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A Heads Up Post.

In January 2020 l purchased a fairly comprehensive online course with the sole intention of learning a new skill set for a business venture that l had wanted to start as a means of producing an income and a sustainable income at that.

The course itself was how to make a career via the online digital book market, notably through the likes of KDP – Kindle direct Publishing. It is a very comprehensive course covering a lot of subjects and holding a lot of content – not easy to study for with a lot of stress in your life however as l discovered in April which is why it had to be shelved.

What l had a real fascination with however was the marketing and advertising of new and established authors and that was something l thought l could do well at. It’s not an easy path, but l like challenge.

However, life stepped onboard which is not that unusual – although admittedly this year has been tougher than previous years – and set things back quite a few steps and so with everything else going on, l had to shelf the business course. I knew that sometime this year l would restart it.

Whilst not directly studying the course modules, over the course of the year including the time l did manage to study from January – March l have popped in to refresh some of my ideas and to take advantage of being able to use my blog with regards research for the business and the course restart.

This particular series as an example was established to support the course and enable me to further understand how the research might be implemented. In the last few months with this series and 24 Hour Blog Questions l have asked of you all several relative questions concerning the book market itself.

There is money to be made online and from many avenues not just books, without a shadow of doubt – but it takes a lot of time to cut through the supposed guru shit to find the right course of action required and direction to set on that you personally might be comfortable with. Because anything worthwhile takes time to come to fruition – you have to work at it and understand that NO quality business is a get rich overnight business.

Anyone who buys a course and believes everything that the course promotes as to success ratios with very little input is a fool, and with the amount of study l have undertaken since 2016 with regards a variety of online business concepts and business ventures l have seen many fools.

l have noticed since ‘not taking the course directly via studying in the time frame purchased’ however certain anomalies that obviously are not mentioned in a course because although they are facts, they might put some people off purchasing the course itself.

We have more self made gurus now than ever before. Coronavirus has infected people with some kind of false intelligence it seems if we believe all of them!

These gurus are more keen on selling you on the idea or concept of making money online in a training package as opposed to making money directly with the actual concept – long short? More money is made with tutoring and training, marketing and promotions because everyone wants to get rich overnight and that’s easier to sell!

But with the arrival of Coronavirus and the lockdowns l have noticed significant changes that would affect online businesses which made me thankful to not have already taken the course, but to restart the course later than planned.

I began to take into consideration other factors – like pre-covid environment settings such as the closure and decline of the popularity for brick and mortar retail and high street retail stores, the political administrations of currency, the philosophies of the buyer, how people now buy online, how they view online products and how they respond to advertising.

What influences their buying decisions? How do they feel with regards buying anything and the list of questions l had with regards the course l had purchased back in January was very long and gets longer by the day!

So in more recent time, l have been more involved in researching instead of directly studying the concept of KDP and marketing authors as a business which l am still planning on launching some time next year under Guy Called Bloke Publishing which will be found in The Studio Workshop.

Next year, there will also be a few new topical content series starting which will also support this series both directly and indirectly which l think will be of genuine interest to bloggers and writers and authors alike.

Such as Guest Star Day, In – Blog Life, Waistcoat Weekly and Magazine on a Bench! Which were all due to start this year, but as discussed, something else and some happened!

But this post was just a heads up to the writers and authors alike that l spoke to at the start of this year with a view to wanting to assist with the marketing of their ideas and current books to enable hopefully and encourage increased sales. It is still going to happen, just a little later than planned.

Thanks for reading.


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    1. Hey Gary, l believe so – you and l had a discussion early part of this year and it is something l am still very hyperfocused on and a journey l would like to be able to share with you if you were still interested?

  1. 2020 is definitely a year of change! Review, readjust, restart. The times, they are a changin’!πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŒ 


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