Are You Drunking Enough Yet?

Are You Drunking Enough Yet?

Now whatever your favourite hot or cold drink might be – are you actually drinking enough, too little or too much?

Currently l am drinking 3 – 4 Litres of mixed fluid a day – l have gotten back into the routine of keeping myself hydrated properly and l think that probably came about as l started to increase my daily exercise levels and take a really deep look into weight loss and stabilisation of my core.

The suggestion for water intake on weight loss is 1 – 2 Litres per day minimum because sweat is water – so the more you exercise the more you need to keep hydrated.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water and our organs need hydrating, but they are able to perform that to a certain degree anyway by themselves – but fluid intake is important for balance with the development of our skin, hair, body temperature, our heart rate and blood pressure.

The daily fluid intake for an adult ranges and varies l have found between countries strangely enough, but that might well be more climatic or environmental perhaps.

In the UK the National Health Service recommend a daily intake of between [1.2 Litres] 6 – 8 glasses of fluid and this stops us dehydrating, whilst in the States as an example the Mayo Clinic recommends 3.7 Litres of fluids for men and 2.7 Litres of fluids for women to stop them from drying up into husks!! [I added the husked bit in!]

Long gone are the myths that certain drinks don’t count as fluids such as coffee, because coffee does still count as a fluid intake! So what else counts as fluids l hear you ask or should l say l read you write? Fruits, vegetables, soups, smoothies, juices, sodas [dilute with water to lower sugars], water, tea, coffee, herbal teas and milk are all excellent forms of fluid.

Currently l am averaging around 3.5 litres of fluid a day which includes 3 black coffees, 1 and half litres of semi-skimmed milk and also 1 and half litres of water and sugar free squash.

I no longer drink at irregular times either – my first drink of the day is a cold half litre of semi-skimmed milk as l have found that kinder to my digestion system between 10-10.30am.

I deliberately don’t drink anything on getting up. Even before my walk of the morning l haven’t had a drink. My first hot drink of the day is coffee at 11.30am with my last coffee at 7.00pm and my last cold drink at 7.30pm which is milk and l don’t drink anything after that time. [It also means l don’t have to get up during the night]

I do this as l am working with the fasting programme with regards my weight loss as l have found that if l only eat between certain times l am also actually aiding my personal digestion system more so than if l was eating randomly.

So my first meal of the day is breakfast at 10.30am and my last meal is at 6.30pm and therefore my ‘eating windows’ are only open for 8 hours a day and my drinking windows are only open for 8/9 hours a day.

I have been working this system now for just over two weeks and my sleeping pattern is greatly improved also as l am now regaining control of my body, retaining and sustaining balance through dietary and fluid intakes. I am really starting to reap the benefits.

Am l ‘drunking’ enough yet then?

Yes l am and l feel it too – l used to drink way too little and that displayed itself in my urine which was too dark as well as l hardly ever went to the toilet for a pee [as opposed to todays frequency of visits] and l was plagued with headaches, my skin was dry, my moods could swing and l felt tired when l should not have. Also with having a gastrointestinal disorder like mine l could become dehydrated very quickly indeed which was seriously detrimental to my overall health!

Suze used to tell me off constantly for not drinking enough when we lived together and l used to say ‘Yeah yeah in a moment – l am like a camel, me!!’ But now l can see she was NOT nagging needlessly, she was right on the button, and l was being an ignorant ass and not just some lucky never needing to pee camel!!

There are so many benefits to drinking the right amount of fluid … however, all that aside …. how about you?

Are you drunken enough yet too?

……..or in simpler terms

“Are you drinking enough fluid daily?”

Let me know below – thanks.

24 thoughts on “Are You Drunking Enough Yet?

  1. Yup, I am drinking around 6-8 liters of fluid daily. One reason of this huge intake is the diabetes meds which induce diuresis.

  2. Since having limited mobility, I’ve found it really difficult to drink the recommended amount. I know I don’t drink enough, I would like to but I’ve tried and ended up feeling really bloated. Quite annoying really.

      1. If I try and drink more than what I usually drink, I feel bloated. When I’m in my wheelchair and out and about, I do drink a lot more and don’t feel bloated. Its only the days where I’m resting and regaining energy where I try and maintain my intake, I feel bloated. Can’t win!

  3. Most days I do okay. I drink mostly coffee and cold sweet tea. I judge my fluid intake by my urine output and color. I’m a Scientist now, ya know. I dont drink a lot if plain water, but sometimes it’s exactly what I want.

    The humidity has been in the low teens here recently and I should’ve been drinking more water. It’s definitely good to stay hydrated and it helps flush the yuckies out too.

    When I was pregnant the nurses used to tell me “your urine should look like lemonade, not apple juice”. It’s a good way to judge whether you’re hydrated enough.

  4. Now whatever your favourite hot or cold drink might be – are you actually drinking enough, too little or too much? Have you drunk enough? No. I drink far too little apparently. Far too little of the ‘right’ kind of drink apparently. Water is supposed to be my ‘go-to’ liquid beverage refreshment of choice. Is it? Not on your life. The alleged “Real Thing” or ginger ale are my preferred beverages. No coffee for me, occasional hot tea, and more occasionally “Arnold Palmers” (lemonade and iced tea half and half each). Diabetes pee all the time. Maybe we make up for those camels who can hold it through the whole Sahara and beyond!

  5. I used to drink caffeine free diet soda like a crazy person. Fibromyalgia changed that. I never have consumed coffee or tea, I just didn’t like the taste or the effect of caffeine on my body. Then when my body was assaulted with interstitial cystitis I learned to like plain water. Well actually water with a high PH. Alkaline water has been a life changer for me. I know pretty quickly if I need more water. It has become my latest health requirement. Milk and water are all I can ever drink.

    1. Alkaline water – l had not heard of that before Lauren – l have filtered water here, it’s the only water l drink due to the high content of nasties in water and the levels of chalk. Will have a looksee into that.

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