Dear Blog – 13.33 – 28/11/20

A Rainy Day In Hell!

It’s been an interesting week – not an exciting week, but an interesting and achy week … l have ached and been in some discomfort this week – some of it self induced, some of it … not.

This morning when l first woke up was 8.10am, l was surprised at that – because despite going to bed last night at 11.15pm, l didn’t actually fall asleep till 3.25am. I simply couldn’t sleep .. a few reasons for that, but mostly pain!

You may recall that in March of this year l started the long overdue journey of finally getting my teeth fixed. My first appointment was March 10th and then lockdown occured March 23rd. According to my dentist practice, they will not be open again for any kind of ‘regular dentistry’ until maybe ………… May 2021!!

They are only performing emergency work and by emergency, l think they mean if you are simply not able to survive with your jaw either broken, loose teeth falling down the back of your throat or every single one of your fillings strangely disappeared overnight!! Well, l don’t qualify for any of those and whilst l have written the extreme problems … the dentists are NOT available for repair work at all and only emergencies which they decide upon and not you!

I was in a lot of pain back in March, and over the last eight months l have experienced bouts of serious bad pain to intensely agonising discomfort and have battled off so far 4 potentially serious abscess issues! The first one was back in April when they prescribed me anti-biotics. The next three have been in the last two months alone. The last one, l am currently [fingers crossed] battling now and hopefully have the upper hand with.

Fighting off three in the last eight weeks tells me there is a major problem and it’s not going to vanish before maybe May 21! My oral hygiene is impeccable – it has to be with my mouth – l keep them clean, brushed, rinses and use copious amounts of mouthwash to make sure any alien particles never have a hold.

But now, l have no front bite left, l can no longer apply any pressure to my terribly worn front teeth, if l forget and crunch down on something … the pain is so intense, it has brought me to my knees with tears in my eyes. So eating and l are having to really take things very easy indeed.

BUT that is NOT classed as an emergency and l have no desire to visit a casuality unit in a hospital thank you very much, it’s filled with sick people and l may be many things but l am not sick!

I was taking Strong Pain Relief Paracetamols for Thursday night and all day yesterday but all they really did was badly screw my stomach. But this morning l have started taking Extra Plus Strength Pain Relief Ibruprofen and l hope with the increased grammage they will not tear my stomach apart.

Last night the paracetamols were really doing a number of me and combined with my tooth ache and then stomach cramps, chronic indigestion and muscularity issues, l really felt like shit and so bad were the tablets effects that l failed to be able to sleep properly and so for 4 hours l tossed and turned and winced with all sorts of pains and cramps, until finally and thankfully the last time l saw was 3.21am, slumber took.

This morning, enough was enough, l showered [ha ha ha another bloody joke], took some of the stonger tablets and hit the walking route again! The fresh air and the ibrups have made a big difference. The biggest problem with the tooth ache and the possible abscess is that it is in the gum on my front teeth and is causing nasal issues so l feel like l have a constantly blocked nose and pain high in the cavity near to the cheek and below my right eye.

That kind of pain, dulls your motivations – so this morning’s walk was well received and the new tablet strength kicked in faster, thank goodness. But overall, l am tiring of my mouth being in so much pain and discomfort. Furthermore l am tiring of battling the problems, because one day this repair work requirement is going to become a significant problem for me and it scares me a little ….. actually, it scares me a lot!


In addition to this l made a stupid blunder last Thursday – by walking 9,500 steps that morning …… what an arse l am!! Yeah it felt great, l was pumped!! BUT, what l should have done then is l as l did today, stages. This morning l walked a 5,500 stepped walk which was way more manageable and l will gradually build up to that 10k walk, it’ll not take long, taking it easy – 2 weeks from today, 10k morning walks will be a breeze.

In some respects , l was grateful for yesterday’s rainfall … because my legs were LIKE WTF?? They were like jelly.

BUT then, if not bad enough, yesterday l made my second blunder – my mouth was caning me so l decided to try and occupy myself with exercise because l couldn’t walk – so l upped my exercise regime from 35 minutes to 75 minutes straight – cycling, weights, bands, steps, weighted step up, and by yesterday evening l was again cursing my stupidity!

The interesting thing however, is sure this morning l am achy upper body muscular wise – but l still managed a 5.5k walk on my legs and they were fine with that despite Thursday’s pumping, and today l am recovering from the exertion of yesterday morning’s indoor exercise – so my body is getting stronger and is able to process its own repair much faster than say back in August when l started all of this off.

My stomach is the last bastion or the last bastard of “NOPE not happening buddy!!” Everywhere around my body l am losing weight and gaining tone and definition and my belly is like … “I am a furry football and proud!!”

My response is quite simply – “You are going down pal! Your resistance is futile!” The stomach is desperate to keep the fat reserves intact – storing them away for a rainy day in hell or something. When l breathe in, l can start to see lines of definition on my mid stomach, that’s impressive – now l just need the jelly belly gone!!

In the next couple of weeks [12/12/20] l am starting a new exercise programme called Going For It in 12 Weeks! Where upon, now that l have technically everything at hand to provide myself with a solid variety of exercises l want to see if by mid March 2021 l can finally see this Furry Football just reduced to a Furry Flat!

The Monday Peeve 63 on Saturday!

FFS Enough – Fix Shower!!

Do you remember Sunday 25th October and how l wrote about a major leak that had developed in my shower? Well including today that is now 34 days ago or 1 day short of 5 weeks. I don’t have a functioning shower in the house … l have an upstairs bathroom, which has a shower head, but that is most assuredly not a functioning shower and the bath cannot retain any heat making a bath a no go.

