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It’s A Beautiful Day – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Saturday 07th November 2020 – Season 14 – Series 10

Here’s wishing my Saturday Guest Stars an awesome Day and a great weekend and l hope you enjoy your music.

If you are not familiar with the blogs of Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind or Jay-lin of The Wonderful and Wacky World of one Single Mum please do take the time to pop over and say Hello.

Hits from the 1970’sBillie Ellish
Elton JohnRihanna

My Beautiful Day – Saturday Choice

What or who would you include in a Top 30 list of songs from 1960? Let me know below in the comments.
What are 25 of the best Science Fiction films in your opinion in the last sixty years so 1960 – 2020?

Let me know below in the comments section.
Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
SYW Artic Ice
Which meal is your favorite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

l have two main meals a day – breakfast and dinner. Usually lunch is just some crackers. Dinner can be tricky at times. But breakfast is currently 4 eggs and a half litre of sugar free orange squash – l would have to say Breakfast as it is the easiest and less hassle.
Who do you admire most in the world?

I admire those who make not specifically a difference to the world , but more importantly make a difference to themselves that can make a difference to the world. People should accredit themselves with more worth. Those that do and do it in a way that is not over confident or cocky have the uttermost admiration from me.

People who can get through the darkest tunnels, the severest of illnesses, the toughest of pains and so – these people l admire. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.
With the obvious restrictions in place, what do you regret not doing in the last year?

I have no regrets from last year – l walked the path of life then and l walk the path of life now. We all have regrets, but it is what we do with our nows which is more important.

As to gratitude, well l am just grateful that things aren’t really that bad despite how it looks at times. It could be way, way worse than it currently is – you know?

Welcome to Season 14 – Series 10 of The Hello

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

22 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. It could definitely be worse! It *has* been worse… at least for me, personally.

    To the 60s music please add Otis , Aretha & Motown in general🎶💃🏼

    Great picks for the Stars today!💫🎶🌠

    Headed off to sleep soon, I’ll catch ya on the Sunny side of SaturnDay. I hope we have Sun… there is moisture falling from the sky here… I wouldn’t exactly call it rain, but the ground is wet. Shocking!😲


    1. Oh my are you saying you are wet? Ha ha

      No, no, l mean and meant your ground, the ground is wet! Is that rain or is Mother Nature merely crying at the frustrations of the election?

      Thanks for additional choices 60’s wise, noted, and catch you later on, hopefully you’ll get some decent sleep. 🙂

  2. The person I admire most ever in my life … is my mother ❤️ … she is/was the most loving loyal beautiful hearted person I have ever known ❤️ never for one minute ever – did I ever question if she loved me… she was always there for me and loved me so whole heartedly ❤️ I was her first, I had a special spot in her heart

    I got my heart from her ❤️ she taught me empathy, compassion and love. My softness is from her.

    My fire is from the Irish aspect lol 😘😄✌️ ☘️

    So yeah – hands down – is my mom ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hey Bloke! Thanks for Sharing Your World, and the wonderful Saturday greetings!! Very astute answers, and well thought out. It’s very true that it ‘could be worse’ and to look at it that way takes a lot of skill (IMO). I admire the never stay down people too, that is another skill and takes a positive outlook to achieve (again IMHO). I’ll write a post with answers to your 60s musical artists (too many) and the sci-fi films that I think are ‘best’ although I don’t know that I’ll get 25 of those… Hmmm.

    1. Hey Melanie, always a pleasure – l’ll look out for your 60’s post, but drop me a link as well if you can in case WP decides l shouldn’t see it – knowing what WP are like, you know 🙂

      1. Good lord, no LOL But look at the diversity of music on that list – from instrumentals (which I do favor) that are sweeping lush orchestral pieces (Theme from a Summer Place) to guitar virtuoso songs like “Walk Don’t Run”. A ton of novelty songs, some country, some R&B – that list from 1960 covers so many genres…that would never happen today.

        1. No, it may not happen today for sure in so far asdiversity but that’s the very way of the way of the world. BUT, like fashion, there will come a time l think not too far when music will start to be recycled not forwards but backwards again.

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