Effective Support or Merely a Drain?

Effective Support or Merely a Drain?

When l first started this blog in September 2017, l was at that time also writing as a guest writer for a gamer’s blog, furnishing poetry to Scribd, loosely maintaining a personal Facebook account [had since 2009] and 2 business Facebook Pages and in addition to those l had two 18 month old Twitter accounts, one for Scrappy [Doodlepip’s Adventures] which was very popular and one for Classic Eggshell also popular.

In addition to this blog l had two other blogs – The Adventures of Doodlepip and The Tee Shirt Guy, the latter being connected to the Classic Eggshell Twitter account, but also Doodlepip’s posts were connected to her Twitter too.

All the social media accounts were connected to the blog and vice versa and everytime l published a post to whichever blog, the respective social accounts would receive an instant copy.

By January of 2018, l came to realise a few things 1] l could not easily maintain, three blogs, two Twitter accounts, one Facebook account and 2 Facebook business pages nor continue writing as a guest writer on another blog and that there was no true point to continually feeding Scribd with my poetry when l was publishing it into this blog, so something had to give and fast because it was simply eating up all the free time of my day.

In addition to that, l found that having social media accounts connected to the blogs was in essence a complete and utter waste of time and energy as they were not actually benefitting the blogs specifically.

There were a few reasons … mostly l didn’t and still don’t spend a lot of time in Facebook – l don’t tend to really love social media platforms and even though blogging is a form of media, l consider it to have more intelligence.

So, by the end of January 2018, l had made a few decisions and they – simply put were to condense and amalgamate, cultivate and harvest as well as appropriate the right medias to be more impactive and effective for audiences.

I had never really liked Twitter from a personal perspective, it had been suggested to me in March 2016 to create an account to support the Tee Shirt business. I created Scrappy’s more personal K9 Twitter account in October 2016 and hers was extremely popular with fellow K9rs and their human companions. When her account closed down a year later she had nearly 8000 followers to my business account of 6200 or something.

By the end of March 2018, l had closed my main Twitter account, the two Facebook business pages, left the Gamer’s blog, closed down my Scribd account and brought the two other blogs into A Guy Called Bloke and disabled the media link feeds from the blogs into all media platforms. At the end of October Scrappy’s Twitter account was also closed.

Working with just the one platform – WordPress – l was able to properly establish a good working theory and concentrate on building up one main audience. I have worked to those guidelines since. I don’t have any external platforms connected to my blog and the only other ‘social media outlet’ l do have is my original 2009 Facebook account which l use mostly for personal use and as the few followers will tell you that follow me here, l hardly post anything of any value, but l use the FB Messenger facility to chat with people.

I know that many readers and writers alike have their blogs connected to other platforms such as FB, Twitter and a host of others – but l never found it truly effective and l think this is because…

1] My 2009 FB today has 42 friends. It was at 30 friends from 2009 – 2016, then from 2016 – 2020 it increased by 12 people. Point being, not a lot of traffic.

2] I never have used Facebook for a reliable social platform and don’t like it as l find it too gossipy, trolly and quite boring.

3] I was continually irked by the community at Twitter, although if you were a K9 you fared better!! I also found Twitter too overwhelming.

4] I do have an Instagram account which was created in 2009/10 to support my at the time business of TSKA but l never used it and l literally only rediscovered l had an account early part of this year by accident!! I have 14 followers and l follow 12 and l have yet to make a single post.

5] I find all of these additional audience/readership platforms to be a waste of time and a horrific abuser of energy with very little traffic response in considerations to the main blog.

To run successfully a blog and other social media platforms l think you need to be a business and also l think you shouldn’t manage it yourself and you should hire the services of a good media manager who can run your additional advertising and promotions package leaving you both the time and the freedom to write in your blog.

The reason l believe this to be a fact is that l have seen several FB accounts belonging to readers l have here that are not managed properly and in essence all they ultimately are is WP fed links to platform posts.

They have no real community interactions from the host many a time [not all as l have seen some that are exceptionally good] and when you look at these Twitter/FB and so on feeds there is no life to encourage nor motivate response from the audiences. To which point l then ask myself – why are you doing this if you are not going to support the page?

So we come to the questions …

Currently, as of this year 2020, just under 4 billion people are considered users of assorted social media. FB is classed to be one of the most commonly used social media platforms with over 2.5 billion monthly super users. Because of these figures it is recognised as one of the leading platforms for attracting both businesses and consumers alike.

The average pre pandemic time spent per person in FB was just over an hour per day, this increased to nearly 90 minutes post pandemic.

Do you have your blogs actively synched to social media platforms and if yes which are they?

How effective do you find your daily social media traffic to be in consideration to your daily blog traffic – as in do you see a vast improvement that effects your viewing, comments and so on daily, weekly or monthly?

How much time do you dedicate to your social media accounts with conversing with your audiences and promoting and advertsing your blog through other methods available to you?

If you do have more than one synched account to your blog how overall effective is your time management and do you then struggle to write and create in your blog or do you manage this with ease?

Let me know below – thanks.

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51 thoughts on “Effective Support or Merely a Drain?

  1. My blog posts are automatically shared on Twitter. I used to spend some time on there, but I’ve been staying away from it for most of this year, and only check notifications. At this point, my purpose is just having the account so people can find me if they’re so inclined.

    Pinterest in my main social platform, and I like that it’s really not very social at all.

      1. Yes, pinning images linked to my site and collecting a sort of library of pins I’ve found elsewhere. It brings a fair bit of traffic to my site, but there’s no direct interaction with people, so it’s much lower maintenance than Twitter, for example.

