Captured Moments

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Captured Moments

We are so incredibly lucky,
… and yet the peoples see not this luck!
They prefer to moan like gruff junkies,
Caring not for anything except their own woeful muck!

Oftened l walk and capture many beautiful moments,
… caught up in the lens of my wandering eyes,
Surrounded by an endless tranquillity,
…. of russets, ochres and browns and greens!
Seemingly appearing almostly like a million components,
…. And the combined colours of a hundred wild butterflies!

And yet still, the grumblers of this world,
See not the wondrousness of nature’s cosmopolitans …
…nor the ways of the imaginations of her followers!
instead they loose off more cantankered unfurling!

Today l heard the most amazing sound,
….. twas likened to that of a thousand heavened raindrops!
But gentler, with purpose and more meaningful,
Deliberation spelling the arrival of fall,
… and fall they did .. and yet,
Could l capture such beauty in the lens of my,
… wandering eyes?
The moments held me spellbound and l turned,
… and watched, watching the leaves as they dreamily left,
Friends for the spring and summer of the year,
Drifted ……

….lazily to the grounds below!
Winter is coming for sure but not just yet, ….
The colours of autumn tease us and beckon,
… to take it easier, and enjoy what we can,
When we can.
That moments in autumn are to be captured,
… remembered.
The rustle of gentle falling leaves,
… reminds us of the beauty of our world!
That as one season ends,
…. Another may begin and with that new breath,
We can start to live again and feel freshened,
More awakened to who we are …
… as Peoples and that life is too short,
To stay affixed to one belief for too long,

That which can be recycled should be,
… the peoples just need to remember …
Nature has a way of making us stop,
… and look at who we have become.

© Rory Matier 2020

15 thoughts on “Captured Moments

  1. There is SO much beauty all around us, no matter where we are. Even in the middle of a city, Nature finds a way.
    I’ve been treated to breathtakingly beautiful sunsets lately.

    🤐🤐🤐 I *did* say in you 4 questions post I could go on & on about Nature😉🤣🤣🤣

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