The Curious Case Of …

The Curious Case Of ….

….. If life is like a box of chocolates how many are in the box??

How curious are you as a person?

Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1  for the introduction to this series.

Tom Hanks in the film Forrest Gump made a small box of chocolates infamous with the quote of ….

“My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

1994 film Forrest Gump

Have you even given that any further thought? I mean is life like a box of chocolates and if so how, but more importantly what would the perfect box of chocolates hold and how many?

Is there such a thing as the perfect box of chocolates in the first place. There is no such thing as a perfect life, why should there be a perfect box of chocolates – but if there was such a thing – how many would there be in that perfect box?

What flavours would there be to represent life? What textures would make for the right selection? What chocolate types to cover all tastes, even those who were not big chocolate fans?

Life is different to every single person who interacts with it each and every day of each and every month of each and every year. So, if l was curious enough to try and imagine the perfect box of chocolates to configure satisfactorily with life as we know it, would it need to be an ever filling box, as in it never expired?

Would that mean l would have to ensure if had sufficient layers to cope with all of my life’s demands?

It might even have to be a chocolate box that had come down the Faraway Tree from some magical land like The Land of Treats that had stopped for a day and maybe the box itself would have to be a custom made bespoke crafted personality box of chocolates for you alone?

So if that was the case and you had an ever lasting box of chocolate that provided to you your personal choice in chocolates and candies how many would be in that box and what are the flavours?

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  1. Can’t imagine life as a box of chocolates. I have no imagination. I also have a low boredom threshold and I like change, I crave change. So – I just ordered myself a box of chocolates consisting of ONLY the flavors I want right now. The next time I order a box it will have different flavors. I do this several times a year – as a treat. Too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing. A pound box is approximately 16 pieces, just enough for my husband and I to have a little splurge. This time around I’ll be having – rum nougat, cranberry/orange truffles, raspberry truffles and maple walnut truffles – all dark chocolate. Next time – completely different mix – so many choices, I want them to taste them all. So while my answer doesn’t fit all the parameters of your question, it does kinda meet some – in that – life should be full of variety, and change and experimentation and tasting of all or just this and that – and can’t be, and shouldn’t be all sweetness.

    1. Wonderful answer Grace, and your answer actually fits all my requirements in many ways … the one bold element is this Variety is the sweet, sour and spice of life’, thank you.

      My response will make sense to you more during the course of this month too 🙂

  2. lol – I am gonna stick my neck out and say that this is reading too much into a simile. The point was – you never know what you’re gonna get next.
    Life has a lot of flavours and shades to it – some of it we enjoy, some parts not so much, but it comes with the package.

  3. I just opened a 1pound box of See’s Truffles. My first was a chocolate truffle. But there are mixed flavors… white, milk & dark chocolate with raspberry, lemon, mocha, orange… all kinds of centers… it’s exciting NOT knowing.
    I like Grace’s answer! I want to try all the flavors. Some of them I’ll love and some not so much, but the point of life is to LIVE. 💃🏼🎶✨


  4. My personal perfect box would refill itself every time I put the lid back on. The contents would be See’s Dark Chocolate California Brittle. I would add the lid only when I was in need of more comfort and joy which this candy alone fills that perfectly.

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