacious Addiction of Diction!

Now, l do so love me an intricate challenge,
… and more so when it involves uncommon words,
For some, too many is too hard to manage,
But for me too few is more the concern!
Today l have set myself quite the doozy,
…. 29 words need to be located and secured,
To my rhyming poem to ensure it reads smoothly,
… and my diction addiction for today is cured!

I kid you not, it ain’t going to be easy,
…. Because it’s a bumper crop of magnificence!
It’s heaped in exuberant temerity…
…. Thank goodness for poetic license!
To make long rhyme verse read well,
You need to understand all the words within,
Otherwise it will look nonsensical and hysterical,
… to all those involved in the final reading!

For years l have been addicted to a modicum,
…. of unusual and weirdly lettered aberrations,
Those that aren’t oft used whatever the outcome,
But desired by those with a fixation of distinct paradigms!
Yeah, yeah, l understand all too well..
… the ridicule that can follow a reading like this!
There are always going to be the critics who shall …
… eagerly take the piss!

They are waiting deep in the putrid shadows,
… and on the sides with darkly baited anticipation,
True scalawags who don’t endorse your prose,
… and consider your approach the uttermost impertinence!
BUT that’s the deliciousness of poetic license,
… the additions, exaggeration and or flamboyances,
The slicing of spices writers add to heighten writings!
… and not succumbing to a trolls poisonous annoyance!

As writers and poets alike, our penning task at hand,
… is to entertain, and that can prove at times,
Awkward as we all seek to not pen the boringly bland,
…. But delight readerships with almost Utopian rhymes!
We wish for our words to tickle, provoke and tease ….
… create if needs be, unsolicited thoughts!
To allow wandering and probing minds to squeeze,
Free from the restrictions of the societal dross!

If words that are penned create and illicit excitable unrest!
… and further cause arresting visions of grandeur,
Bizarre illusions of paradox, landslides of oxymoronic interest,
… then our missions to arouse and ensnare…
The observers and watchers are complete!
It matters not at that point if the trolls do so berate!
… or roar out aloud that the written is trite,
Because – all the writers have done is communicate,
Their personal take, they have surmised,
… with creativity and crafted poetically versed art,
Diction and addictive appetizers!
…. Served to the readers oh so a la carte!

We are not here to constantly pacify,
…. The illiterate gifted with an overabundance of hubris…
Nor to hail and award praise and glorify,
…. Those adept at extracting the piss!
No … we are here to wonderfully entertain,
… to provide clever and intricate wordsmithery,
To champagne, cocaine and vaporise the brains,
Of our readers and not to question their fidelity!

© Rory Matier 2020

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13 thoughts on “The Audacious Addiction of Diction!

  1. That was impressive, Rory. I struggle to fit five or six prompt words into a single post and you managed 29! Kudos to you, my friend.

    1. Thanks Fandango, as l said to Lauren – that was seriously tough!

      Some of those words and l was blimey, will you rhyme at a squeeze with a push and fiddle!! Damn and damnations you will, you will!!

      Many thanks – a real challenge.

  2. Well done! It helps to collect words like magpies collect shiny baubles. Words ARE shiny baubles aren’t they?! You set yourself quite a challenge and splendidly rose to it!🌠🎉


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