Dear Blog – 14.25 – 09/11/20

A bit of a catchup, touch base, start to the week conversation kind of thing!

Biden’s in, Trump’s out although he says he isn’t, Johnson’s now having to backpedal karma about some of the ridiculous things he has said over the years and make good with Biden again. Bloody politicians do we really need them? Well yes we do, but bad politicians are ten a penny and good politicians are like pixie dust and as rare as rocking horse shit!

But it’s all conversation isn’t it, here, the States and all around the world a hundred million conversations have been about the last ten days, last twenty days and so on … we never stop talking do we?


Update on Suze’s progress.

Suze started today week three of the combined Radio/Chemotherapy, she has another four weeks to go after this week has completed. She managed to finally stand upright following the stomach PEG operation Tuesday 27th, on Saturday as her body had reacted terribly to that proceedure. Last week she developed an infection which has been treated with anti-biotics and l believe that is now under control.

How is she doing? Well her body is responding l believe favourably to the treatment, but obviously her motivations can lift and drop quite quickly. The Radiotherapy is causing her throat to experience burns and this in turn causes and creates more associated problems and so she is now suffering from an fungal infection which causes ulcers and lesions on the inside of the mouth, and causes her tongue to swell and discolour.

Following her appointment today she is to receive another blood transfusion as her haemoglobin level is lowered again. Generally she is pretty fatigued these days but she is in the excellent hands of her friends who she is staying with and will be there for sure for the full duration of the lockdown if not longer to boot. They are 2 minutes away from the hospital by car and have a lot of experience dealing with cancer on a personal level [daughter and one of them also] So Suze is in the best place.

We speak most days for a few minutes and the last time l saw her was Saturday 24th and as she is classed as critically vulnerable at this present time, l will probably not see her until maybe December but it will be very reflective upon her treatment and response.

Suze asked me today to say thank you all for your well wishes, kind words and get well greetings.

I thank you all, also.


The other day on The Friday Four, Judy of Life Lessons asked where my answers were with regards the questions and l answered that for the second season l had chosen to not answer the questions, but probably would in the third season. But l thought l would tease them a bit here and now. Although, many of you may or may NOT have noticed that much of the time, questions l specifically ask in a post, l have usually discussed during the week in one format or another. Anyway to the questions …

Do you think society could survive without governmental authority or structure?

No, l do not – whether people like it or not, we need governmental structuring and l know many people oft discuss that they will abstain from doing this and doing that and in the same breath thankful for this, that and the other which is usually there as a direct result of governmental structuring! You can’t diss the government on one hand but expect them to be there for you on the other! Welcome to the real world.

The opposite to a stable government is anarchy. Anarchy as a word first came into meaning in 1539 and it translates literally to ‘an absence of government’.

There are many types of government and not all of them are great and they range from anarchy to communism, thankfully in the middle there is usually a balanced government called democracy, that’s the one for all the people – that’s sometimes the hardest one to keep running properly because of the people’s expectations of what they might consider is right. However, ideally the world would be a much better place if all governments were fair and equal and filled with exceptional politicians and that …… well, mm, ok, next question.

Do we really need all the technology we have?

Sadly yes and sadly no, but sadly yes! The world is progressing faster than we are and in order to keep up with the speed, our technology needs to be in some cases smarter than us! That’s quite scary – but we are all in one format or another slaves to the rhythm of technology whether we want it or not, but we need it to survive. If it suddenly disappeared we would be quite lost. It impacts society negatively as much as it does positively but we still need it – but don’t forget that we are in control of how much we use ourselves – we have the choices.

Everyone has a passion that can absorb them for hours and that includes talking about it with others for hours if left unchecked – do you have such a passion and if so – what is it?

Trivia and sometimes other bits of useless information – that’s my crime. But l can hold my own on a number of conversations very well about many topics because of my love for variety of interests, and an eclectic range of subject genres … l can even talk about stuff l have no knowledge in or on!

What have you found yourself thinking a lot of late and that seemingly will not leave your brain alone?

Life, 2020, business opportunities and my next steps forward from here as a person and what am l seeking from life?


I have a new series starting this coming Wednesday in The Hello called ….

… for a bit of fun.


Returning from my morning walk today, l bumped into my next door neighbour. A lovely chap – 85 years of age and we were discussing all sorts of bits and bots – squirrels and birds in our gardens, architecture, Sandwich history, Covid 19, our own mortality, ghosts, his dog and the list went on covering many topics – we spoke for about 25 minutes and it was a great conversation.

He lives in a house that was built originally in 1774 and his house is classed as a Graded Listed building, whilst mine is classed as a Period home, but he shocked me when he said my building was originally built before his?? Well now l am very keen to get to the library when lockdown lifts.


Anyway, so there we go, sadly we had rain overnight and that started the day wet .. currently it is overcast, but ‘dry’ish’. All good. Thanks for reading catch you all next time.

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.25 – 09/11/20

  1. I agree with your answers! What a thrill to be living in a house full of history.
    Give Suze my love and best wishes. I’m glad the treatment s being effective. The side effects are to be expected.

    1. Hey Sadje l will do and thank you 🙂

      That’s exactly what l told her this morning, and she knows this too – she is now three weeks into the hardest part of her journey, the treatment is working, but the side effects are nasty – sadly that is part and parcel of the process. She doesn’t like it, neither do any of us … BUT, she is getting better 🙂

  2. My best to Suze as always! Glad it’s all working out, and at least she has and end date. Poor you with your mouth and gut… no idea when/if you’ll have some relief. Thoughts with you as well… as always, my friend.🌊🦄💫🧸💌
    Interesting about your house. Too bad the local library doesn’t have everything available on line. There’s that technology again😉😂

    I agree with you about people complaining about the rules of government they don’t like, then using the resources… hypocritical. Too many people want to take without giving. It doesn’t work that way🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    The rain has finally left my part of SoCal.💃🏼🎉 It probably did us a great favor as far as our COVID numbers by keeping people from celebrating in the streets. We’ve been in a lower restriction “tier” but Halloween saw our numbers creeping up again. Tomorrow we find out whether we go into restrictions for a minimum of three weeks, aka move to the “purple tier”.

    Keep dancing JB!💃🏼💕

    1. All go then in SoCal then 🙂

      Yes, the amazing technology except when you really want it to be amazing hahahaha!!!

      Yes, thank you for wishes to Suze it is slow and quite arduous but getting there 🙂

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