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It’s A Beautiful Day – A Jolly Good Morning To You
Wednesday 04th November 2020 – Season 14 – Series 10

Here’s wishing my Wednesday Guest Stars a fantastic Hump Day and l hope you enjoy your music.

If you are not familiar with the blogs of Suzanne of All My Heart Sees or Angie of King Ben’s Grandma please do take the time to pop over and say Hello.

Tom PettyTupac Shakur
The KinksCat Stevens

My Beautiful Day – Wednesday Hump Day Choice

What do you see # 54 – 2nd November 2020
Sadje of Keep it Alive

Image By

The Upside Down Eyes Bears

It might come to you as a surprise,
That pandas are considered to have,
…. Upside down eyes…
Don’t be fooled – it’s a disguise!!

But there is no guarantee that you know this!
Afterall, it’s not a well know fact nor feature …
…. And thus, with many this would go amiss!
Unless you had an excellent teacher …
… Well versed in pandamonium!
Am l right is using this particular erred word,
… with otherwise snugglesome ..
Cuddly bears that are notably black and white furred?
As opposed to the reds, not quite an opposite,
But panda’s all the same,
… colour’s not the monopolist …
On the name!

Bear family they are,  before the unwise..
… rather stupidly venture the tricksy raccoon?
Their behaviours are simply disguised …
To resemble those other rough haired buffoons!
What? Am l suggesting these lovable,
…. Bundles of spotted fluff,
Are one leg short of a dining table?
No! But they are pawsome at gruff, scuff and bluff!
Baby pandas, adorable as they appear to be,
… are not noted for their keened agility,
In staying upright for long to any degree!
They stumble, fumble and seemingly disagree..
… with not just flat surfaces,
But ladders, baskets, logs and platforms,
… and at times, merely empty spaces!
Life just becomes one long anti-norm perform!
Luckily, they grow out of this,
…. Accidentalness!

But they look so cute, and remarkably cubbish,
Even with their upside-down eyes,
Soon they will be munching sugary caned delish,
… spaced out of their eyeballs on grass shooted fries!
You see, pandas aren’t clumsy or overtly accidental,
They are lumbersome for sure and without doubt
… but richly sugared bamboo turns them screwball,
Which upsets their balance and makes them fall about!
This in turn awards pandas baby and adult alike,
… the term of upside down eyes,
Goofy antics and roly poly dreamlike …
…. aerobic exercise!
Don’t be fooled!
You have been warned!

© Rory Matier 2020

Welcome to Season 14 – Series 10 of The Hello

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

21 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Well, Hey there, Rory! have been having a real challenge with my Word Press hook-up since I returned. Likes and comments not going through. Other glitches, too. Working on it, but still hit and miss today. Wonderfully surprised this one “took”. (Hopefully – cannot be sure until I click send.)

    Just to let you know, have enjoyed your posts and am still with you. Wishing you well with your digestion challenges. Was unable to comment on that post, for some unknown reason. Youngest daughter had similar problems for years – diagnosed as Diverticulitis. Was recently given the advice to use Psyllium husk and fiber capsules (Two Fiber capsules in the morning and Psyllium husk – Metamucil – before bed. Said that these would coat the lining of the digestive track, easing the inflammation.) and they have helped her tremendously!

    Thank you for the wonderful music selection. The Featherlies will enjoy jamming with it as I clean house for them today. Hoping the rest of your day holds much Joy! 🙏🏻🤗💞

    1. Hey Betty, you’ll get used to the glitches they are still present, but the block editor has added more unwanteds in also.

      My mother used to take Psyllium husk for her own diverticulitis as it is excellent for constipation – l however experience the absolute opposite of that and pray at times to have constipation.

      Glad you enjoyed the musical selection, it’ll be heading your way soon 🙂

      1. Daughter had the same problem with diarrhea and trying to find foods that didn’t trigger an episode. Missed a lot of work because of it. She was hesitant to take the Psyllium also, thinking it was a laxative, but it is not. It’s a bulking agent and actually helps to curtail the diarrhea. In her case, it has certainly changed her life for the better. In fact, she only has problems now when she doesn’t do the fiber regimen like the doctor suggested. And, she is now able to eat the foods she had previously enjoyed before this all started.

        P.S. She had suffered with this malady for years, had been to many doctors, tried numerous diets and medications, all to no avail before making this simple change in her routine. It is so wonderful to know she has found relief! I just wish the same for you, Dear. 💞

        1. Hey Betty, you are quite right, it is also a valuable bulking agent – l raised this some time ago with my doctors and they advised me to not take it and to fine tune my diet.

          I think my biggest enemy is now my mouth and until l can get dentists to start the repairs l feel unless l start drinking water and eating cardboard l am going to have a rough ride till l manage to get the diet balanced again 🙂

          The bigger problem is that there is so much conflicting information out there, that just trying to make head or tail of it all is causing overwhelm, you know which is then a stressload.

        2. Yes, you are right, it is so hard to know what to do in such circumstances. I’m just so sorry you’re having to go through this again, Rory! If it’s any consolation, please know my HEART is with you.

          I L-O-V-E your cool pad, Dude! 😊
          Thanks for sharing the photos and updates with us all!

  2. Tupac & Cat🎶💃🏼🌠 and a Magic Star to top it off… that is an eclectic eccentric mix! Love it!!

    Pandas are all hopped up on sugar and Koalas are all buzzed out on eucalyptus… both adorable and clumsy… like some of US😉

    Thank you for the Star & the tunes, hope you’ve had a dancing good day… I’m behind due to extra peasant duties for HRH🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤯🤪


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