Finding Your Nitch, Nacho, Nietzc…..

Finding Your Nitch, Nacho, Nietzc…..

… My Blog Journey to Date

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Part 3

Blogging Insights #55 – Daydreams

What are your “dreams” regarding your blog ?

The answer is simple …….. absolutely everything. Our blogs reflect who we are and more so do personal blogs – by the end of 2018 – l was starting to come to understand what l wanted for this blog. I had seen it’s identity and was eager to begin the journey

Suck It And See What Pops Out!

With the arrival of 2019 and the questions that were being asked of my readership in the  Blog Series Questions l was really able to quickly define and recognise where l wanted to take the blog. I asked as many questions as l could about what readers and bloggers alike liked and what they didn’t and l received so many answers and sometimes to questions not even asked.

Do you know what the best currency in the world is?

If you are thinking of answering with the likes of Francs, Dollars and Rands, then you are not thinking far enough out of the box, you are thinking too niche perhaps ….. if however you instantly thought “Hell yeah INFORMATION!!” Or even “Hell Yeah SECRETS!!” Then welcome to my world!!

I am sure there are plenty of people who would dispute this, but let’s sweep the last answer under the rug for the moment and look at the first answer ….Information. I consider informtion one of the most powerful currencies in the world – but you have to know how to collect it, how to store it, how to bank it and when to spend it properly so you reap a much greater profit!

What l received back from that series was like gold to me, it provided me with a wealth that has proved invaluable to me since … l still pull on that today. I love asking questions … but what’s the point in the asking if you are just doing it because you can, or for a bit of fun or with regards a prompt creation BUT you are not using the returned answers?

I will never produce an income from my blog direct … but indirectly – l will. Because people – readers, writers, bloggers and authors alike provide me with information everyday – and l do mean that – each and every day l write , l learn something new about things, or a concept, a blog or ……… a person’s interests and loves, passions and desires.

Most of the stuff l can remember l do have an excellent memory and my short term memory is returning also – l think the latter is due to greatly reduced stress loads – but what l don’t remember, l just jot down and store away for future uses.

The series of questions enabled me for 2019 to really get to grips with my readership audience and to start providing more content – qualitable content – interactive content – response eager content – prompt ready content – engagement content – and the list of content variety kept on growing and it was my readership that allowed me to experiment with them and with their permission to explore all sorts of avenues of blogging.

In late 2018, l experienced a blogging idea!!

My epiphany had come to me whilst reading a Good Housekeeping magazine and it was that and the study of magazines like it that really excited me, but l needed to research thoroughly my ideas?

Suck It And See What Pops Out!

I had my idea or if you wish ‘my dream for my blog’ in my head, l had a journey to undertake, l understood all too well l now knew what my direction and identity was going to take.

Nitch, Nacho, Nietzc ….. Niche!

In December 2018, l also knew other things ……..

….. l would never be a niche blog! It wasn’t my style, and l personally don’t and have never bought into that kind of conventionality. There are times and places for uniformity but not with regards quirk, imaginations and creativity and or me – the moment you try and niche then you are putting a pair of blinkers on.

... my opinion of course!

I know niche works for a lot of people and very, very well, but l don’t care, because l am not them, l am me and my life doesn’t just fit into four sides – it stretches further than that. I could have easily worked a niche, l have worked niches before when younger in corporate businesses, never been happy doing it, but if it paid the bills who was l to argue?

If anyone could create a niche it would be me …. why? Well, l am on the spectrum with my Aspergers, l don’t have a moderate button so when l start to learn about something l don’t stop absorbing information till l know enough to come across as ‘extremely’ knowledgeable on my chosen subjects and even then l still keep learning!

Over the years from teenager to now, l have probably forgotten more about some things than most people have ever learned on them! No, not boasting – just facts. I learn all the time and l’ll be honest .. l don’t really forget that much either, l just bank the information for a rainy day!

But my life wasn’t and isn’t a niche – it’s more than that – l have found more success in everything l have ever done independently on both business and personal fronts by choosing variety over niche.

Once l realised that – l then understood that part of my direction was NOT going to hyperfocus on direct blog income, so l would never deliberately monetize my blog nor cover it with pointless and blinkering advertising. But l always knew that indirectly l would somehow make an income through my blogging – but l just needed to discover that.

So, if we go to Tanya’s Blogging Insight question …. What are your “dreams” regarding your blog ?

What was the epiphany then?

What was the discovered direction, the identity of A Guy Called Bloke?

Well when l was reading the Good Housekeeping magazine what l really loved about it was the variety it offered the reader …
…. vibrancy, colours, images, content, series, topical, archives, inspiration, motivation, style, features, looks and the list went on. In the main it offered them in one monthly magazine a complete life range of reading articles … of diversity, variation, assortments, collections, mixtures or if you wish a multifariousness of artistic creation!

