The Curious Case Of …

The Curious Case Of ….

….. Exactly how open minded are you??

How curious are you as a person?

Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1  for the introduction to this series.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

― Frank Zappa

I think l am pretty open minded, l certainly try to be. No one specifically likes change – but our ability to adapt and evolve quickly or quicker than perhaps normal is considered a real positive trait..

We can’t be definite about everything in this world, but we have all met those who are or should l say believe they are right all the time.

When younger and like a sponge l absorbed everything and tasted and sampled many delights and so this opened my mind up to much more than most l guess in so far as certain experiences. I was willing to try anything and not specifically judge what l didn’t know or understand.

I would often say ‘I can’t say yay or nay till l have tried it for myself and then l can give a better opinion!” That one line got me into heaps of trouble at times from my parents, teachers, friends and employers and others too – but in order to explore l had to be willing to step out of my comfort zone and try things that l wasn’t knowledgeable on. If l tried it and didn’t like it at least l had tried it, or l made the time to understand it … but if l didn’t try it, well l just didn’t need more regrets in life.

To be able to view other perspectives with a neutral eye can be hard at times and usually more so when it might go against the grain you were brought up by or believe it may corrupt your beliefs and or worse.

I mean l think most of us are quite open minded, but what happens when your mind is being challenged or tested and your dedication or passion to your convictions is being pushed to the limit of your acceptability – are you still able to take a deep breath and be willing to host a notion that may be completely alien to you?

So, exactly how open minded are you really?

Are you able to listen to another person’s point of view, religious beliefs maybe that might go against your own as an example – objectively, calm and neutral but open to the possibility that the other person’s belief might NOT be wrong, but may be right?

When you are engaged in a debate are you able to listen productively to the other sides argument fairly and squarely or do you feel compelled to challenge every detail? Can you empathise with the others viewpoints or are you at times just overwhelmed with anger and disagreement?

Politics between parties is a strong contender here as indeed are those who have religious beliefs as opposed to those who do not. Are you able to see the world through another’s eyes as if you were that person or do you simply find that you are becoming hot under the collar with everything being said, suggested, written about or even seen and or observed?

But of course open-mindedness is not always just that easy is it?

Anyway – back to the question at hand exactly how open minded do you personally consider yourself to be and is your mind completely open or do you have limits and if so where do you draw the line to your open mind?

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  1. I’m pretty open minded. I have given other peoples viewpoints thought. I don’t assume my way is absolutely the right way… there are exceptions 😉 but generally, I’m pretty open. Because I’m so curious. Even things I would consider abhorrent… I may not be willing to experience them, but I will try to understand why others wish to.

    My problem is that I often see several sides of a situation at once. I can’t form a definitive opinion. My answers to yes or no questions is usually “maybe, sometimes”🤣🤣🤣

  2. I was a person of fixed beliefs. Now as I have agreed and become wise ( hopefully) I can listen to the dissenting opinions and think about them too.

  3. Interesting question. I like to believe I’m fairly open minded about most stuff, but I do know for sure that if my values are challenged, I find it hard to maintain my equilibrium. Beliefs are a different kettle of fish, because our beliefs are formed by our environment and social norms, and so if presented with evidence to the contrary, our beliefs can change…and so they should. Many of my values and beliefs are challenged by travel and by trying to keep an open mind, I learn so much. It’s not always easy or even comfortable to learn a different point if view, but if during a ‘discussion’ I find that I’m on a completely different level, I let it go, even if I think the person is absolutely crazy, because ultimately, we’re all entitled to our own beliefs. I agree to disagree and let it go…

    1. Hey Cindy [have l got your name right?],

      Yes l run the same lines as yours and Angie’s above, l am open to most, and even if at times certain ‘options of others’ don’t strike a instalike chord with me l am still willing to listen … but of course like you … if it comes to me like 50 shades of bat shit crazy, l smile and nod and agree to disagree but thank all for the wonderful discussion 🙂

      1. Yes, Cindy is correct. I did have a good 😂😂🤭🤭 at your reply….yes, 50 shades of bat shit crazy and I don’t see eye to eye…so moving on and enjoy your day….😉 your question was really interesting though and I’ve been pondering it the whole day…

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