Squizzle The Furryfoot!

The two images above you see here are in fact from yesterday taken around 3.30pm in the afternoon from the guest bedroom upstairs and include a distance shot and a zoom in with the Cybershot camera. I was thrilled to see an Eastern Grey Squirrel in the garden.

You may recall at the last property towards the end of the tenancy, l had an Eastern visiting the garden for the peanuts and that was after renting for four years and now after renting for a mere four months l have a squirrel visiting again!

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Squizzle The Furryfoot!

The garden no longer experiences issues,
…. The mystery of the bloodied feathers is no longer a riddle,
The pigeons all now breathe a heavy sigh of relief!
…. and the attacks are no more from the daring Mr Tiddle!
However, now the garden has a new player afoot,
… Not in the slightest bit unwelcome either,
I call ‘him’ …. Squizzle the Furryfoot!
…. And ‘he’ is quite the mischievous creature!

I watched, him ‘although’ not quite sure of the sex just yet,
Yesterday for the first time, chomping away at the peanuts,
Out back on the table in the dappled sunlight like a silhouette,
…. And l thought, “You’ve got guts!”
But l do so like to see Squizzles in the wild,
… and admittedly didn’t think l would see one here!
In the courtyard garden, bushy tailed and bright eyed!
Feasting furiously like some brazen furred buccaneer!

Of course, l see plenty whilst out enjoying my daily walks,
… l even stop to take their photographs,
Some pose and chunter whilst l softly talk,
… and l wonder if they think l want an autograph?
They are so ‘Oh yes of course darling’ but do be sure’ ,
… to capture my good side’,
“Don’t be making me look odd and obscure!”
I assure them all of course that l am completely bona fide!

The woodpigeons, doves and all the others,
… like the magpies, starlings, and the crows,
Try not to let Squizzles antics ruffle their feathers!
For failure to do so? Shuddering thoughts and well who knows!!
The smaller birds however are grateful for Squizzles presence,
… he squeals in alarm if danger approaches,
Preparing the peanut defence in the stance of the unpleasant menace!
Which awards others chance to support with feathery commotions!

However, all that aside, l spied him again several times today,
… and was remarkably impressed with his agility,
He jumps from the table to the feeders without any delay,
 … and from there to the wall with precision tactility,
Running along and knocking pigeons and all aside,
… in his motivated eagerness to swiftly devour all nuts,
That the master of this house gladly provides,
For all and sundry and especially now for Squizzles greedy guts!

© Rory Matier 2020

These images were again taken with the Cybershot but today at 12.45pm. I was in the kitchen and l took these of ‘him’ through the glass of the patio doors. Squizzle stayed in the garden dancing between the two table plates, and three of the feeders for about 30 minutes just non stop chomping on peanuts and other nibble bits!

All the other birds as mentioned in the poem, just watched as if to say “Oh just let him get on with it!! It’s so not worth the chunterings and mutterings if we object!!”

Squirrels are very protective of their food sources and all the birds here know that there is always food available anyway. But a squirrel will give a cat a run for its money and that is a good garden protector in my books! I am pretty sure the birds know that too.

22 thoughts on “Squizzle The Furryfoot!

  1. YAY!!🐿 You be careful, JB. You don’t have the greatest history with the cute little nutters. No A&E visits for you!!

    That is an awesome camera! I told the girls, I still might have to buy it myself🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣


    1. For what it is … it is an excellent little camera, l hardly use the cumbersome Canon anymore. The cyber is just the right size for mostly everything, fits in my pocket easily or cradled in my hand snugly.

      Yes, l was thinking that this week, the squizzles are all starting to eye me up and down quizzickly! 🙂

    1. Hey [forgive my shortened version] Plant Girl, oh that doesn’t read right either mm – start again 🙂

      Hey Nature 🙂

      Absolutely, love squirrels but you are 100% spot on, they can be nuisances and horribly destructve on feeders – will have to watch out for this one with his/her antics 🙂

  2. He’s wonderful! Squizzle the Furryfoot knows you have a happy garden and welcome furryfeet. Quite the honor to you! 😊

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