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The Hello
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Inspirational Days – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Monday 23rd November 2020 – Season 14 – Series 10

Here’s wishing my Guest Stars an Crackingly Splendid Monday!!!

Hope you enjoy your music.

If you are not familiar with the blogs of Trisha of Learning Life or Kritika of Undressed Thoughts please do take the time to pop over and say Hello.

Jim CroceBeyonce
John DenverSting

Inspirational Days – Monday Choice

Welcome to the List Tinkerers!

The List Tinkerers Directory

What is it then?

Simply put it’s all about creating lists of things – they can be lists of normal, bizarre, strange, unusual, wacky things you get the idea, right?

Okay, but everything has to be themed otherwise we would have either a non-stop list or no list at all and we don’t want that – so let’s create a list on the subject of ….

……. 20 Crazily Weird Songs from the last 20 years!

Let me see your suggestions below in the comments section!

A smaller gallery for the Brisker this week – with some of the best moments captured. Also l think word’s getting around the wildlife community on The Ramparts Walk!!

I have so many Jays, Ducks, Squirrels, soooooooo many Squirrels, Magpies, Pigeons, Robins and you name it suddenly appear within feet of me wanting to have their ‘best sides’ captured and blogged about that l am thinking of looking into becoming a wildlife photographer!!

In truth and fairness admittedly the wildlife is way more pleasant to be with. Hope you enjoy the images.

Welcome to Season 14 – Series 10 of The Hello

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

22 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Ok 20 craZily weird from last 20 years 😄😄 ok right off the bat I can hear a few 😄

    Oh wait … ok so from 2000-2020 … 20 years ok fine …go ahead limit me lol – I’m only teasing – I can still do it lol ✌️

    Yes you did make me very happy right there on Monday morning 😄❤️😘 thank you very much ❤️😘

    Happy Monday to you!

  2. Good Evening Friend,
    I am sorry to have not been around much lately. Thank you for the dedication. 🙂 😀
    The photographs are stunning.
    Have an awesome day ahead. 🙂

  3. That squizzle is a chubby one. I think it’s ready for Winter. And the bird is beautiful! I discovered today that my new grasshopper “friend” is missing a leg. It must’ve had a narrow escape.

    Jim Croce & John Denver are perfect for my vibe today. I’m very lazy today… behind on everything and not worried about it🤷🏼‍♀️ “Observer Angie” is wondering what the Hello Kitty is going on😂

    I hope you’ve had a Glorious Monday and I hope your night is peaceful and relaxing!


    1. Hey Grandma – happy Monday to you 🙂

      Yeah, you’d think that the squizzles are ready for winter, they are starting to look like long tailed prairie dogs with their fattened tummy’s but nope they keep coming out burying more nuts 🙂

      It helps to have lazy days so make the most of it 🙂

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