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Who Let The Geist In?

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Just sometimes, little bad things happen for a reason.

Who Let The Geist In? Part 3

My mother confuses me, as much today as she did in the yesterdays of my childhood growing up with my parents. However, these days she also suffers from an ailment known as ‘selective memory’. She can remember every bad thing my father was guilty of in her eyes and the eyes of morality, but she cannot seemingly remember any of her own faults. My mother will never admit to her faults with her husband and my father.

My father was no saint, far from it – he had many faults, and he did both knowingly and deliberately and unknowingly bring out the absolute worst behaviours from my mother. He liked to tease and coerce and manipulate her – but although we didn’t know way back a day, but found out much, much later, my mother was bipolar and we also didn’t know that my father was a pure and at times brutally evil narcissist!

My father could bring out the very worst traits from his closest family members with the click of his fingers, he could and so often did belittle, downtread, humiliate and work on embarrassing us in front of other people as a sport and form of enjoyment of his! Whilst my mother was no demon, she wasn’t entirely completely angelic either!

When younger and by this l refer to my late childhood days and approaching my young teenager years, l oft caught her in the act of some deviant behaviours – very unusual things indeed. Things she pushed into drawers in secret areas, strange coloured papers which were slipped back into books and if not material things – she would talk to herself at times in a strange language … she was involved actively in a lot of strange little rituals!

However, since the mid 60’s and the discovery of pinned effigies l wasn’t always that surprised by her antics … and yet they were not the behaviours normally associated with Salvation Army girls purporting to be naive.

Malaysia had had a strange effect on my mother, she used to shy away from so much and yet … become deeply engrossed into other things. She was always so scornful of traditional herbalists or unusual apothecary practices and yet somewhere during my father’s tour she changed direction and started to study hard and furious the properties of various ‘magical elements’.

My mother was if anything … in her late twenties to early thirties – a dabbler, or maybe a daubler- she was fascinated with strange phenomena on one hand and yet on the other was dead against it – this actually made her quite dangerous and more so when mixed with her volatile angers!

Me personally, l have also dabbled in much, but l respect it and the power it represents and all sides to that power!, With black, there is white but there is also grey and then the oft forgotten in between!

There is never simply two sides to anything, there are at best a minimum of four pending an individual’s predilection! BUT not everyone looks at the other sides. Over the last forty years as an example, I have met many so called practitioners of just as many forms of magic, or energy, or healing, or belief.

A few years ago l met with some Reiki Healers who refused to acknowledge that there is a darker side to the energy and many may not know that the so called beauty of the practice is the simplicity of learning and a lack of regulation to the practice. Because it is ‘easy to learn’ this can make for some bad healers.

I have met those who, where ever they go, open portals up to the other side and then never close them and leave houses and people in a hell of an uncomfortable dispositions for days if not weeks and months and those same openers can’t even close them back up again! Totally dangerous people!!

My mother was a bit like that at times with her dabbling, she would play around with things that one shouldn’t play about with! She did that once back in 1976 about four months before we were due to emigrate back to England. My father was away on business which left my sister and my mother and l alone in the house.

That week, my mother had been speaking to an elderly Italian woman who lived down the road from where we did in Seaford and who was always walking it seemed with two shadows of her own, l have seen it a few times since and as much as l have seen those with no shadows or worse no aura! But this elderly woman was a fascination to my mother on account of her interest in black magic, hexes, curses, and jinxes!

1976 wouldn’t be the last time l would have problems with this kind of magic, because that was the year that a so called little thing went horribly wrong and would continue to haunt me till l hit my 30th birthday!

What was the little thing that went wrong?

Well, that would be my mother’s seance night with the elderly Italian woman!!

It was that little thing ….. and little things have a way of snowballing out of control into a huge avalanches of misery at times!

Thanks for reading … Part 5– Soon.

18 thoughts on “Who Let The Geist In?

  1. There are people who become parents who simply shouldn’t. At the same time, we give detailed instruction on how to drive a car and almost no instruction on parenting, which is a hell of a lot more complicated.

    1. No, but that was just the start to some very unpleasant years which l shall detail in the next episode, but it was one of the leading factors to me following a path to Ghost Hunting.

  2. Proof that “a little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing”. People would never play with live electrical wires, but think it’s okay to mess with LIFE ENERGY? 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    Very dangerous! I don’t open doors. Not actively anyway. I’m sure that I draw on Nature quite often, but it gently, like breathing. No seances or ouija boards for me TYVM. I’ve seen enough darkness in human form. Plus, I saw a guy standing on a corner one time and in my mind a thought said “that’s the devil” and my dog Lucky started barking at the guy. I looked down to hush Lucky and when I looked back up, dude was gone. Poof!

    Looking forward to seeing just how stupid your mother was.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂


    1. Funny you should mention these two together – No seances or ouija boards ………. they are indeed dangerous and l sadly learned much to my detriment.

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