The end result is that for the last 5 weeks l have been having to take a stand up/sit down luke warm shower and it’s starting to piss me off because of the inadequacy of the functioning. 12 Days ago, the landlord finally gave the go ahead for a new shower to be installed after the repair guy came out on 12th November with the totally wrong part!! The shower was too old and so a new one was to be installed.

I am a patient guy, but my patience bubble has finally burst. I am not paying nearly a grand a month for a house that doesn’t have a functioning shower and am starting to feel like my good nature is being taken advantage of.

So with tooth pain, muscularity issues, blocked nose and all the other blah, blahs the last thing l really need is no functioning shower for yet another bloody week!! An angry email went off this morning that said just that … FFS Enough – Fix Shower!!

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

26 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.33 – 28/11/20

  1. It seems the problems are raining on your head. So sorry my friend. I hope the pain and stomach trouble settle down at least. All the best Rory

        1. Oh l agree, but the others are mending with exercise and rested exercise, those are mostly strengthening aches … the toothache is another thing all by itself.

  2. The joys of growing older. Been there with the teeth and furry football, although not quite to the extent with the teeth. Simply missing some toward the back. Found I get the best result with an anti-inflammatory rather than pain killer per se.

  3. Oh that SUCKS! I must have a hot shower every morning to help with my aches. I hear you on the constant pain (though luckily my teeth are okay). I try to exercise but it’s tough with my terrible back. Then there’s my head… on and on. I hope this week is better for you! ❤️

    1. Hey Paula, yes l remember our conversations concerning showers a couple of years ago, we both spoil ourselves in a great hot shower in the morning – it’s a luxury and l am missing my power shower now, more so with all the exercise l am doing and the aches.

  4. What a nightmare fella. I’m constantly trying to balance out painkillers than screw up my IBS. Then take pills to counterbalance the effects of the painkillers and they screw up the IBS. So with you on this.

    1. Hey Gary, l know that’s exactly what is going on – everything else l can take care of naturally, but the teeth are now causing serious problems and as you say trying to balance pain relief and anti inflam together is a nightmare because the combo sets off the stomach 🙁

  5. Oy to the dental problems – they affect your whole body, I know, I’ve been there including the abcesses, I won’t reveal what the ultimate solution was because that might really upset your equilibrium but you have my most sincere and intense sympathy and empathy. Currently I am not allowed to take any kind of pain medication because of the stomach bleeding and because of chronic back pain, discomfort is the name of the game for me.

    1. Not being able to take anything for your discomforts Grace is a very bad state of affairs. Suze has a friend over here, that was booked in for a serious back problem operation that has been put off now because of Covid. It has intensified and is crippling her, but due to some fault, she is no longer allowed pain meds … if they don’t get her sorted l think the pain could well kill her.

      1. Thankfully, while pain is almost constant, it never goes (yet!) past a 5 on the 1-10 scale. And I’m kinda used to that, tho it does limit my activities somewhat and I’ve taken to walking with a cane even in the apartment.

  6. Tooth pain is the worst. I would think that multiple abscesses would qualify as an emergency. I was able to get in to the dentist a few months ago. I had the first appointment of the day and of course they took my temp before entering.

    I hope you get some relief soon on all the fronts.

    1. Hey Lauren, sadly Abscesses are not classed as an emergency yet. A bleeding explosive abscess might be, but l am battling against that. The main problem is bigger than that and until l can start to get a decent repair appointment to start the ball rolling, l am going to be slowly deteriorating downwards to l think an emergency 🙁

  7. Be careful with pushing the exercise. Yes, your body is in better shape and bouncing back faster, but you’re also taking painkillers that might mask aches. A lot of people wind up hurting themselves worse on pain pills because they don’t get the warning twinges that say “stop doing that, stupid!”

    Your rent on that lovely house is only a grand?? I pay $1535 (including trash & water) for my broken down place. And it’s a bargin, let me tell you. I know the Pound is worth more than the Dollar, but still… that’s not bad. They definitely need to get busy and fix the shower though! 5 weeks is ridiculous!

    I’m glad the ibuprofen is helping. I know the pain all too well. And yes, the repair work isnt going to be pleasant, but they can put you under anesthesia for it. And when it’s over, it’s done! I chose not to have the anesthesia… save a few thousand dollars, and I wanted to drive myself home. BIG mistake. But recovery was easier than the months and years of grinding pain, abscesses, swellings… etc.
    It’s ridiculous that dentists aren’t working. Maybe with the vaccine coming, they’ll start back to work sooner. I hope so!


    1. Well let’s hope so regarding the dentists.

      £1000 here is considered a high rent Grandma, because on top of that we have to pay for all utilities like water, rates, ‘trash disposal’ , council taxes and so on. The conversion alone from £1 – $1 is $1330 and if l was paying that kind of money l would be in London somewhere or in a city in an apartment. My bills inclusive rent pcm are around £1600 which is high considering where l am. But Sandwich is considered an elite area.

      The average rent for a family house in Kent is about £1000 but some other counties are way higher. Rents aside, that’s irrelevant l have a broken shower and a non functioning bathing facility that’s what the main issue here is. Even if l was only paying 650 a month rental a broken shower shouldn’t be taking this long to correct – covid or not 🙂

      1. Absolutely agree! We have “renters rights” here. If property owners don’t repair or replace things, rent can be withheld. I dont know if they have anything like that in UK, but it’s maybe worth looking into. If they dont fix it soon, maybe you can pay to have it done & deduct from rent.

        1. Here, l am not paying my rent direct to the landlord like l was in the previous tenancy, here l pay the letting agents, so the real truth is they are failing to push the repair people. The tradesmen who are doing the bathroom, are not on lockdown, so unless they are actually making the damn shower from scratch …. it needs to be fixed pronto.

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