  2. Twitter was 1st.. I used to spend more time there but oh boy, I got my ass handed to me on more than one occasion. Horrible. I never clised6the account but I rarely go there.
    My blog is connected because whe I set it up, I clicked the box. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I haven’t noticed that it EVER brought me any traffic. I never had a lot of followers over there anyway.
    I dont have a lot of followers on WP🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t mind staying small. The new followers find me through the community and that’s how I like it.

    I’ve never had, and never will have a FB or anything else. I don’t see the need. WP is good enough!

  3. I have mine linked to Facebook and Twitter. I never go on my Twitter account. On Facebook i have gotten a handful of followers, and to me that’s impressive as I have kind of let my blog die out over the last year. I finally feel inspired again to write, so I’m trying to resurrect my story. I don’t think of my blog as a business, as I have nothing to sell except a cute story, maybe some hope, unsolicited advice, or a few anecdotes. I think I just used a lot of words but said nothing! 🤦‍♀️

    1. KK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are back yay!!

      Well, cute stories are always popular.

      Glad you are now ready to rise like the phoenix again though 🙂

        1. …….oooh maybe l can, l have a feature called Guset Stars starting soon, we ask you some questions and promote blog same time – get you back into the refresh zone 🙂

  4. I have nothing to sell either, I just need to write occasionally and love doing it. I offer it for free having had my reward creating it.

    I enjoy the levels of social interaction I get here, though I suspect it would be disappointing to the majority of bloggers. I probably spend far too much time on this as it is as it’s just one of many interests I enjoy. It’s just about right though, without going to other social media places; I’ve already been there besides.

  5. Do you have your blogs actively synched to social media platforms and if yes which are they?

    No. I used to have my posts flip to FB & Twitter, but it annoyed me when FB friends commented there instead of at the blog. Twitter is useless. Now, I do not synch the blog posts.

    How effective do you find your daily social media traffic to be in consideration to your daily blog traffic – as in do you see a vast improvement that effects your viewing, comments and so on daily, weekly or monthly?

    I don’t pay enough attention to know.

    How much time do you dedicate to your social media accounts with conversing with your audiences and promoting and advertsing your blog through other methods available to you?

    I don’t advertise my blog except for linking it in my bio or sig elsewhere. I just can’t deal with thinking about all this anymore and for what purpose? No one buys my books whatever I do…

    If you do have more than one synched account to your blog how overall effective is your time management and do you then struggle to write and create in your blog or do you manage this with ease?


    I’d dump Twitter completely if my daughter wasn’t there. I have spent a lot of time liking and retweeting other poets, but the continually ignore me. It’s so frustrating!

  6. Initially I had a Twitter account which was linked to my blog. But I closed that account because of their policies. Now my blog is lined linked to a Facebook page and as you said, I don’t interact there. I seldom look up the notifications or update my status there. It is too much work.

    1. Hey Sadje, l remember you deleting Twitter and why – a lot of people did at the time after Britchy highlighted their policies regarding certain topics 🙂

        1. The last correspondence l had from her was a few months back, she was experiencing online and in life trolling that effected her to the point she felt she could no longer write in her blog and so she walked away. If she stays away or is planning on returning, l know not.

  7. Some of my past blogs were linked to social media but not my current one. Keeping an anonymous blog allows me to write freely. I was in social media but recently I have unearthed a ton of information about how social media addiction is bad for you. And I was indeed addicted. I didn’t use Facebook that much. My day started with reading toxic tweets thrown out into the world by significantly ill-informed people on Twitter and then a few hours would go past on Instagram. That was my poison. Just yesterday I deleted all my accounts. I only keep a news app, a podcast app and an app for tracking football scores. That’s it.

  8. I only have WP. I am not a social media person. Social media just too much… I like life without it ❤️❤️❤️

    Anyway – nope nothing linked.

      1. Well… it is bad and dangerous. Dangerous because social media is controlling your mind into needing it or craving it… And it can effect your mental health… so that part makes me nervous. I just don’t like any of it.

        Not to mention – people can stalk you that way

        I don’t want it. I keep my stuff there as it was… I never open.. I am just not comfortable with it at all.

        I like to just simply enjoy life. I do love it here on WP ❤️ so I pick this one ❤️

        Otherwise I don’t like social media and don’t use it. I feel it takes away from life for me? Drains my “aura” 😄✌️😘

        1. Yes l agree with you, if you can regulate your time and continue to churn positive energies social media is not that bad. BUT, many cannot and many succumb to the negativity of social media sadly.

        2. I just like the peace and silence to be able to know the way I think?

          I just like a simple peaceful life. I don’t like drama or anything like that… peace please… and then also

          Well I just don’t want to share my life there. I like it here better ❤️

          Social media just makes me tense – so I don’t

          Plus I have a trust issue, lol… and that means that I do not trust that social media is not subliminally controlling ?? 🤨

          Anyway whatever – I do this only. Ahhhh peace ☮️✌️

  9. This made me dizzy to read. I keep my dirty nonsense blog separate from my real life prim and proper humanness. Twitter is for my job. Facebook is for high school friends. Word Press is for my dirty stories.

      1. I keep imagining me throwing paper copies of my crap at cars as they drive by. Traffic. I like writing contests and WP helps me find them.

  10. If I hosted a highly read smut blog, I would have a permanent blush! Do you want to be a blog king? Are you seeking more readers and sponsors? Why do you write?

    1. I run a very different blog to your genre, therefore the traffic that reads me is different to your readership. Do l wish to be a blog king? No. I don’t have sponsors, l have a healthy readership and l write l should imagine like you Kitt, for enjoyment.

      Because l have healthy interests in both smut and erotica as literature, l guess l am always curious as to the motivations from the blog hosts.

      If you are happy with 11 readers a month there abouts then, that’s all that is important because you are writing for a different reason than other writers.

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