Achieving More With Less

Achieving More With Less …

My Blog Journey to Date

Part 1

I was originally planning on creating this post next month to finish off the first season of Plenty for 20. Next year there will be a smaller second Season called Fun for 21! With maybe a third season entitled Whaddawee Do for 22 and What’ll it Be for 23 finishing off with Do You Want Some More in 24?

Okay, l am jesting with you …. well, in partial truth, l have already mentioned the second season previously in post, so that is planned for 21 but as to 22, 23 and 24 no, l don’t have schedules that are that far forward.

Will l still have an active blog in 24? I see no reason why l shouldn’t – l’ll be 61 and still writing and endeavouring to entertain my readership and that is no different a pattern to what l have been doing since l first started writing to entertain readers way back when l was 15.

In 21, l will be introducing more business features whilst still embracing much of what l do now. I did cover this marginally in the post Plenty for 20! [11].

The reason l have brought this post forward a month earlier, is because this morning l was reading Tanya’s blog saltedcaramel and saw the latest in her series Blogging Insights #55 – Daydreams. Her singular question piqued my interest because it was close to how l was going to finish off Episode 12 of this series.

Up till now we have been discussing fairly practical issues on Blogging Insights. Let us break the mold today and talk about daydreams.

What are your “dreams” regarding your blog ?

Today is the 17th November and it marks [if l was to host a celebration of this event] the 38th month that my blog has been active and visible to readers.

When l first began this journey, it wasn’t my first ‘writing’ excursion – l had been writing for a number of years through forums or guest writing in blogs, or hosting my own forums and websites anyway since 2003, but it was my first time with my own blog as opposed to writing posts for others.

When this blog first began in September 2017, it was a very dark blog, because the author was in a very dark place – l believe l have a handful of my initial readers still with me today that were the first to ever read my posts.

Readers like bloggers and bloggers like readers stay, move on, come back, disappear for good and so on equally as much as like me they evolve because failure to do so results in your blog becoming stagnant. First off however before continuing, my thanks to all of my readers, but a huge thanks to my very early readers who started watching and reading my content in the latter months of a closing 2017.

They have seen the biggest of changes, two of these readers in fact are Ashley – Mental Health @ Home and Anthony of Hands in the Garden who have been with me on my journey for the longest period of time as they started reading my posts late November/early December. At that time l was posting mostly my poetry and some very dark posts. There were others but many have moved on into different platforms. Many of my original readers came from Twitter and had been the same readers who had suggested creating a blog of my own.

Now how does this answer Tanya’s question?

Well in order to answer that question properly and fairly, you have to first examine where your blog has come from and how your blog has changed in order to see where your blog is going or where you want your blog to go or more importantly where you want it to be?

That question isn’t easily answered in a mere post [BTW!]

In September 2017, l had no idea what l really wanted from a blog – because this blog wasn’t my only blog, l had two others that were representing distinctly different genres. One was for a tee shirt business and another was a personal K9 blog from Scrappy’s point of view. A Guy Called Bloke AGCB struggled with direction and identity because l hadn’t thought of how l wanted my personal blog to look if that was even its style?

So from Sept- Dec 2017 this blog was without direction and that had to change. The changes began in January 2018 when l started to close down other platforms l was working with so that l could concentrate on my WordPress blogs. So Facebook and Twitter and Scribd were closed. But still l struggled and that was because l had two too many blogs in addition to this one.

From February 2018 – end March 2018, l closed the other two down and transferred them [manually] into this blog and instantly with that move in addition to AGCB active readership numbers of 350 or something, l then was able to add an additional combined figure of 400 to my readership taking it up to 750 readers.

In those two moves alone and l know there were others however as an acknowledgement of readers still present from the early 2018 days l say thank you to Angie of King Ben’s Grandma and Dear Walden who came with me from The Tee Shirt Blogger and also Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind who came with Scrappy and her Adventures.

Now why say thank you to readers apart from the obvious politeness? Well because l am a firm believer in the concept of T.E.A.M aka Together Everyone Achieves More which l happen to think is the best compliment you can offer your readers because without them your blog is nothing.

With them, your blog and your writing comes to life! It reminds me of a scene in Knight and Day with Cruise and Diaz of ‘With me, Without me’ because that is our readership and how important they are to our blogs, our writing, stories and us.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow in Part 2.

21 thoughts on “Achieving More With Less

  1. Hmmm. Interesting point…daydreaming I would want my blog to be mainly about travel and and then anything random that is part of my day. I know we’re meant to target our blog towards a niche, but my life is not a niche, and frankly I would find it really boring to stick to one subject. I have a lot of interests. My best dream would be if I found a sponsor for my Project 101….so I can then travel and in due course achieve my dream…

    1. Totally right, tomorrow l shall be addressing so called niches, l don’t buy into that …. and excuse my French here …. bullshit which is how l view the boring conventionality of the niche market 🙂

  2. It’s been fascinating to see how people have evolved over time. It was sometime in October 2017 when I took my blog public, and at that point had no idea where it would end up going. So many have come and gone since, but it’s pretty cool to have others who’ve been along on this journey for an extended period of time.

    1. Hey Ashley, totally l was looking just now at some of my early Award posts and looking at the line ups of reader/bloggers alike – oh how so many have moved on indeed 🙂

  3. My blog was just a “home base” to socialize with other bloggers until I started the Adventures series. I never would’ve imagined writing every day, yet here I am. And the series itself has changed a lot since March.
    I laughed at the “niche” idea. There’s no way my blog fits into ANY niche. 😂😂😂😂


  4. I definitely believe in T.E.A.M. Interesting journey of your blog. I can always count on you being proactive and inventive regarding new challenges and games to engage your readers.

  5. Thanks for the mention Rory.
    I think you have just proved your concept of T E A M yet again .

    After nearly 3 years of blogging I have not been able to find a niche.
    I have found the reason in this comments thread — my life cannot fit into a particular niche so neither can my blog. 🙂

    1. Hey Tanya, and that’s the very truth – l am writing about that topic today in part 3.

      You are very welcome Tanya – thank you too for the inspiration 🙂

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