Who Let The Geist In?

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Who Let The Geist In?

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It was that little thing ….. and little things have a way of snowballing out of control into a huge avalanches of misery at times!

Who Let The Geist In? Part 4

It wasn’t the first time my mother had become embroiled in somewhat nefariously dark occult practices and it wouldn’t be the last, there wouldn’t be many more admittedly, but there would still be a few over the following few years and if that wasn’t enough, she wasn’t the only one involved. Someone had to try and clear up and repair the damages and they were never easy!

The problems with the unknown, the darker side to the beyond and black magic and other phenomena and not forgetting as already mentioned the occult – many people tend to hahaha …. laugh.

They do so for a number of reasons – fear of the unknown, generalised fear of the strange, stereotypical behaviour and belief, cultural differences, fear of the crazy ones … you name it, there are many reasons people don’t like to discuss certain subjects. If it isn’t due to taboo, then quite often it is due to the so called believers perhaps experiencing mental fatigue!

Whatever … however fundamentally if there is one side to anything, usually as standard practice – there is always a reverse side, another side or even the other side but as l explained not long back – sadly it isn’t always that simple! Also, as many would probably not contest – there are some things, dark forces if you wish that really do need ……. to be left alone.

Now, why did my mother become involved in these things, that is the first question of the day. If you haven’t already guessed it was to teach my father ‘lessons’, to not betray his family, to not betray his wife nor be a brutal thug of a husband, to not, to not and more to not!

Now l can understand that with the likes of hexes and curses and to a certain degree jinxing – but why she thought that a Seance would help, is quite, quite beyond me.

My mother thankfully, is wiser and more savvy these days, but when she was younger, she wasn’t so untrusting of people like today, and so many a time she believed what they told her. The Italian lady had told her that by calling forward a ‘spirit’ she could teach my father a lesson he would never forget and that it would make him more loving.

In 1976, when l was 13 l wasn’t informed of the so called ‘intentions’. My mother never told me the details of the actual incident until 1983 when l was 20. So what l reveal to the reader now is portions from my memory from the night in question … everything was completely out of my control.

It was during the closing days of October when my mother and Mrs Rossi sat down together extremely late into the night if not early morning and began their rituals. Mrs Rossi was a wealthy widow, her husband had died in mysterious circumstances whilst at work the previous year ….. I didn’t like the woman; l didn’t trust her, and she creeped me out – but my mother said she was lonely. She didn’t strike me as lonely. Even back then as a youngster l thought she was dangerous … but more telling, was that Mrs Rossi detested me for no reason, she told my mother l had problems and was not well!!

The house is Seaford was a bungalow and my bedroom was the third bedroom in from the front door down the hall, my parent’s bedroom being the first and my sister was in the middle of the line.

Even though l usually went to bed, especially on a school night around 10ish, my lights wouldn’t go off until around 10.30 and even at that time – when my sister was in bed and had been by a couple of hours … Mrs Rossi had not come to the front door to be let in. I could still hear my mother listening to No 96, a popular programme in Australia for the time.

So, l have no recollection of when the woman arrived ………

My first memory of that night is when l awoke to hear screams in the darkness … l remember sitting bolt upright and all l could hear was crashing and thrashing in the darkened hallway outside of my bedroom. Further in the house and l had to guess perhaps the dining area, l could hear my mother yelling at the top of her voice to ‘make it stop’, followed closely by Mrs Rossi’s voice telling her to ‘shut up, she was trying to concentrate!”

Silence, followed by more screams, then more bangs, more heavy thuds, the darkness outside in the hallway was unnaturally dark? I swung my legs out of bed and started to run towards the hallway – as l was just peering around the corner, l could see my sister sleeping in her bed, completely oblivious to the noises. I crept down the hallway and eased open the living room door and peered into the mostly dark room …

… l could see my mother; her back was towards me and Mrs Rossi was sitting to her right. There was a large candle on the table flickering wildly! My mother was cradling her head and rocking it backwards and forwards and yelling at Mrs Rossi to make the noises stop! There was something else going on in the darkness in the corner behind Mrs Rossi – l couldn’t make it out, not properly anyway, it just seemed to be darker than the rest of the room and it seemed to move.

“Mum!!” I yelled out. Both women turned to me, Mrs Rossi screamed at the top of her voice “NO!!” That’s when the candle went out, that’s when the room went completely dark and that’s when the darkness spoke!

But it didn’t speak like you might expect, l heard a low rumbling inside my head and remember being flung across the room and felt like l had been hit by a hammer! My head hurt, l remember looking up into the darkness. I could see my mother and Mrs Rossi still sitting in their chairs, a small sliver of moonlight shone through the patio doors. My mother looked horrified, Mrs Rossi was smiling and yet both were not looking at me … they were looking at the darkness in front of me. I followed their gaze and saw … something really not right, staring back.

That’s when l blacked out.

I awoke the next morning, l felt sore, my ribs, back and thighs really hurt, and my head throbbed. I had a headache from hell.

“Hello sleepy head!” My mother said from the doorway, “Boy oh boy did you have a hell of a dream last night, more of a nightmare really! You fell out of bed, l came running in to see if you were okay? You were dazed and mostly out of it, so l helped you back into bed. Do you remember? You have really got to stop reading all these silly books, l am going to speak to your father when he is back tonight about it all. If they are going to give you dreams like this, you can’t read them, l think they are evil and having a bad influence on you!!”

I remember looking at my mother … had l really dreamed all of that? She sauntered off down the hallway. When l got out of bed, l had bruises on my body – my thighs, my back and my ribs.

My sister was clueless to everything and my father was back much later that day than originally said because he had been involved in a small car crash coming back – something had hit the car with a lot of force causing him to break suddenly and he had bruises on his ribs, his back and his thighs…

Thanks for reading … Part 6– Soon.

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