Good magazines offer this and some of you may recall last year when l stated l was reading from a lot of different magazine types … only a couple of my own readers started to see my vision materialising and emailed me about it. “Your blog is starting to visualise as a magazine, is this your intention?”

My answer was simple … “Yes, that’s exactly what l am aiming for, l want my blog to come across like the content page of a magazine … l want to be able to offer a really qualitable experience for my readership on a monthly basis.”

That was part of my ultimate dream ‘ to make each visitor feel welcomed to my blog and enjoy the whole experience’. That wasn’t the only part to my dream … l wasn’t particularly worried about my figures and stats at this point, because prior to purchasing an eCommerce blog l had been inundated with troll activity and bots so my stats never really awarded me fair figures.

My figures in October 2018 – June 2019 were very high … in the 22,000’s on average viewings monthly. Once l switched to this current plan, bot traffic dropped and now my figures reflect a more honest viewing which is why l don’t really pay any major attention to viewings as l know they can be swung out of all proportion!

These days l enjoy monthly figures of an average of 8000 viewings and that is steadily growing and considering l am not a creative fiction blog which figures can be a lot higher than that and in truth l don’t have that high a following considering how long my blog has been operational – but l do believe very strongly in the ol’ ‘Build It And He/They Will Come Concept’

So the first part of my ideal blog was to have it presented to the reader like a Magazine in so far as Content, Image and Vibrancy and of course that can be ruined by the WP READER and disagreed with by those who only ever use the WP READER as they don’t see any of my carefully laid out works or formats – BUT then l don’t use the Reader and l only ever visit actual blogs so that doesn’t bother me per se.

The second part of the dream for this blog was to have an identity aside from the name “A Guy Called Bloke” which in itself is about variety as it could mean in some respects anything really and l realised that when l came to understand that l couldn’t and wouldn’t run a niche blog and that l would break the mold of so called conventional pathways to whatever by whatever means … it then dawned on me that my blog could only be about one thing – Life and more importantly, My Take on My Life through My Eyes!

By the middle of last year everything was falling into place all l needed to truly do was put all my ideas into action … which is why l started changing the face visually of the Blog and that feature images and banners were created to support many of the series and that come mid 2020 l would finally have everything in situ…
…. however hahahaha!!!

So l then decided that in the first quarter of 2021 the ideals would be in place completely and l am really about 95% complete now. There are only a few small alterations to be made visually and new series will launch next year that should have been this year.

But as a direct answer to the question itself … without the explanation as to how l arrived at XXX which is what Parts, 1, 2 and 3 have been about ….

….What are your “dreams” regarding your blog ?

My dream was to create a vibrant blog that engaged with the readership like an immersive magazine and at the very core of the magazine was one main philosophy and that was to create a “Life Eclectic Blog!” That wasn’t a niche, but held many niches and was a blog for many different genres and readers alike. That was my dream.….

…… and l believe l am finally starting to see that reality!

Now that l have answered the prompted question which is WHY l brought this post forward by a month – in Parts 4 and the final episode Part 5, l will write about what l have learned about blogging on my journey in The 38 Monther Learning Curve! Which will finalise the series Plenty For 20.

Till tomorrow – my thanks for reading Part 3.

15 thoughts on “Finding Your Nitch, Nacho, Nietzc…..

  1. You are so incredibly organized. I still don’t know what I’m doing. I just make it up as I go along. 😂
    🤷🏼‍♀️It seems to be working out okay so far.

    1. But you do know what you are doing Grandma…. you currently have a Direction.

      Your blog has entered the realm of Journalising – for 244/245 days you have diarised your life.

      That’s a Direction …. l would say you are starting to firm up your identity 🙂

      In fact hahaha – you are almost a niche!! – a specialised topic – you know that right 🙂

        1. Well it’s not a bad thing – because it gives you as said direction – but it’s probably also helping you to keep your zen in place – hyperfocus will do that 🙂

        2. It’s definitely been good for my mental health. And the Adventures has changed a lot since it started. We’ve got Science and photography and all kinds of things… plus I have a written record if this crazy year… since March anyway.

        3. I can imagine the writing record, my own record is fast approaching 1000 days of writing streak’ 963 it currently reads 🙂

          Another 37 days and that’s 1000 days of straight publishing 🙂

        4. Oh l know, l am very happy with it – this blog has been a real rock of sanity for me 🙂

          You’ll be pleased to know that Game 18 Epic Captions is tomorrow in the Hello but Season 2 is actually called My Eric Clapton Epic Caption Is ….

    1. You are doing fine Lauren – remember there are many people who will never start to blog because they think it is way too hard and they never even take a look.

      We are always learning about blogging … all of us combined 🙂

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