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Inspirational Days – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Sunday 22nd November 2020 – Season 14 – Series 10

Here’s wishing my Guest Stars an awesomely Rocking wild Sunday!!!!!

Hope you enjoy your music.

If you are not familiar with the blogs of Lisa of The Road Back to Life or Angie of King Ben’s Grandma please do take the time to pop over and say Hello.

Lisa Angie
GodsmackThe Ramones

Inspirational Days – Sunday Choice

What are 18 of the best Marvel Films in your opinion?

Let me know below your top five choices.
Welcome to the List Tinkerers!

The List Tinkerers Directory

What is it then?

Simply put it’s all about creating lists of things – they can be lists of normal, bizarre, strange, unusual, wacky things you get the idea, right?

Okay, but everything has to be themed otherwise we would have either a non-stop list or no list at all and we don’t want that – so let’s create a list on the subject of ….

……. 20 Crazily Weird Songs from the last 20 years!

Let me see your suggestions below in the comments section!

Welcome to Season 14 – Series 10 of The Hello

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

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  1. Afternoon Rory! I love lists! Hmm, a crazily weird song… the songs that spring to mind when I think weird would have to be The Fast Food Song or anything by The Cheeky Girls

      1. How on earth have you not heard of The Cheeky Girls? 😱 they were everywhere when I was younger. One of them was even dating an MP for some time, Lembit something.

        1. Well l guess l was just plain unlucky Ami hahaha!!

          I used to dance all the time but having said that my dancing days were mid 80’s to early 90’s, at that time l switched to hardcore rave and trance listening only and also, when l was dancing l wasn’t dancing to commercial so thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis ………………

          …. admittedly wasn’t in my line up of ”ooh l must dance to this!!” 🙂

          1. 😂 fair enough. They were around during the 00’s a lot, remember dancing to them at school disco’s… feels like a lifetime ago and I’m only 25 😂

  2. Happy Sunday, Rory! A few songs come to mind –
    Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
    Short People by Randy Newman
    You Talk Too Much by Joe Jones
    Mule Skinner Blues by The Fendermen
    They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV
    Have a great Sunday! 🥳

    1. Hey Eugenia, good morning to you 🙂

      Ah some excellent choices in there!!

      Wooly Bully is a favourite and always reminds me of the film Full Metal Jacket.

      Have a terrific Sunday 🙂

  3. Thanks for the Magic Star and the rockin tunes… all 5 are excellent!🎶💃🏼🌠
    A weird song is one I recently play… “Happy Boy” by Beat Farmers. The Rodeo Song is another weird one… I’ll look up while does it and get back to you. There was a mixtapes with weird songs too… oh dang! Last 20 years🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ since 2000… gonna have to think harder!

    Running late this morning, got distracted by sunrise & picking Daughter up from work. Always something!

    Hope your Sunday was pleasant!

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