Dear Blog – 13.25 – 21/11/20

A Brief Visit And A Thank You Too!

The last time l saw Suze was when we made our smoothies 4 weeks ago. Of course we text most days and speak every 2 – 3 days pending on how she is feeling. She finished off her 4th week of radiotherapy yesterday and starts her 5th week on Monday. Monday is also her very last chemotherapy treatment, so good news on that front.

But weeks 5,6 and 7 of radiotherapy she has been advised will be really tough on her. At her own concession, the shit storm became more of a problem with the stomach PEG which was inserted several weeks ago. She has not had to ‘use it for feeding yet’, but does have to flush it several times a day.

Her motivations are reasonably high considering everything going on, but of course she has her down days. The side effects have hit her with full force since the end of week 3 and she experiences major problems with her neuropathy. The radiotherapy creates burns on the side of her neck and she is now classed as critically vulnerable in so far as treatment, dropped immune system and so on – hence why even with me today her gloves and mask had to stay on like her cousin’s too.

They both stopped by for a small visit today – with her Bokashi bin and a couple of freshly potted spider plants to join my indoor crew – and as is now the accepted form of greeting we bumped toes and elbows although l was able to steal a small hug from Suze and she asked me to say thank you to you all for your well wishes, she genuinely appreciates the greetings and goodwill and it helps her get through all of this.

Her cousin was thrilled to receive a grand tour of the house, she is as quirky as l am and she loved it and asked if l would be installing a turnstile next year for the grand opening!!! Haha!! She is the first real outsider to have seen the house as opposed to tradesmen since l moved in.

I guess they were here for a duration of maybe 15 minutes and for most of that time l was with Suze’s cousin. Suze simply sat down in the chair, everything tires her out so now. I so look forwards to the days when the treatments are over for her and she can start to get on with her life again and start to recover.

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

19 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.25 – 21/11/20

  1. She looks really good! A little pale, and her eyes look tired, but they’re still sparkling and smiling. Awesome! She’s totally kicking the big C’s butt!
    All my good wishes as usual.😘

    It must’ve done you good to see her, and see with your own eyes that she’s hanging in there. I’m glad you got to show Willow off too!


  2. Awww ❤️ she looks really good!!!

    It does take alot out of you. My thoughts and prayers 🙏❤️ she looks good though 😊

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