Dear Blog – 19.25 – 14/11/20

The Reality of a Selfie!!

Your humour for the day!

Back in September [17th] l was reading a post published by Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table titled Wordless Wednesday 74 – Photo a Day, Week 44 where she displayed the photograph below ….

…. with the caption of Day 304 – Hot, sweaty, and sore, but I feel AMAZING! I remember looking at this image and thinking “Damn, but l wish l looked that good after one of my workouts!”

In the last ten days or so, l have seriously increased my exercise routine and l now indoor cycle for 30 minutes straight in 10 3 minute cycles utilising 3 different gear changes five days a week which incorporates upper body workouts on the bike and then every day l also have a 15 minute off mount limber up and limber down exercise routine which involves swing stretches, steps and beginner pop pilates.

Each day l add another 2 minutes to the bike riding and sometime this week l am going to start [cannot believe l am writing this], but yoga for beginners which l believe will be great as an additional form of exercise to support my existing intense programme. Yoga is great for increasing flexibility, muscle strength and toning, renewing energy levels as well as assisting with a more balanced programe aimed at weight reduction. I figured l would start doing yoga this coming Friday and only do it for Fridays and the Saturdays and Sundays when l am not bike riding.

My end target for the indoor cycling is 60 minutes a day five days a week and 15 minutes additional support exercises, BUT l need something additional to really balance that.

In the last couple of days l have started to really feel the benefits of this intense workout and only yesterday l noticed that my thigh muscles were really starting to look muscled which was quite astonishing! My calf muscles have always been strong but this is the first time l have ever seen my thighs looking this big and quite powerful with strength! It’s a great feeling when your exercise starts to really show a difference.

Exercising has become a really great hobby to have as well.

But all the while during the build up of my exercising l have had Kristian’s photograph in my head and why? Well because l look like a drowned rat when l have finished and more so in the last ten days!! The sweat just drips off me in almost running rivers and so l decided that l would try and produce a photograph displaying this!!

Which is way easier than said and more so if you don’t have a Smartphone and you only have a Cybershot!! The top image is the best one so far, and that is taken 3 minutes after 30 minutes on the bike, taken Thursday night! But, by that time l have cooled off by three minutes … so l thought l would try and take a better one directly after l got off the bike …. those results are below and are from Friday night!!

The end result of this exercise is l am never going to be able to take a photograph that makes me look as good as Kristian with a Cybershot – the photographs above were the best ones of 42 attempts – there were shots of my ear, the top of my head and countless miscoordinated errors of the wall, ceiling, floor and shoulders!

The look l am sporting aside from that of a drowned rat is’ The Reality of a Selfie!!”

Thanks for reading , catch you again soon!

19 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 19.25 – 14/11/20

  1. I don’t think you look like a drowned rat. My picture is deceiving, trust me. I was VERY sweaty. A friend of mine commented “You have a healthy glow.” To which I replied, No sir, that’s just the light reflecting off the sweat.” 😂😂 Thanks for the laugh, and I’m so proud of you!! I hope you love yoga, it is by far my favorite form of exercise!

    1. Haha! Yes light and sweat have a real side effect to each other. The astonishing bit is you feel absolutely dead when you stop and that you’ll never recover and then ten minutes later when you have and you are thinking …. should l have recovered this fast?? Maybe l didn’t work hard enough??

      But that ‘s when the reality hits you, you are recovering faster because you are getting fitter!

      Woot, woot!

      Thanks Kristian 🙂

      1. Absolutely! When I get to that point, I increase reps or add something new to challenge myself. I think I’m a glutton for punishment! 😆😆

        1. Yes same here, as l am nearing the end of the workout and the pain threshold is being reached, l at that point start singing ‘no pain, no gain!!” We are diehards hahaha!! 🙂

  2. Don’t feel bad Rory, I can never take a grande selfie either. But it is what it is and who cares anyway? Excepting oneslf is the first step to becoming badass!

  3. Ugh!! I REALLY need to start back up with the exercises. My poor old body is in awful shape! I know myself, and I know to get the habit ingrained until it starts to feel good, I need to do it at the same time every day. It’s been difficult to find that time slot, with Ben’s schedule and Daughter’s schedule… bizarro weather where its 93°F one day, then 3 days later its 60°F and raining… excuses? Partly, but I remember how great I felt when I was walking 5-10 miles a day, every day.

    Selfies… I never took them. Then I realized there weren’t any pictures of me. I’ve gotten better (less cringey) about taking selfies. It usually takes several tries for one acceptable picture.

    So, Mental Yoga is being joined by Physical yoga?? Good for you, JB! You’ll read “StudMuffin” status before ya know it!😉


  4. Drowned rats look better. Oh the horror. I have to agree though she does look good for a post workout photo. Kindof like those girls that apparently just woke up with make-up already done.

  5. Hahahaha…42 attempts 🤪🤪
    You really don’t look like a drowned rat…I’m way more similar to one after my work out 🤪
    But keep it going Rory! Exercising really helps keeping us healthy physically and mentally 😊

  6. Very impressive workout routine Rory. We oldies have not mastered the effortless easy of younger generation when it comes to selfies. But you’re still looking good and happy. And that’s what counts.

        1. Well l was in the garden today checking on the wormery but apart from that, everything is done, so now l must await the new year before anything further can be done, maybe some weeding and small prunes in december, a quick flick of the half filled compost heap, and sadly that’s it 🙁

          You are very lucky 🙂

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