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Season 4 – Autumn 2020
Series 4 – I Am Who I Am
Sunday 22nd November 2020 – Walk Time 45 Mins
The week’s been quieter than normal ….
First it was a squirrel wanting to be a pigeon, now a duck!

This morning’s walk wasn’t in splendid sunshine but at least it wasn’t raining and that was awesome! Thankfully, it has been ‘mostly dry ‘ this week, not totally dry but not totally wet either!

It’s been one of those weeks – you know those ‘just a typical week’ week? Well it’s been one of those – which is kind of strange really, because having not been here that long, well as in not yet a year but only really since mid-July, how would l know what a typical week is?

The Graveyard Squirrel was very pleased to be just a Graveyard Squirrel though!

I mean l am guessing at a push that this time last year when l wasn’t here in Sandwich and the town wasn’t experiencing a lockdown from a global pandemic then maybe someone somewhere was writing, ‘Well folks it’s been another of those weeks, you know the ones, the ‘just another typical week, weeks? Well it’s been one of those!”

Because l wasn’t here then, so l could not have written that – this time last year l was in Hillyfields cursing the bloody freaky wet weather we were having and cursing that l didn’t have enough water butts!!

So, maybe l should rephrase this? From just another typical week to it’s been a rather refreshingly dull week? No, that doesn’t hold any appeal …. in a nutshell, it’s been another uneventful week? No, that isn’t right either, because Suze was here yesterday for the first time in a month and that was an event … so, another week has passed us by?

Yeah, yes and yep l think that is about right….

These Ducks just want to be Ducks but did wish to be ‘Left Alone By Silly Photographers Ducks.

I suppose l am thinking this way because apart from the daily walks l haven’t been involved in any exercise since Tuesday night. I woke up Wednesday morning and felt strain in my thigh hamstrings and so decided to take some time off to recover and repair and in those last few days from Wednesday to today l have managed to acquire a bit more kit. Read up and watched some videos to try and understand what was causing my hams to falter?

The Sandwich Toll Bridge which had been out of action since 21st September for refurbishment, recovery and repair work was finally replaced on Friday as you can see in this photograph and the main post image. It’s due to reopen in the first couple of weeks of December.

There are three issues – one l can do something about and the second not so much without surgery whilst the third needs more specific exercise. All three issues are remedied however l think with variation of exercise.

My right knee is a huge problem, l can improve the shin and the thigh, but the knee itself is damaged and so l must always be mindful of that. My right shoulder which was so dreadfully problematic for so long and misdiagnosed for longer has integral damage to it pretty much like my knee – meaning that out of my entire body l have two main weaknesses on my right side – which isn’t ideal for my dominant side!

I am sure though however that if l work with more warm up exercises than l have been doing, l can make the pain a little easier to manage. Also, l think l need to look at my overall weekly exercise programme and see if l can rearrange what l am doing to make things less painful on the right side and more balanced.

So, this week with the spare time l had as in not performing an additional 50 minutes of exercise l have been studying warmups and exercise variety. Starting from tomorrow l will be back on the routine but wiser. The thigh hams are much better now, but the shoulder is playing up – it’s all muscular and l believe can be fixed using resistance bands to strengthen it again.

Incl Warm up
Time Daily/Weekly
Walking35 Mins Daily Weather Reflective
Indoor Cycling20 Mins Daily 6 Days a Week
WeightsStrength Building20 Mins Daily 3 Days a Week
Resistance Training20 Mins Daily 3 Days a Week
Muscle Building Step Ups15 Mins Daily 3 Days a Week
Flexibility Exercise – Yoga/Stretches35 Mins Daily 3 Days a Week
Pilates – Toning Exercise15 Mins Daily 4 Days a Week

With this kind of routine and variation in my week, l am no longer only doing a certain exercise type which can cause a problem for my weaker body parts. The yoga and Pilates as both basic and improved flexibility will really help the knee and the shoulder.

I have my diet under control now with my drinking and eating and my times for doing both so l am happy with that and my wellbeing is better than it has been for quite a few years, so l am super pleased with that … if l can just nail the exercise, balancing things will be better and so too will be my weeks.

So despite a quieter – actually l think that is it … the week’s been quieter than normal – so despite a quieter week, l have managed to really knuckle down and get my exercise act together – if l continued the way l was going, l could have hurt myself … but hey that’s the beauty of the learning curve isn’t it – we live and learn, trial by error?

Thanks for reading, catch you next time.

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  1. Now you’re wiser about what is good for your body, exercise wise. I like your very practical and organized way of handling the curve balls of life. Take care.

  2. You’ll be in tiptop shape in no time at all, just like those squizzels! 😊 keep up the good and here’s hoping for another “dull” week ahead 😊

  3. Start off really slow with the yoga & pilates. I seriously hurt myself doing yoga in a physical therapist office. It’s more strenuous than you realize at the time. You do NOT want that kind of muscle pain!

    I’ve had a pretty chill week too… for Casa Cuckoo anyway!😉


    1. Hey Gary, yes l have heard that, currently breaking in Resistance Bands first – start it slow. My right side is strong but needs to become as strong as my left, think that’s where the problem is … l am unbalanced …. oh no wait a moment, l am pretty sure that was just me anyway 🙂

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