The 38 Monther Learning Curve!

The 38 Monther Learning Curve!

… My Blog Journey to Date

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Part 4

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Introduction to Part 5

In December 1997, l got my first ever Desktop Computer and also at that time l was running a large business working with and breeding small animals – the famous nine as they were called in the UK by the Pet Superstores! Mongolian Gerbils, Syrian Hamsters, Fancy Mice, Fancy Rats, Dwarf Hamsters: Chinese, Russian and Roborovoski, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

l used to have all the animal records in huge lever arch box files and everyday l used to walk to my business with a massive holdall that had 12 of these folders inside. Every detail of every animal in the business which numbered perhaps 30,000 was meticulously archived in these files – absolutely every detail was included from breeding numbers, to genetical codes, feeding times, cleaning times. Everything those animals did was recorded!

I had been recording the numbers by hand since 1995 …. because l can be at times a bit of a pedant for the little things … the little things usually make the difference to the bigger things! I am on certain things a perfectionist for detail – not everything, but many things – l like to get it right – but sometimes that isn’t possible. But l don’t give up easily and l continue with things until l know the topic or concept inside out, upside down and know what it had for breakfast!

But if l do give up, it is NOT for lack of trying, it is simply that l personally cannot do it at that moment and when l say this, l mean it because l would have tried absolutely everything and some!

So, if l do stop, it’s not through a lack of alternatives – it is because l am not skilled enough to achieve success and must sadly concede to defeat until l do know how to succeed! Some call that stubborness, l call it determination – it’s principally sticking at something you enjoy and you wish to improve on to make it better..

Whether l am successful or not, the one thing l cannot be accused of however is a lack of knowledge – l absorb topics that l am fascinated with or passionate about at a much quicker rate than those that l am only marginally interested in …. l am always learning, and l always want to learn new things … because the learning curve is an absolute blessing for everyone. Those who ignore it are fools.

I realised after getting my new Dell Desktop PC for Christmas 1997, that l would have to transfer all my box files into my computer and so from January – December 1998 in the evenings after work that is what l did. In addition to running my rapidly expanding business l also worked full time as an NVQ Retail Trainer.

In 2001 with Dial Up connection only, l started to build a Freewebs website to support my business which was evolving from commercial breeding of small common species to medium sized exotic animal species and l was no longer supplying purely to pet shops but a much bigger national private market and an international market as well.

The original 2001 – 2003 website was 600 pages and it just continued to grow larger by the week, it held hundreds of animal photographs and thousands upon thousands of words and perhaps a hundred How To Care For Guides for all the animals that l bred and sold and l wrote them all painfully on a Dial Up connection!! [Remember the horrors of Dial Up??]

By 2004 the website was handling 15,000 traffic hits a day from all over the world and my business was booming and back then, stats like that for what l was doing was very unusual. For l had introduced a completely new concept called Exotic Species Brokerage which was totally unheard of in the UK back then. But l knew that despite the unconventionality of it all that l could make it work – l just had to stick at it and believe in the concept and my abilities.

In 2005 when Broadband became available to my area, l asked my then wife for it to be installed and she wanted a divorce!!! It’s funny the things we remember … there were many reasons cited by her but one that stood out was that l was too hyperfocused on getting my website and business built and not thinking of starting and raising a family!!

I did eventually get Broadband in 2007, l was in the last stages of an extremely acrimonious divorce and living by myself …. oh well, but at least l really knew how to build Freewebs Websites and Forums and achieve divorce!

From 1978 l have been writing to entertain readers aside from myself, friends and family and since 2001 l have been creating, writing and publishing content to the Internet in one format or another and yet only since 2017 have l been blogging!!

Things are way easier these days thank goodness in comparison to 2001, but it is still a fantastic journey!

One of the most interesting and intriguing treks l have undergone in recent years has been here in WordPress as a Blogger. I have written for years and years both online and off. Yet, blogging is quite different to me to say – building a 600 page sales website from scratch or hosting and writing in forums to guest writing in other blogs.

Currently l am a 38 Monther Blog which means l am passed the stage in proficiency terms of ‘blogging’ novice for sure, hopefully passed the advanced beginner stage and l think l am currently residing between the levels of competent and proficient but a far cry indeed from expert!

I only tend to write How To Guides on subjects that l am highly proficient and knowledgeable in … there are a few topics outside of ‘blogging’ that l can achieve success with there.

However, for the content of the final episode tomorrow l will be writing only of my personal experiences whilst learning to manage and maintain a personal blog and it will NOT be a specific How To Guide because there are way more experienced bloggers than myself here in WordPress alone.

Part 5 will contain aspects of blogging that l have learned in the last 38 months of my journey into understanding what makes this blog and blogger tick. If any of that proves useful to other bloggers or readers that’s just a bonus.

Anyway, until tomorrow – thanks for reading Part 4.

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