Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 1 – Autumn 2020
Wednesday 18th November 2020
35/35 Minutes
Not a cat amongst the pigeons perhaps, but a squirrel amongst the ducks!

Not so much an Afternoon Strolling per se, more of a ‘pootling’ actually – containing thoughts and photos from two walks today – a morning walk and an afternoon walk.

I am learning more about the art of exercising the longer l exercise … l am learning also, that some injuries are going to be repetitive and so it’s best to recognise them before they become serious problems. You may recall l had that groin injury 6 weeks or so ago, where upon l pulled the hamstring in the back of my right thigh.

Well both the hamstrings in both left and right thighs currently are under some strain, not damage, and they haven’t popped or torn … but they are marginally painful and so l decided this morning to hold off from exercises that caused my hams to stretch or overstretch and to avoid a major potential long term injury issue.

The Ducks never disappoint me during my walks – l love the Ducks!!

The indoor cycling and my stretches will cause a repetitive injury to my hamstrings as they start to develop. I have now read that this is an injury that can occur easily in those who actively exercise or take part in regular activities that strain certain muscles … so l reckoned l need to be less of a numpty and be be a bit more realistic.

Taking the rest of this week off will rest those hams and l need to work on more limbering up and down exercises to try and ease off this particular injury which l seem to be quite prone to.

I can still walk, and hopefully l can start to do weights soon. I ordered some lightweight dumbells and they should be here tomorrow. I was going to start my yoga this Friday and today when l was thinking okay let’s sit down and watch this DVD, l suddenly realised l don’t own a DVD player!!? Suze got that – oops – so l have now ordered one of those.

Also l discovered and it is bugging the hell out of me, that for some reason DVD’s don’t play in my computer – l know, like WTF?? So, l have to look at that properly tomorrow not that the DVD in my computer is much cop as ideally l need to be able to work with the yoga class at the same time at my level [as in TV Screen height].

The squirrels also never fail to disappoint me they are out in force – l don’t think l have EVER seen as many squirrels in a town or even the wooded areas surrounding a town than l see here. During both walks l saw loads everywhere – they are very welcomed here which is great because other areas are not so accomodating.

I do so love the squirrels too!

I also ordered some resistance exercise loops which will assist with upper and lower body and limb exercise which hopefully will encourage certain muscles to become more used to the expectations l place on them.

So l had my usual morning walk and also took a mid afternoon walk as well. Just as well as it started raining hard at 5pm tonight. I am pleased l managed to get a couple of hours of pottering in the garden, lucky day indeed l say ‘pootlings and potterings!!”

It was a lovely day for both walks and l walked slightly differently forwards for my walk so l could capture some unusual photographs of Sandwich town and a street you don’t often see due to the business of the traffic – however with a lockdown some things are now much easier – and that is New Street.

New Street is really the centre of Sandwich, it is where normally [non lockdown] the town market is and where the Town Hall and Museums are. I don’t often see this street this quiet as the usual is hustle and bustling with people and cars, buses, vans and the such like.

The other thing l never tire of seeing are the colours of autumn … so okay, l am going to have to NOT do strenuous exercise for a few days, but l still have my walking and l am luckily spoiled rotten with that!

Catch you next time, thanks for joining me today!

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15 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. That bench looks like a perfect spot for some musings!
    I do LOVE your town! All of those bricks… each hand made… the history is each brick and all the bricks in all the buildings… amazing.

    And the quackers & squizzles are always a delight!
    Very wise of you to realize that taking it easy is best sometimes!


    1. All the way around the Ramparts walk are benches, it is a very delightful place and yet not once have l had the time to sit on one, mind you l haven’t really sat on my own just yet.

      I am learning by trial and error Grandma, if l don’t rest l am in pain and l can’t exercise so …. 🙂

  2. It is always prudent to take a break when you feel the stress of exercise causing pain. Good idea to concentrate on other areas meanwhile. Love photos! Love the squirrels and ducks

  3. Well rest and recover definitely!!! Take your time. No need for rush?

    Hope you feel better a little more every day ✌️🙏 still take it easy though

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